Essentialism by Greg McKeown – Don’t ignore this book!

This is my book review of Essentialism by author Greg McKeown.

AuthorGreg McKeown
SubtitleThe Disciplined Pursuit of Less
First published2011
RecommendedYes (Hell Yeah!)
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My personal notes on Essentialism by Greg McKeown

This book can be more important for your life than you think. There’s probably a good reason for you reading these book notes and quotes right now!

Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin?
Do you sometimes feel overworked and underutilized?
Do you feel motion sickness instead of momentum?
Does your day sometimes get hijacked by someone else’s agenda?
Have you ever said “yes” simply to please and then resented it?

If you answered yes to any of these, the way out is the Way of the Essentialist.

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

This book can help you making decisions. Greg reminds us of the importance of making truly important choices!

Essentialism is not about how to get more things done; it’s about how to get the right things done. It doesn’t mean just doing less for the sake of less either. It is about making the wisest possible investment of your time and energy in order to operate at our highest point of contribution by doing only what is essential.”

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

You simply cannot have it all.

I can do anything, but not everything

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

The ability to choose cannot be taken or given away, only forgotten

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

We must decide what our agenda or goal is, and pursue only opportunities that lead us to our goals.

If you don’t have your own agenda, someone else will make one for you.

Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

Don’t commit casually to plans you’re not sure about. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Instead, go all-in on the important stuff in your life.

The way of the Essentialist means living by design, not by default. Instead of making choices reactively, the Essentialist deliberately distinguishes the vital few from the trivial many, eliminates the nonessentials, and then removes obstacles so the essential things have clear, smooth passage.

In other words, Essentialism is a disciplined, systematic approach for determining where our highest point of contribution lies, then making execution of those things almost effortless.

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

When was the last time your boss asked you for your top 5 priorities?

The word priority came into the English language in the 1400s. It was singular. It meant the very first or prior thing. It stayed singular for the next five hundred years.

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

What do you want to go BIG on?

Essentialists see trade-offs as an inherent part of life, not as an inherently negative part of life. Instead of asking, “What do I have to give up?” they ask, “What do I want to go big on?” 

Greg McKeown – Essentialism

And with that being said, I publish this book review now. Hope you got something out of it!

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In the meantime: Stay awesome!

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If it isn’t a clear yes, then it’s a clear no.

Greg McKeown – Essentialism
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