This is by far the best, highest-converting, most straight-forward, fastest, and actually the simplest way to succeed at marketing and sales: Value First

Apply this strategy, lead with value and everything else becomes easy.

Including making sales.

It’s important to incorporate what follows in your thinking while working on your online business.

Let’s dive in.

Why Incorporate Value First?

The old school, classical salesman is dead.

Nobody likes selling and especially being sold to.

Traditional sales techniques no longer work, they’re outdated, irrelevant and highly inefficient.

Modern media potrais the image of “the successful salesman” completly wrong.

It’s not the aggressive, “bad guy” with an unlikeable character who is good at selling.

Nobody wants to be sold to.

At the same time, poeple still like to buy stuff.

Everyone dislikes being marketed to in a highly misleading and unethical way.

We heard all the promises.

We experienced the disappointments.

We’re fed up.

And we lost a whole lot of trust in everything that has to do with marketing and advertising.

As business owners, we understand the importance of marketing and sales. (“income producing activities”)

But we don’t have to become the hated, overly excited but insincere, “artificially pumped” and “close the deal no matter what” salesperson that puts pressure on customers.

There’s a much better way - for everyone involved.

What Is Value First?

Everybody likes to be served and helped.

We can also call “Value First Marketing & Sales” education-based marketing.

Your clients want to make an informed, educated, intelligent buying decision and feel good when interacting with you.

They want to feel confident about their decision.

Ideally, after the sale, they still think it was the best decision they could have made.

If done right, they still feel good about the purchase because it was a great decision.

They would do it again exactly the same way.

This will happen when you become a “Value First Salesperson” or - in Jay Abraham’s words - you become the trusted advisor, the fiduciary for them.

It doesn’t matter if the conversation happens offline, 1-on-1 or online, 1-to-many via a video, podcast, a blog article or an email.

We like to serve our clients and bring real value to them.

In addtion, we want them to feel good about most interactions with us, and they can trust us.

This is even true when we send them to a competitor, because we know it is the better choice for them.

We become a trusted advisor when we start actually caring about our clients.

And we’ll also feel good about ourselves when we do.

Flipping The Traditional Sales Process On Its Head

Flipping The Traditional Sales Process On Its Head

The Old Way: Promise ⇒ Sale ⇒ Delivery of Value (often: ⇒ disappointment)

The New Way: Massive Value ⇒ Sale (ideally: ⇒ delighted client for life)

In other terms:

Help people get results first.

Deliver upfront value.

Value first.

Then the next step becomes natural, almost a no-brainer.

We simply ask:

Do you want more? 🙂

Can You See The Benefit For Everyone Involved?

Your ideal clients will be attracted to you, and people who wouldn’t be a good fit anyway will naturally look elsewhere.


The strategy of Value First is highly profitable.

If you truly act in the best interest of your clients, then these people naturally want to do business with you!

Also, people want to hear from you, because they know, like and trust you at this point.

They already received so much value from you.

But don’t force them into a sale, educate them and lead with integrity, lead with value.

What Value First Is Not

The value first approach doesn’t mean we forget what a business is all about.

The end result of any business is to make a profit.

So we need to make sales.

Sales are the lifeblood of business.

And in order to do that, we make an offer.

Then we exchange value for money.

We don’t want to screw anyone, we don’t want to make a profit on anything shady.

We’re in this for the long-term, we want to delight our happy, long-term clients over and over again.

Value First doesn’t mean we have to act like a non-profit organization.

We are able to give something of value, and we accept money on exchange for that.

Instead of just making promises of value, we initiate the sales process by starting to give value upfront.

We show potential clients what working with us is like.

When we make an offer, it’s more than obvious to them that we deliver massive value in exchange for their hard earned money.

The trust is already there.

How To Apply Value First?

  • We provide value in all stages of our marketing
  • We deliver great value upfront (top of the funnel)
  • We inform, educate and start solving issues without any expectation, we provide value without expecting a return at this point, no obligations for anyone
  • We make an offer
  • We deliver value, and delight our clients by over-delivering on our promises
  • We deliver even more value by following up with them

Closing Thoughts

I hope you find this article helpful.

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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