Results From Affiliate Marketing

This page shows a few results that I got from affiliate marketing.

For two reasons:

  1. To show you that I’m able to produce results and know what I’m talking about
  2. To give you an idea of what kind of results you can expect to achieve within a couple of months after starting your online business - if you put the work in.

By no means are these my biggest earnings; I just try to prove a point here.

You don’t have to agree with everything I’m saying here, but you can’t argue with the results.

Video: Check From Clickbank

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You’ll find more proof of results below.

Beware Of Fake Screenshots Etc.

Let’s face it:

Everywhere - but especially online - it is very hard to figure out who is just talking big and who is really able to produce tangible results.

Within the internet marketing, biz opp, “make money from home” and “make money online” (MMO) niches there are far too many dodgy people to count.

I’m talking about total liars who are producing crappy, useless products, often under fake names.

Complete garbage.

You’ve probably been let down a couple of times and you want to figure out who is not just teaching (or pretending), but who is actually walking the walk.

Who is in the same trenches like you, every day.

And who you can trust.

The sole purpose of this page is to show that I’m able to produce results for me and my clients. And nothing else.

This page is not about bragging or showing off.

I simply show you an excerpt from a few results and accomplishments that I got after putting in some work.

A Few Words About Me

For the complete story, you can read my about page here.

Personally, I was not born into an entrepreneurial-type family.

Really, quite exactly the opposite.

Furthermore, I didn’t any successful affiliate marketer in person when I first started out.

And - sorry to disappoint you - I never was the cool “running a lemonade stand at the age of 6” early childhood entrepreneur kind of school kid.

The story you’re hearing from so many entrepreneurs these days.

Nope. Not at all.

I was quite average.

After finishing my a-levels at age 20, I worked in three different careers for the next 12 years, before I finally made some important decisions in my life.

I fought my way through some real hardships and setbacks.

And even today I wouldn’t say “I’ve made it” to anyone.

But I’m extremely optimistic about the future and I’m sure I’ll work my way further up the ranks and affiliate leaderboards…

Know Thyself

Today, I know what works when it comes to making money online and affiliate marketing.

I know how to start and grow online businesses.

I know how to drive traffic to my websites and links, and how to effectively media buy.

(Plus how to generate leads (list building), how to email market, how to create funnels, etc.)

If things don’t work right out of the gate - which they rarely do - I know how to improve my results.

I know how to learn new things, how to test, how to test even more, when and how to pivot and move on, and how to persist.

Today, I understand the importance of marketing in business.

(Fact: Marketing is your business!)

I understand the importance of delivering value first to the marketplace.

I understand the importance of taking action and getting into the execution loop.

And even more important, I know how to make progress and keep on going in the right direction, even under less-than-ideal circumstances and regular setbacks.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

This is tremendously important and probably the most valuable skill there is to learn, master and embody in your life to achieve success and the results you want.

Does that mean that I’m a flawless machine, an inhuman robot without any weaknesses and failures?

No, not at all.

I’m making lots of mistakes every day and the more I learn the more I realize I know almost nothing.

But I know exactly what I have to do to produce and achieve certain results.

And that’s really powerful!

It puts you in the driver’s seat of your life and it opens up a hard to describe pleasant stillness, an underlying, extremely enjoyable silence in the background.

It gives you room to breathe, think and act decisively, even when the times are hard.

How This Page Can Help You

If you are reading this, chances are you’re not able to live off of your affiliate commissions yet.

You either make zero or not enough online income yet.

The important word here is yet.

Because chances are, you already know what you have to do to scale things up.

Well, that’s exactly what I do and what I want to show you.

And that’s not just a valuable skill, it’s not just about making a lot of money, absolute time and location freedom, this is about so much more.

This is about your life and how you can change almost every aspect of it!

I did it, and so can you!

That’s actually the core message I’m trying to get across here.

No matter if you follow any of my other recommendations, or not.

If you are willing to put in the work and take action on what you learn here, you’re heading in the right direction and results will be just a matter of time.

Use this page as inspiration or completely ignore it - it’s up to you.

These are the results to be expected in a couple of months after starting your very own online (affiliate marketing) business.

That’s all.

A Word Of Warning

Unfortunately, really everything can be photoshopped, edited and faked today.

Text, press releases, websites, blogs and talking big are a given.

Screenshots and reports can be and regularly are faked.

Even everything you see on video can be totally out of context or completely, 100% fake - or copied from somewhere else entirely!

So I’d encourage you to look twice at any proof of results from any guru or online marketing pro.

What Exactly Do You Show Here?

Making money online comes down to

  • getting the attention (traffic generation),
  • converting traffic/visitors into leads (lead generation), and
  • making sales (earning (affiliate) commissions).

That’s why I exclusively show these things below.

I know that you love to see some PayPal numbers and sales figures, so I include a few sales figures below. But keep in mind that these numbers are pretty useless by themselves.


Gurus can create impressively high sales figures by spending a bunch of money on ads, and often they’re losing money that way.

Of course, nobody would know or even suspect it…

Plus, PayPal and other account numbers could be fake or could be produced by sending money back and forth…

So again, these figures are pretty useless by themselves.

Reminder: Keep in mind that everything can be faked and copied from somewhere else today, especially online.

So I only show you numbers and figures you can expect within a couple of months from starting your online business.

I am able to produce results with the methods and strategies I show on my website.

That’s all I’m trying to show here. 🙂

An Excerpt Of Achieved Results

Excerpt of results from affiliate marketing

Sales contest

Closing Thoughts

Don’t make the mistake of disregarding my information as “not worth it” because I don’t show the craziest numbers here like so many other fake gurus.

I’m an online business owner, and I do this for a living.

Most of my income comes directly from affiliate commissions.

I don’t like to brag or show off, so I don’t put my highest or most of my earnings here.

All you should be focusing on right now is getting started and making your first commissions online, as soon as possible so that you can prove to yourself that

  • it’s possible,
  • it’s possible for you,
  • it’s legit, working, scalable, reliable, repeatable, and a lot of fun.

Affiliate marketing can be extremely profitable, and it can be done from anywhere… 🙂

I am an affiliate marketer and I run my online business for a living, full-time.

At the same time, I see no point in showing off, renting Lambos or making otherwise stupid expenses to simply prove a useless point.

My life is awesome because I have a lot of freedom.

That wouldn’t be possible if I would buy a villa, with a huge garage, just to put bookshelves in it and place rented cars in the background… 😉

I really hope you can relate.

If you’re making $10k/month in affiliate commissions and you want to scale your business to $100k/month, you’re speaking with the wrong person.

I haven’t done that myself yet, so I don’t teach it.

But if you haven’t made your first couple of grand online yet, and you’re striving to earn a decent living online, primarily from affiliate marketing - I am your guy.

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I really hope this helps!

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude