This article is about focus: The true secret to making money online.

I’m getting asked all the time by followers on social media and via email:

What is the big secret that’s making all this internet marketing stuff work?

Basically, people are asking me how to make money online (the ‘technical’ part) and then they’re asking for a shortcut - like “the secret to making money online fast”.

Focus clearly ranks among the top skills to master in 2020 and beyond - if your goal is to get results fast.

This applies to so much more than ‘just’ online business and making money on the interwebs.

TL;DR: The reason why this is “too long” for you and you “didn’t read” is because you’re lacking focus. That’s why you need to read the article below. 😉

Just Give Me The ‘How To’!

You probably don’t believe me what I have to say here, but the truth is:

The technical part - the ‘how to’ side of online business - is rather simple.

Can I prove it?


If you want to learn the technical side of how to start and grow an online business, learn affiliate marketing and making money online, my advice is to simply download and read the free online business blueprint (PDF) here.

Read the document and learn from the additional video training that I’m providing.

You could take this knowledge and run with it; and you could make serious money online in the process.

You would have all the knowledge that you need - technically.

But unfortunately, the truth is also:

Most people won’t make a dime.

Most new affiliate marketers fail and never make any money.

Why is that the case?

Why do some people fail although they have access to the best knowledge and proven strategies?

Most Online Business Newbies Run Around Like Chickens With Their Head Cut Off

As I don’t want to get this article too lengthy I keep it to the point:

Most new online business owners and affiliate marketers don’t have a valid business strategy.

That’s why they’re constantly seeking the newest trend, the “best” business model, the “easiest and cheapest” source of traffic, the “easiest and fastest” way to make money online, and the’re constantly buying the newest shiny object under the sun and whatever is being launched and hyped right now.

That’s not a valid business strategy but a way to fail - guaranteed.

But what is even worse:

Nobody Is Able To Focus Anymore On Anything

Don’t believe me?

Deep Work by Cal Newport became a bestseller for this reason.

It’s like the whole world has a severe case of ADD now.

Our senses are constantly glued to our smartphones.

We’re constantly bombarded with marketing messages left, right, and center.

Our email inboxes are exploding.

Social media platforms are designed to keep us engaged for hours and hours - with no end.

We’re retargeted by sneaky marketers even in the most hidden places online.

Our workspaces are full of distracting stuff and heavily decluttered.

Online and offline.

Beeping, blinking, and vibrating notifications - all the time.

Nobody gets anything done.

Is really anybody surprised that (business) failure rates are so high?

Nobody Is Getting Anything Done Anymore

And that’s why nothing ever gets done.

Those who succeed online easily outpace the majority of those who try.


Not because they are so great, so brilliant, so clever, so well-funded.

But because the majority of people simply get nothing done.

I say this because it’s the truth and the major reason why not more people are successful at what they’re doing.

I don’t say this to discourage you.

Quite the opposite:

Actually, this is excellent news for any business owner who takes his craft, his business, and well-chosen field serious - because the cake gets split by fewer people. 🙂

How To Fix That Problem - Once And For All

First, you’ve got to fix that problem for yourself.

Only _then _you can go out and try to help other people with it.

An excellent starting point is to become an essentialist.

Some people refer to it as minimalism but I prefer the term essentialism because it doesn’t focus on the lack of something.

The point is to fully appreciate the essential and get rid of the rest.

And it’s not just about things. It’s about people, processes, good habits, bad habits, behaviors, and more.

It’s an extremely valuable way to live life to the fullest all while reducing stress.

Read my story here if you want to know more.

How To Fix That Problem In Online Business

Pick one strategy, pick one traffic source, pick one offer to begin with.

Pick one mentor at a time and follow his/her directions.

Focus on one thing only.

If you want to learn the basics, download this.

But more importantly: Apply what you learn.

Disregard everything else.

You don’t need “more” at this point.

You don’t need more knowledge, more training, more tools, more software, more of anything.

If you need more of anything in your life, it’s this:


I hope you enjoyed the quick read and got something out of it.

If you want to learn more about the success mindset, read this.

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

PS: Get this

PPS: Get to work. Now.