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Fact Sheet

  • Title: Go Pro
  • Sub-title: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional
  • Author: Eric Worre
  • First published: 2013
  • Type: non-fiction
  • Topics covered: sales / recruiting / network marketing
  • Author’s website: networkmarketingpro.com
  • Rating: 7/10
  • Recommended: Yes, for beginners within the network marketing space

Table Of Contents

  • About Network Marketing Pro
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Network Marketing Isn’t Perfect… It’s Just Better.
  • Chapter 2: If You’re Going to be Involved in Network Marketing, Decide to be a Professional. Decide to Go Pro.
  • Chapter 3: Like Any Profession, You’ll Need to Learn Some Skills
    • Chapter 4: Skill #1 - Finding Prospects
    • Chapter 5: Skill #2 - Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product or Opportunity
    • Chapter 6: Skill #3 - Presenting Your Product or Opportunity to Your Prospects
    • Chapter 7: Skill #4 - Following Up With Your Prospects
    • Chapter 8: Skill #5 - Helping Your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors
    • Chapter 9: Skill #6 - Helping Your New Distributor Get Started Right
    • Chapter 10: Skill #7 - Promoting Events
  • Chapter 11: Anything Worthwhile Takes Time
  • Chapter 12: It’s All Worth It

Key Ideas And Concepts

Network Marketing has its own “jargon”: Some companies call their people distributors, others are team members, and still others are brand partners, promoters or associates.

Focus on the concepts.

Take 100% Responsibility, Treat Your Business Like A Business, And Focus On Developing Skills - Become A True Expert

When I got started, I treated my business like most people do, which is to say I didn’t treat it like a business at all.

I started to blame everything and everyone for my lack of success.

What went through my mind was, “How does a person become an expert on THAT topic?”

The only thing I could think of is they must have decided to become experienced, learn everything they could, read every book, talk to every other person and learn it so completely that they became an expert.

It finally clicked in my brain that if I truly decided to do it, I could become an expert at Network Marketing.

I could focus on the skills.

I could practice until I became an expert, and NO ONE could stop me.

So I decided that day to change my focus and develop the skills to become a Network Marketing Professional. It was a day that changed my life.

The 3 Categories Of People In Network Marketing

Posers treat this profession as a lottery ticket. They’re hoping to hit it big with as little effort as possible.

Amateurs focus on different things. One of the things I continued to focus on as an amateur was luck. I was really hoping to get lucky and sign that monster distributor who was going to make me rich.

The second thing I focused on as an amateur was timing. I was always worried about timing. Did I get in early enough? Could I be the youngest top-level person in the company? How many other leaders were already in my local market?

The third thing I focused on as an amateur was positioning. Was I in the right organization? Did other people have a better position than me? Maybe I didn’t have the right upline. Would I do better somewhere else?

And the fourth thing I focused on as an amateur was shortcuts. I was always looking for an angle. Any gimmick that came down the road, I was up for it. Newspaper advertising? Okay. Help wanted signs by the side of the road? Let’s go do it. Passing out fliers at the mall? I’m in. Going door to door? Let’s try it. The Internet didn’t exist when I was an amateur. Just imagine how crazy I would have been over all the Internet tactics I could have used to distract myself. What that meant was, every time I heard of some shiny new approach being trained by anyone in the world, I was digging into it to try to find the shortcut.

And then, I finally made the decision to Go Pro.

My definition of a Network Marketing Professional is, “A person who is an expert at the skills required to build a large and successful Network Marketing organization.”

Enthusiasm is great, but eventually you need to marry that passion with skill.

When I made the decision to Go Pro, everything changed for me. I stopped focusing on luck, timing, positioning, and shortcuts. I even stopped focusing on the money. My world changed when I started focusing on the skills and made the commitment to practice, practice, practice, until I mastered them.
- Eric Worre

Bottom line: If you’re going to be involved in this great profession, decide to do it right and treat it like a profession.

If you Go Pro, this business is great. If you stay a Poser or an Amateur, you’re going to be miserable.

3 Primary Elements Of Your Network Marketing Business

First, you have the company’s products.

If some people are successful in marketing those products and you’re not, it isn’t the product’s fault. Everyone in your company has the same products to offer.

Second, you have the company’s compensation plan.

If some people are making a lot of money and you’re not, it isn’t the compensation plan’s fault. The compensation plan is the same for everyone.

The third element is the most important, and that element is YOU.

You are really the only variable. Everyone has the same product and the same compensation plan, but you are going to be the difference between success and failure.

That means right here and right now, you need to take full responsibility for your Network Marketing business. Decide today never to blame anyone or anything else for your lack of results.

Everything changes when you take full responsibility.

Skill #1 - Finding Prospects

It never occurred to me that finding quality people to prospect was a skill.

I found that the professionals approached finding people to talk to as one of their core skills.

It was part of their job to find new people. They weren’t interested in luck.

Personal remark: I don’t want to go into the details of this chapter, but let me tell you straight away that this is in my opinion a much better way.

