Freedom Launchpad Review

Welcome to my honest and hands-on review of the Freedom Launchpad.

We’ll take a look at what the Freedom Launchpad is, what comes with it and what not, the person behind it (Nick Bramble), who can profit from it, and who it’s not for.

If that’s what you’re here for, you’re in the right place! 😊

Let’s dive in.

Freedom Launchpad Review

What Exactly Is The Freedom Launchpad?

According to the product description page, the “Freedom Launchpad™ (…) is a special step by step, over the shoulder training that gives you the ability to have a business setup online in 48 hours.”

In my words: The Freedom Launchpad is a video course that teaches professional affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, it “walks you through setting up a digital marketing business without many of the headaches traditional business owners have to deal with like:

  • Creating your own products
  • Dealing with customer service
  • Building sales funnels
  • Learning to be a copywriting expert”

Ok, let’s get to it:

I bought the Freedom Launchpad and here’s exactly what you’re getting after the first login:

Freedom Launchpad Screenshot

As you can see, the Freedom Launchpad is organized in one intro-video and 7 modules:

  1. Module 1 - The Perfect Freedom Formula
  2. Module 2 - The Perfect Customer
  3. Module 3 - The Perfect Products
  4. Module 4 - The Perfect Pages
  5. Module 5 - The Perfect Emails
  6. Module 6 - The Perfect Traffic
  7. Module 7 - Perfect Daily Steps

Going forward in this review, I hope it’s perfectly ok for you if I leave the word “perfect” out… lol

But joking aside, the way the Freedom Launchpad is structured makes complete sense:

The basics of affiliate marketing are covered, as well as how the complete process works, how to find your ideal customer (avatar), how to effectively choose affiliate products and funnels, exactly how to create your landing and thank-you/handshake pages, what to write in your emails and when, and how to drive traffic to your landing page (opt-in).

And, once you set it all up in your chosen niche, the only tasks or actions you need to take care of (daily) from then on:

  • driving traffic to your opt-in page, and
  • sending out broadcast emails to your list.

And all of that will make 100% sense to you once you went through the training and watched all the videos.

Learn More About The Freedom Launchpad Here

Does The Freedom Launchpad Really Work? (Training & DFY Affiliate Funnel)

In short: Yes, it does work.

Long answer:

Yes, and I can prove it to you:

You can find my personal opt-in page here.

It’s connected to my personal thank-you page after the opt-in, and you’ll get The Escape Plan (PDF) delivered to you instantly and for free via the first email you’re getting from me.

As you can see, I 100% implemented the Freedom Formula™ in my own (affiliate marketing) online business.

Plus, you can see a few of my achieved results as an affiliate marketer here.

If you’re reading this and still doubt if the Freedom Launchpad could work for you or if it’s all BS, simply get in touch with me here.

I’m a normal, approachable human being (lol - at least I hope so! 😂) and simply a normal dude who fell in love with running and growing online businesses.

Say hello here and I help you making the best decision.

Important remark: I’m NOT a desperate salesperson but a normal guy who truly wants to help. I highly value integrity and being oneself, so I hereby promise you that if I truly have the feeling or honestly think that this might NOT be the right program for you, I will tell you exactly that. And I will recommend you - in that case - NOT to buy.

So again, if you have any doubts or questions that aren’t being answered here, get in touch with me and we can talk about it.

Simple as that. 😊

What Else Do I Get?

A couple of things:

First, you’ll get access to 2 private channels/communities:

  • Private Facebook mastermind group
  • Telegram alerts channel

If you decide to get the HBA Premium membership as well, you’ll also get access to the “HBA Premium Private Leaders Chat”.

Next, the training comes with many supporting (PDF) documents that are very helpful.

These documents help you to follow (and implement) the training.

In addition, you’ll get access to and can instantly download The Escape Plan in two forms:

  • ebook (PDF)
  • audio book (mp3)

(If you want to get access to The Escape Plan (PDF) before buying the Freedom Launchpad - to see what it is all about before making any purchase - click here to get instant access to it for FREE)

And if you decide to get “The Ultimate Email Swipe File” for an additional $17 (one-time) - more on what exactly it is down below - you’ll get instant access to that as well, of course.

How Much Does The Freedom Launchpad Cost?

$27 (one-time fee).

If you decide to buy no other products but the Freedom Launchpad, you’ll never be charged again.

