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Here it is, in pure black and white:

My personal now-page.

Black and white besides this beautiful picture of me enjoying a smoothie in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 🥤

Online Business Dude in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The picture was taken in Oct 2018, shortly after I quit my last job, got rid of 90% of my stuff and boarded a flight to Thailand - one way.

My personal now-page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

Here you can read more about what now-pages are etc.

I’ll try to update this now-page at least once per month.

(Scroll down to the end of this website to see if I made it this month!) 😊

Where I Currently Am

I have been continually traveling since 2018.

Due to the pandemic, I am currently traveling through South-West Europe. That means I’m just a short flight away from my home country, Germany.

As soon as the long-distance travel conditions are acceptable again, I will continue my journey through South-East Asia.

Currently, I’m residing in Portugal. (Algarve)

Obviously, a global pandemic isn’t making travel easier.

But after a short break in Germany, I decided to continue going my way.

Usually I’m exploring new places and nice beaches, and like to meet new people when I’m not working on my online business - including this website. 😉

What My Daily Routine Looks Like

The pandamic has effected my schedule quite a bit.

To stay sane during this pandemic, the permanent lockdown updates and restrictions, I take long walks whenever I can.

In addition, I reduced my “news-intake” to the necessary minimum.

Here’s my general daily schedule:

  • I get up around 6am
  • For about 6-12 hours in total I’m focusing on growing my online business
  • I try to change my posture frequently and take regular, short breaks, get some fresh air, drink some water, etc.

The rest of the day looks rather random.

What I Am Currently Working On

  • finalizing the new Online Business Blueprint (PDF)
  • creating a new 10-day email intro campaign
  • re-working several articles and reviews, as well as training videos and pages
  • creating a few, new product reviews
  • testing a new, paid traffic source
  • updating several pages including resources, the blueprint, and the home page
  • working on my first product launch

That will keep me busy throughout January 2021.

When I’m Not Working

Occasionally, I jump into the sea or swim a few lanes in the pool, exercise in the gym (I enjoy weight lifting, although I’m not aspiring to become a body builder or similar), go for a 5-8km run or walk around the place where I’m staying…

…getting to know new places and people, or enjoying some form of solitude and daydreaming.

Occasionally, I enjoy playing a round of pool or doing something entirely else.

I might be enjoying a massage or a great smoothie, or… Something completely different! 😊

From time to time, I enjoy going for a walk in rather rural areas.

I really enjoy eating delicious food (I love Thai food!), or just chit chatting here and there.

Sometimes I Enjoy Things That Are Absolutely Not Special

Yep, I’m talking about the stuff you don’t see on Instagram.

I can simply do nothing and still enjoy my time. (wow what a concept, I know!) 😉

I just had a tough time writing about my “workday” because although I do this - and only this - for a living and to pay my bills, it doesn’t feel like work at all to me.

Quite the opposite:

I’m extremely grateful for the freedom that I can enjoy, every single day.

The people around me tell me that I’m genuinely laughing a lot and smiling often. I think that’s fantastic and a good sign! 😀

Most Of The Time, I Feel Very Grateful

I guess that’s because I really enjoy my work, and I love helping poeple with their online affiliate marketing businesses.

It means a ton of fun to me!

That’s why it doesn’t feel like work at all. 😊

Plus, the fact that you are - right now - reading this, truly means a lot to me.

I’m a normal, approachable guy who simply fell in love with CPA/affiliate marketing and the work involved with building and growing online businesses.

So if you feel you’d like to say “hi” or share a few thoughts with me, or you simply want to know how to get started, just let me know and we can have a chat.

==> Start Here

Say “Hi” If You Like To

I want to mention something important that - again - no “guru” talks about on Instagram:

Starting, building, and growing an online business can sometimes be a lonely and/or overwhelming endeavor.

At one point, you might be totally lost, overwhelmed, confused, and you need help from a pro.

Often, things become clear and obvious, even after only having had a short conversation with someone who might be a few steps ahead of you…


If you feel you’d just like to say “hi”, or you’d like to share a few thoughts with me, or you have a specific question, just let me know and we can have a chat.

Let’s get in touch here.

Thank You For Being Here And Reading This

If you’re reading this, you’re apparently very interested in

  • affiliate marketing,
  • online business and online marketing,
  • traffic generation,
  • media buying,
  • list building,
  • email marketing,

and what I am personally working on.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate you!

Below you can find a few more resources that might interest you.

Have a great time and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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