Welcome to my honest, unaffiliated review of State Of The Art Mailer (SOTAM)!

Let’s dive in.

State Of The Art Mailer Review

What Is The State Of The Art Mailer (SOTAM)?

SOTAM is a typical, “credit-based” safelist or “mailer site”.

You can find the best safelists here.

But let’s get back to the SOTAM review:

Red Flag No. 1: SOTAM Is Not Secure!

That means the website isn’t using (readily available, actually free) SSL technology.

This would have been “ok” in 2010, but not in 2021 and beyond. SSL is the de-facto standard for websites now.

But what’s the big problem with not using SSL encryption?

Your data & privacy is at risk!

Any forms and data that you sent to that website can be read (and in some cases even manipulated) in plaintext by anyone!

The fact that the State Of The Art Mailer is not mobile friendly at all is almost neglectable in comparison to the “Not Secure” issue.

Red Flag No. 2: Plenty Of Dead & Abandoned Accounts

As with many of these “mailer sites” or safelists, they don’t tell you how many active accounts they have.

Oftentimes, new accounts get abandoned really quickly as most people couldn’t be bothered sifting through all these promo emails in their “junk email” account.

And that’s why most of them simply abandon their junk email accounts, or decide to upgrade:

The Paid Options With State Of The Art Mailer

Immediately after the sign-up, we’re presented with the following paid upgrade options:

State Of The Art Mailer Paid Upgrade Options
1500 Button Level mail to 1500 members every 3 days $8.80 per month
3000 Button Level mail to 3000 members every 3 days $15.01 per month
5000 Button Level mail to 5000 members every 3 days $29.50 per month
7500 Button Level mail to 7500 members every 3 days $43.99 per month
“Viralist Upgrade” mail to 30000 members every 3 days $86.42 per month
Full Page Login Ad 30 days, 5500 guaranteed views $159.95

Plus a few more and slightly different offers… To entice you to upgrade, of course.

Red Flag No. 3: You Can’t Reach The Most Affluent Members

The highest level upgrade “viralist” comes with the benefit of “not receiving any emails”.

So even if you decide to upgrade to this level, you’ll never be able to reach those members of SOTAM.

That means, all your promo messages go out and can potentially be read by only the lower level upgrades as well as the free members.

And this means also there’s only one big winner with SOTAM:

The Big Winner Of SOTAM: The Owner

The only person who gets paid everytime someone upgrades is the owner.

Free members can only mail 500 other members, and with an expected, extremely low CTR (click-trough rate) of less than 1%, it’s very unlikely to produce any results for new, free members.

And that’s the real problem of safelists like State-Of-The-Art-Mailer: The free account doesn’t get you anywhere, so you’re forced to upgrade or abandon the site.

Many new people will simply leave their “junk email” inbox for good, but in the eyes of the safelist, that still counts as one account.

And those who upgrade to the highest level often don’t understand that they can’t even reach the other, highest-level upgraded members.

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