The value (high-quality training and DFY affiliate funnel) you’re getting here for $27 (one-time) is really good in my opinion.

And I’ve personally seen and worked through countless courses (hundreds at least!), including high-ticket trainings and mastermind groups…

You can’t go wrong here.

Get The Freedom Launchpad Here

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee? What If I Don’t Like The Freedom Launchpad?

Yes, you’re covered by a 3 full days (72 hours) refund guarantee.

That means, you will be refunded the charged amount minus a nominal refund processing fee. ($5 in the case of the Freedom Launchpad)

And, you can keep the ‘special bonus package’ that you’ll be getting from me.

That’s my personal way of saying “Thank you for your trust” and giving the Freedom Launchpad a fair try.

Sounds Fair? Grab The Freedom Launchpad Here

What Are The Available Support Options? Will I Get Help If I’m Stuck?

In short: Yes, the support is great.

Long answer: Depending on your problem (billing, login or account cancelations, technical (1:1) help, marketing question, or affiliate support) there are different ways to get support.

I personally tested their support a couple of times - mostly via email - and I always got a professional and prompt reply.

Also, the private facebook group is active and growing, and you’ll always find someone willing to help.

In addition to these ‘official support options’, you’ll get my personal help and direct access to me if you decide to get the Freedom Launchpad via my link:

Get The Freedom Launchpad Here

Are There Any Upsells? What Does The Funnel Look Like?

Yes, after your initial purchase 3 more products are being presented to you.

But keep in mind, nobody forces you to buy any of the additional upgrades.

The Freedom Launchpad is in and of itself a complete affiliate marketing video training that you can make work without any further investments. (besides the necessary business tools like an autoresponder and a page builder - for the best options click here)

On the order-form you’ll find the option to also buy “The Ultimate Email Swipe File”.

It’s an $17 upgrade which is - in my opinion - well worth it.

Here’s exactly what you’re getting instant access to, if you decide to purchase the “The Ultimate Email Swipe File”:

  • The Ultimate Email Swipe Audio (45 minutes)
  • The Ultimate Email Swipe File (PDF)
  • “How to Set Up Your Email Swipe Folders” video (5 minutes)
  • 50 “Done For You” Emails To Swipe (written by a professional copywriter)
  • Video by Mike Hobbs that explains exactly how to use the DFY emails (7 minutes)
  • Another video by Mike, explaining when to use what email, autoresponder tips, etc. (33 minutes)

In addition to this product, there are two more, optional up/cross-sells:

  • The HBA Funnel Builder™ and
  • HBA Premium™

I won’t cover these products in this review, but if you get on my list here I’ll let you know once I finished reviewing both offers.

The Best Bonus Package For The Freedom Launchpad

I put together a truly valuable, ‘surprise bonus package’ for the Freedom Launchpad

If you want to get direct, 1:1 access to me personally at NO additional cost then here’s your opportunity:

Get The Freedom Launchpad (Including ‘The Surprise Bonus Package’) Here

Further Information For Affiliates (& Any Buyer)

Now this will be very interesting to you, especially if you’re operating in (or plan to operate in) the “make money online”, “work from home” or “internet marketing” niche:

The Freedom Launchpad itself - as well as all other affiliate (funnel) products of the home business academy - are paying out 80% in affiliate commissions by default!

Plus, you’re getting access to a Done-For-You lead magnet called The Escape Plan (link to my review here).

So effectively, you’re getting a complete affiliate funnel (“business in a box”), from a free, high-value lead magnet, to a great core product, to a recurring, essential software product and mid-ticket training, to a high-ticket upsell - all 100% DFY.

The only requirement to be able to getting these juicy 80% affiliate commission is to own the product yourself.

In the case of the Freedom Launchpad, that’s $27 (one-time) as we already covered.

In my opinion that’s a great way to get the essential, high-quality training as well as a high-converting DFY affiliate funnel that pays out 80% throughout the complete funnel by default.

Grab Your 80% Affiliate Commissions Here

I Only Want To Promote The Offer And Make Affiliate Commissions First Before Buying The Products!

Don’t worry, there’s actually a way to do that… 😉

Simply get in touch with me here and I’ll tell you exactly how you can achieve that.

Conclusion & Closing Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read my complete review of the Freedom Launchpad.

I think I covered all important aspects of the product/offer but if you have questions that I haven’t answered, simply get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you asap.

Stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

Learn More About The Freedom Launchpad Here