**==> A better, more powerful approach to attracting new, highly targeted and pre-interested, pre-motivated, pre-disposed, and pre-qualified people to you.

Skill #2 - Inviting Prospects To Understand Your Product Or Opportunity

Once you’ve identified your prospects, the next skill is learning how to properly invite them to find out more about your product or opportunity.

This is by far the most critical skill to develop.

But because I was a hunter, everyone around me felt hunted.

After three or four years of frustration, I came to my defining moment, and started studying successful people in MLM to see what they did.

What I found surprised me: They weren’t hunters.

They were more like farmers. They built relationships.

They built friendships. They learned how to build trust with the people they met and were able to skillfully transfer the belief they had about their products and opportunity.

Their goal wasn’t to immediately recruit their prospects. Their initial objective was to educate their prospects on what they had to offer and then let those prospects decide if it was something they wanted to do.

This was a HUGE switch in strategy for me and I began to look at things differently.

I put myself in the prospect’s shoes and thought about what would be attractive to me and alternatively, what would cause me to put up my defenses.

I realized why the pros had such great results.

Instead of acting like sharks, they were more like coaches or consultants.

They built relationships and then offered common-sense solutions to people’s problems.

Who wouldn’t like that?

My group grew from a few dozen to a few hundred and then to a few thousand.

All I did was learn how to successfully invite people to watch a video, follow it up with an invitation to an event, and teach everyone else to do the same thing.

Find what’s working best in your particular company, develop your daily method of operation, and then train your people how to effectively do the same and invite their prospects to plug in.

Skill #5 - Helping Your Prospects Become Customers Or Distributors

This skill is a natural byproduct of following up professionally.

As you walk through exposure after exposure, our goal of education and understanding will be accomplished.

But that doesn’t mean the prospect will come out and ask you for an order form or an application.

It’s your job to guide them to a decision.

The key to success in this area is a combination of having good posture and asking good questions.

Good posture means the way you carry yourself. Your words and actions will help your prospect feel more confident about joining your opportunity or they will plant seeds of doubt.

Anything Worthwhile Takes Time

Anything of value takes time to develop.

There’s a formula I’ve seen work in our profession. I call it the 1/3/5/7 formula.

As a general rule, it will take you about one year to become competent and profitable in Network Marketing. You’ll know the basics, you’ll cover expenses, and you’ll be learning.

It will take about three years of consistent part-time effort in order to go full- time.

It will take about five years of consistent effort to become a six- figure earner or above.

And it will take about seven years of consistent effort to become an expert.

As a professional, they are always learning, always growing, always trying to get better.

In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.
- Lou Holtz

Model Successful Behavior

Try to avoid reinventing the wheel when you get involved in this profession.

The hard work has already been done. No matter what company you’re in, it’s easy to find someone who’s very successful.

It doesn’t matter if it’s getting customers, finding prospects, inviting, presenting, following up, closing, getting people started, building for events, or any other skill, there are people in your company right now who have them mastered.

And unlike other professions, the successful people in your company are eager to share their secrets!

All you need to do is model their behavior and you can begin to enjoy their results.

Be Careful of Distractions

With all of the choices available to you in terms of studying your craft, now, more than ever, you must be careful about what you allow into your mind.

People everywhere will try to distract you with their latest and greatest breakthrough and it can be very tempting to jump at all those opportunities.

You should be focused on a very narrow range of skills: Finding prospects, inviting, presenting, following up, closing, getting people started right, and promoting events.

Make sure you master those skills first before adding anything else to your “to do” list.

Take Action

Almost all of the learning in MLM is in the doing.

If you want to learn how to talk to people on the phone, then talk to more people on the phone.

If you want to learn how to do a home presentation, then do more home presentations.

You will certainly figure it out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to seek knowledge on the skillsets for success in MLM, but it does mean you shouldn’t wait for complete knowledge before taking action.

Part of the reason people avoid taking action is they are afraid they’ll be embarrassed.

If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you must learn to set that fear aside. Here’s why:

It’s very difficult to look good and get better at the same time.

Instead of being afraid of how you look as you’re learning and growing, be afraid of not taking action and living a life at a fraction of your potential.
- Eric Worre

The Person You Will Become In The Process

Network Marketing changed my life for the better because it forced me to become a better person.

As a profession, we move products and services to the customers who want them, but our real purpose is much deeper.

At its core, this profession is an incubator for personal growth.

  • You’ll learn how face your fears.
  • You’ll learn how to solve problems.
  • You’ll learn how to feed your mind with positives and protect your mind from negatives.
  • You’ll learn how to grow stronger.
  • You’ll learn how to lead.

The greatest benefit isn’t getting what you want.

The greatest benefit is what you’ll need to become in order to get what you want.

I learned what was always there and what has been passed down for ages:

The journey is everything.

Closing Thoughts

My book notes only cover small parts of the book.

So if you like what you read, please consider buying the book from the author.

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

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