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Tim With Check From Clickbank In Front Of A Lighthouse

Yep, that's me with a check from Clickbank in front of a lighthouse in Northern Germany in June 2020

Hi - I'm Tim, the founder of Online Business Dude. Welcome to my website!

If you want to create a simple online business to make reliable money online, you're in the right spot!

==> Start Your Own, Profitable Online Business, Step-by-Step, Today! <==

Making money online doing work you love - That's what obdude.com is all about.

My goal is to find, expose and present today's (June 2020) fastest, easiest, most lucrative, reliable and enjoyable way to make money online.


... It's Not 'Just About The Money'

You might think now:

"What?! If I could only make $5k per month online, it'd be super happy!"

And I thought so, too.

You see, we're probably not that different.

But if you don't enjoy what you're doing, you won't stick to it.

And even if you stick with it for a while - you simply created a job for yourself.

That sounds horrible, and that's NOT the goal here.

Making money online and affiliate markeitng  is about so much more.

It's About YOUR LIFE!

The ability to making money online, independently, at will, at any time - even as a beginner - is not only possible, it can also mean having a lot of fun in the process.

Set yourself free from the slavery of a 9 to 5 society that's living in the past...

Making a living doing work you love - enjoying true freedom - even if it takes a bit of work, isn't that a worthy goal?

The best part is: Total newbies can do this!

Would you like to join the crowd of people who make money online, consistently?

Hell Yeah! But How Can I Start?

Good question!

I've got something valuable for you, and it's 100% FREE:

Download The Free, Simple Online Business Blueprint (PDF) Here.

It's very easy to follow.

Then, take action on what you learn!

But Why Would You Share 'The Secret' With Me? What Do You Try To Sell Me?

Fair question and I would be highly skeptical myself!

In short: After reviewing hundreds of different websites, books, systems, courses and programs on the subjects of making money online, online business, digital marketing and especially affiliate marketing, I can tell you straight away:

Most of the information you find out there is either highly misleading, not straight to the point, outdated or just plain wrong.

It's mostly rubbish!

Let me tell you straight away, the simple truth is: There is no secret.

Instead, figuring out what is proven to work - what works for other people - and then modeling their behavior to get similar results, plus truly caring about the people you want to help" is "the secret" or simply put "what really works".

Providing honest help and providing proven solutions - that's what works.

What Else? And Where Can I Learn More?

After a long time, countless hours of testing and too many ups- and downs to count, I finally found a simple, repeatable, consistently profitable, fast and really enjoyable way to make a living online.

All it takes is having the right knowledge, tools, and the mindset to take action.

Yes, this means some work, but it is absoloutly doable, even if you're a complete beginner with no tech skills and no idea how to start!

It's a simple, proven way to make a living online.

I hope you give it a try, as - in the end - it might change your life!

All the best for you, and I hope we meet in person one day. 🙂

Stay awesome,

Your 'Online Business Dude' Tim