Simple Page Builders

A professional, working, very simple page builder to get a few (lead capture) pages up and running. That’s what most of us need, but often can’t find.

If you know me for a while or read some of my stuff, you know that I’m all about lead generation and email marketing.

In fact, it’s my priority.

And while many companies out there offer great, full-of-features funnel building software, most affiliate marketing newbies and online busines owners simply want to create a few opt-in pages and that’s it.

Heck, we went into affiliate marketing because we did NOT want to deal with all kinds of stuff like product creation, support, sales pages, upsell pages, payment processors, etc. right?

And while a few WordPress based solutions exist, let’s be honest about this fact: A complete WordPress (CMS) installation (and then maintaining it) is totally overkill for what most of us are trying to achieve!

I already showed you how you can host static pages like squeeze pages for 100% free here.

And these are some excellent, very simple page builders that work great for creating a few lead capture and other pages, without being forced to install and maintain a full WordPress CMS or even spending hundreds of dollars every month on funnel building software.

None of that stuff is really needed - especially for the simple requirements most affiliates have.

Let’s dive in.

Our Requirements

We want to be able to build pages that are:

  • lightning fast (clean, lean code)
  • based on pure, modern HTML or modern, lean framework-based (like Bootstrap 4 or 5) designs
  • mobile responsive (or mobile-first)
  • can contain our own autoresponder code
  • can be hosted on services that we choose and prefer, and that are 100% free

Plus the very simple page builder solutions should be:

  • fast to use
  • easy and simple user interface
  • not inject ad code or other nonsense
  • ideally have a few templates
  • make the process easy and fast
  • offer an easy website export (download) option, so we can host them anywhere
  • if they offer hosting, it must come with modern web standards like:
    • zero-config SSL,
    • a fast, no-config CDN
    • domain/DNS support, etc.

Ok, having these requirements in mind, here’s what I found:

Simple Page Builders

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, this article is still in the making.

But I wanted to get it out to you asap, because too many newbies pay hundreds of dollars per month for a full funnel building software, while all they really need is a few simple squeeze and maybe thank-you/bridge/pre-sell pages.

Keep it simple.

If you’re still confused and not sure what to do, get on my list here.

Get clarity, then take action.

Stay awesome,

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