Welcome to my unaffiliated, honest review of the Free Safelist Mailer - the safelist or mailer site reachable at freesafelistmailer.com.

Free Safelist Mailer Review

We’ll take a look at what Free Safelist Mailer is, how it works, the pros and cons of free safelist mailer, who can potentially profit from it, and finally we’re looking at a professional alternative to Free Safelist Mailer or really any other safelist or mailer site.

If that’s what you’re here for, read on.

What Exactly Is A Safelist?

You can find my other articles on safelist marketing and the best safelists here and here.

Now it’s time to review the free safelist mailer.

Let’s dive in.

Big Problem: Red Flags 1 & 2 Of Free Safelist Mailer

Please take a look at the image above.

As you can see, even before we register with freesafelistmailer.com, two big red flags pop up:

  1. The website doesn’t just look and feel outdated, the technology running the site is actually old and the website is not SSL secured. That means your connection to free safelist mailer is not secure, and you shouldn’t enter any sensitive information or data on that website as it could be stolen.
  2. Free Safelist Mailer - to fully function correctly - requires you to install and use Adobe Flash Player.

I highly suggest you don’t do that. Here’s why:

Adobe no longer supports Flash Player since December 2020 and even blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player since January 2021.

Furthermore Adobe strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect their systems.

And that’s coming from Adobe themselves! (original source: Adobe on EOL of Flash Player)

Both of these red flags can only mean that the people running the website - FreeSafelistMailer.com - simply don’t update their website at all or - even worse - they do not care about your privacy and data security at all.

But no matter what the reason for this is: I don’t like it.

Claims Made By FreeSafelistMailer.com

On their website, Free Safelist Mailer makes the following claims:

  • “Total Active Members: 46,916” - Really? And all of them are “active”? We’ll find out soon in this review…
  • “The Most Advanced SafeList On The Internet” - If that was true, why do they try to install outdated software like Adobe Flash Player and don’t use SSL encryption in 2022 then?
  • “Your Source For Quality High Volume Traffic - 46,916 Active Members” - Let’s find out how “quality” and “high volume” the traffic really is…
  • “Our SafeList Members Are People Who WANT To Receive Advertising” - That’s obviously a lie. People sign up to these sites (safelists and mailer sites) because they want to send out advertising and share their (affiliate) links online… Not because they want to receive more.
  • “SafeLists are the most cost effective way of getting your offer seen by thousands of people.” - But apparently it’s not worth it for them to update the tech of their website to what’s really standard in 2022… (using SSL site-wide and no use of Adobe Flash)
  • “Our SafeList script includes a special system that keeps our list as clean as possible.” - Well, let’s test that. Read on for the truth and what we really found out…

Membership Levels Of Free Safelist Mailer

Membership Free Silver Gold Platinum
Mailer Limit 1/day 3/day 6/day 12/day
Message Personalization No Yes Yes Yes
Email Solo Credits 0 1 1.5 2
Cost Free $12.99/month $24.99/month $34.99/month

At $34.99 per month, the costs for the platinum membership quickly add up and cross $100 within the third month already…

So don’t be fooled by “how cheap” this type of traffic or paid advertising appears to be and instead look at the real costs.

In addition, be aware of the fact that if you’re relying on any one platform like free safelist mailer for your traffic generation, things can literally change overnight.

If you’re trying to build and grow a professional online (affiliate marketing) business, you don’t want to rely on any third party platform for your traffic and lead generation process.

Is Free Safelist Mailer Legit? Can I Get Traffic From It? Does It Work?

Yes and no.

Yes, because you might get a few, rather erratic and random clicks over to your link or landing page.

No, because it won’t be a lot of clicks, you have to change your ads around all the time, it’s not scalable beyond the scope of the website, you won’t be able to reach the most affluent (upgraded platinum) members, and - generally speaking - all users of safelists or mailer sites don’t use their primary email inbox for these services.

But rather (temporary and second-tier) email inboxes that they don’t check frequently.

Do you really want to build your online business on this ground?

The Pros & Cons Of FreeSafelistMailer

On the positive side, you could test things out for free and see if you like the experience and - more importantly - how “responsive” the safelist really is.

Before you invest any hard-earned cash into one of the upgrades.

On the negative side, you saw the big red flags above.

Your personal data is at risk. That’s simply not acceptable to me - especially in 2022.

Plus, I would never rely on one specific site or traffic source for all my traffic generation needs. From a business perspective, that’s just not smart.

In addition, I’m running a test currently (see below) and so far, the results of the “responsive list” are really bad. (only a handful of clicks resulting from a “solo ad” apparently sent to 46,000+ members.

Ongoing Safelist Test

As of today (February 20th, 2022) we still have an on-going test of the free safelist mailer. Please come back again later to see the final results.

Conclusion / Recommendation

I’m a professional affiliate marketer, full-time since 2018, and I’m able to produce results for me and my clients.

In my opinion, it’s not worth your time to try making freesafelistmailer work.

Instead, here’s what I recommend:

A Proven, Reliable & Professional Alternative To Free Safelist Mailer (freesafelistmailer.com)

Let me get straight to the point:

The best thing you can do to get your affiliate links seen and clicked by thousands of people is to learn real, professional affiliate marketing.

Through that process - which admittingly takes some time and effort - you’ll be able to generate all the traffic you want, generate lots of hot, targeted leads, and make consistent affiliate sales.

And you can do all of that on your very own platform, and without relying on third-party platforms that could be out of business or change their rules tomorrow.

Instead, you’ll be able to attract people to you and your offers, grow an audience on your very own platform, and build a real business.

If that sounds good to you: Get this. It’s free.

Stay awesome,
Tim for Online Business Dude

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