Let’s examine why most affiliate marketers get very low conversions and waste a lot of traffic in the process…

If they get any conversions, because the reality is:

Most affiliate marketers don’t succeed.

The statistics are really bad, trust me. (95%+ failure rate)

We’ll also explore alternatives and options to do much better than most.

Let’s dive in.

Not Adding Any Value - “Direct Linking”

Spamming the internet, placing your affiliate link everywhere, adding no value and trying to send everyone who’s willing to click to the sales page of a totally irrelevant offer directly…

… is the recipe for failure.

Direct linking means sending traffic directly to the sales page.

If you do this, you’re leaving lots of money on the table.


Direct linking (as an affiliate marketer) is the recipe for failure.

Why is that the case?

  1. Barely anyone clicks your spammy links.
  2. You don’t collect the lead, so you aren’t able to build a relationship with him/her and to repeatedly provide value and present your offers again over time.
  3. Those who actually click, don’t know you at all and have no trust in you.
  4. They have never heard of that product before. It’s probably totally irrelevant to their situation and problems.
  5. In most cases, they don’t know how they even ended up on the sales page.
  6. Imagine that situation, and then having someone asking you directly for your credit card information… [silence] … Yeah, right.

Will that produce the occasional click and the absolute random sale if you’re lucky?


But this will not build your list (business asset), this will not help you build a relationship with your list (higher conversions), and this will not lead to consistent sales or any value for anyone.

But that’s what you’re really trying to achieve here, right?

Consistent sales.

That’s why it’s paramount to understand a few things…

Ultimately, It’s About Having The Right Mindset - The Success Mindset

Many affiliate marketers know it better, theoretically.

They know how they could do better and get better conversion rates.

But they don’t execute.

They don’t understand the value-first approach.

They don’t build lists. (Here’s how to do that)

And they don’t create awesome bonus packages.


Because they don’t have the right mindset.

Or they’re short on time.

Sometimes it happens that you absolutely want to let your audience know about an upcoming product, but you simply don’t have to prepare the promotion.

I’m guilty of that myself.

What it ultimately comes down to is prioritizing your business and spending time on your (affiliate marketing) online business over other activities.

But most affiliates are lazy - sorry, but it’s just the truth - and that’s ok, because it allows those of us, who are willing to put in the work and truly help our audiences, and thoroughly prepare a promotion, to dominate.

And it allows us to get solid results.

If you need help with your online endeavors, [let me know here][contact] and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for being a reader of my stuff!

Stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

PS: This shows a much better way…