So you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, right?


Unfortunately, there’s a huge fallacy that’s too easy to fall into as a beginner:

What most “gurus” teach, the messages they spread and the products they sell, the way they position affiliate marketing, their marketing messages and what’s written on their sales pages, is very often not the truth.

It’s not that everything is wrong per se, but it simply is not the complete picture.

Combine these - often very deceiving - messages with the disease of most newbie affiliate marketers, aka shiny object syndrome, and their confusion due to information overload, and you have what I call the almost perfect sales-merry-go-round.

How you can exit this situation and instead reverse engineer the success of truly successful affiliate marketers is what this article is all about.

Let’s dive in.

How To Reverse Engineer Success In General

  • Find out who are the best people at doing “x”
  • Find out what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, how they think and act, who they surround themselves with, how they treat other people, how they treat their competition, how they think about what they’re doing
  • Try to get the whole picture, their complete daily schedule, all critical activities they engage in
  • Then model their behaviour
  • Take action

How To Reverse Engineer Success In The Internet Marketing/MMO Niche

What I’m pointing to is true for any successful person, not just within the small IM (internet marketing) or MMO (make money online) niches.

  • Don’t buy course after course, book after book
  • Find out: Who are the best marketers you want to learn from
  • Learn from how the savy marketers are selling you
    • How did they reach you?
    • How did their sales message reach you?
    • What makes you want to buy “X”?
    • What’s so enticing?
    • Why are you buying from marketer y instead of marketer z?
    • What’s their USP? Why are they so unique? What’s their “gift”?
  • Look at what they are doing, every day
    • Just because they “say” they are doing X to make Y, it doesn’t have to be true
    • Try to see through their sales messages
    • Try to find the true reason for why they’re successful
    • Find out why they are doing what they’re doing
  • Look at how they are doing it, every day
    • Look at their work ethic, schedule, activities, mindset
    • Learn from their attitude
  • Model their success, copy critical activities and thinking
  • Take action

How To Avoid The Trap - Forever

  • Don’t read and believe any marketing or sales message blindly
  • Always “filter” what you read/hear/watch - does the other person have an agenda here? (hint: Every marketer and/or salesperson will ultimately try to sell you something.)
  • Don’t go for FAST and EASY. It’s enticing, but it’s the wrong path.
  • The truth is often very simple.
  • If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s why you don’t want to this to be easy!
  • Success in any field takes lots of hard work, long hours, effort, and lots and lots of failures along the way - to learn and later become great at anything you simply have to start somewhere. You start at zero. That’s cool. Just start.
  • Set process goals instead of outcome goals
  • “What is easy to do is also easy not to do”
  • Most people are lazy (and the same is true for affiliate marketers)
  • Most affiliate marketers are NOT successful at what they’re doing
  • How you do want to be treated? Chances are, the same is true for other people.
  • If you try to take a shortcut while building a business - good luck! You’ll need it.
  • The core elements of successful businesses - online and offline - remain the same
  • You need to take action to move forward!
  • The concepts of successful sales are probably not what you think
  • You have a unique gift. Use it. Show it. Bring it forward instead of hiding it!
  • Most people don’t buy (the first time they come across a sales message). That’s one reason why list building is crucial!
  • Video works best because it builds trust and rapport
  • Especially online, trust is rare
  • Provide tons of value
  • You want to build a buyers list - repeat business is key.
  • You’ve got to build your own platform. You can do whatever you want in your own garden and don’t have to play by any platform’s rules.
  • Value-first marketing and sales is the way to success
  • Your mindset and attitude is everything! Read The Success Mindset
  • Take care of what you can control, let go of trying to control the uncontrollable
  • I personally made or at one point was guilty of making all mistakes and buying into the misconceptions above, denying the truth.
  • Very often in my life I “knew better” - but followed the wrong path anyway
  • Read the last two points again. I’m not speaking from a pedestal here. I made every mistake you can think of, repeatedly!
  • Now I’m able to produce results
  • Chances are, I’m not smarter than you. 😉 Really. It’s not about smartness, look at the top marketers… *lol*
  • Be real, be authentic or stop. People aren’t dumb, they’ll see through it.
  • People have good bullshit detectors, which plays into your cards and which can really help you as a marketer once you become real/authentic.

In Order To Make This Real I Can’t Pitch Anything Here

So I won’t.

Thank you for reading, I honestly hope you enjoyed the read and got something out of it.

Stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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PPS: Sorry, even without a pitch, there’s no way that I can waste precious “PS-space”. 😉