Let’s find out if you’re a real entrepreneur or if you’re a wantrepreneur - a perpetual student of the craft. A procrastinator.

A true master at procrastination, actually.

Here’s how to change and get going.

Let’s dive in.

Context - Watch This Video First

You Already Know Enough

Chances are, you already have a strategy for your online business.

Chances are, you already know exactly how to start and grow your affiliate marketing business.

So it’s time to execute.

Self-Check: Look In The Mirror

I could end the article here.


Either you’re lying to yourself or you’re honest.

Let me be transparent, real and clear here:

I Personally Was The Ultimate Student

A daily consumer of massive amounts of useless theory, of purely theoretical knowledge.

The ultimate master procrastinator.

It’s true, if there was trophies for not putting any of your knowledge into action, I would own them all.

Was it all just wasted and bad?


Of course I acquired the necessary knowledge to make some decisions and not act blindly.

But there’s still plenty of regret:

I Could Easily Have Started 5 Years Earlier

Maybe Even 10.

Sure, there’s no point in regretting and looking back too much.

I get it.

And I’m extremely happy and grateful that I moved on and turned pro.


The Difference Between Being A Student And Being An Entrepreneur

A student…

  • is a constant consumer of content, never putting any knowledge into action
  • wants to read “just one more book”, finish “just one more course”, get “just one more certificate”, …
  • is “mentally enjoying” the knowledge
  • thinks he’s extremly knowledgeable
  • feels safe because he’s not making mistakes - because he’s not doing anything
  • is afraid of failure. Some are even afraid of success
  • is full of anxiety and fear.
  • is constantly looking for shortcuts, avoids work where and whenever possible
  • always wants the quickest and easiest path to profits
  • gives up the moment he would have to face Resistance
  • never gets anything done

And The Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur…

  • doesn’t know it all, but starts anyway
  • is extremely self-aware
  • tries things out, constantly makes mistakes but gets up again, because he wants real market feedback
  • is enjoying the process, even if things get tough
  • faces the challenges and knows: These are exactly the points at which the majority will give up. He knows that’s why the rewards will be so worth it
  • is patient, because he knows he’s in it for the long-term
  • is a ruthless executor of his plans. He’s laser-focused
  • is trying to getting it done instead of trying to make it perfect on the first draft
  • feels the same fears as the student, but acts anyway

Some More, Helpful Resources

You Have Waited Long Enough

You have studied enough.

Now it’s time to take action.

If you still have doubts about the “how”, here’s the blueprint.

It’s all you need.

Let’s get going.

Closing Thoughts

That’s all I have for you today. 🙂

I hope you find this article helpful!

Thank you for your interest and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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