Hey there, I’m glad you’re here! If you’ve been looking for a complete guide on opt-in pages then this post is for you.

A lot of new marketers are intimidated by the thought of creating an opt-in page and they don’t know where to start. Well, after this post you’ll have complete clarity on the subject!

Opt-In Pages - Complete Guide - Free Download

We’re going to take a look at what exactly an opt-in page is, why it’s important, explain all terms and how these pages work, and then show you some examples.

Once we’ve worked through all of that I’ll give you a free download so you don’t even have to create one yourself!

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Terms & Lingo

Before we dive in, let’s first clarify a few terms and the typical marketing lingo for specific websites and pages:

Landing Page
Any type of webpage or website that a visitor “lands on” after clicking an ad or some kind of CTA. (call to action)
See Landing Page above. It’s the same page, just a different name for it.

This page is often an opt-in page, but it can also be a blog post or an article, often called “blogvertorial”, an advertorial, a pre-sell page, a review article, a listicle, a webinar sign-up/registration page, the home page of a website, or some other page.

Opt-In Page
A type of landing page that has one sole purpose only: To get the contact information of the visitor. (often name + email, sometimes email only)

This article is about exactly this type of page. (opt-in / squeeze / lead gen / capture page)

After the visitor “opted-in” (entered his contact information), he becomes a “lead”.

The complete process is called lead generation.

Squeeze Page or Capture Page or Lead Generation Page
See Opt-In Page above. It’s the same page, just a different name for it.
Thank-You Page
The page the visitor lands on after the opt-in, after he gave his contact information.
Handshake Page or Welcome Mat
See Thank-You Page. It’s the same page, just a different name for it.

What Are Opt-In Pages?

I’m going to be honest: For most people, setting up an opt-in page is not the most exciting thing in the world.

However, once you’ve got it set up, your email list will grow and grow over time - without you having to do anything else but sending traffic to your opt-in page.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or want to become one, and you’re looking for a way to make passive income online, then building an email list through opt-in pages should be on top of your priority list!

But what exactly are opt-in pages?

Let’s take a quick look at an example opt-in site:

Example 1 - Classic Lead Capture Page - Niche: WoodWorking

Example Opt-In Page: WoodWorking

This is a very typical squeeze page: A clean page, with no links on it, and the visitor only has two options: Either give his contact information in exchange for the freebie (he can “opt-in”), or he can leave/close the page.

There are no other options.

This type of opt-in page is very powerful and high-converting, because of this fact. (There simply are no other options but to opt-in or leave)

Combined with the right traffic (targeted, warmed up via a some pre-sell blog post or video), this kind of landing page is highly effective and recommended for lead generation.

The Structure Of High-Converting Squeeze Pages

Take a look again at the opt-in page example above.

These are all elements on the page, in top to bottom order: (bold marked = essential elements)

  • Pre-headline: Attention [ target market ] - calls out the target market, draws them into your page, attention, sometimes describes already the “what”, like “FREE (PDF) Download”
  • Headline: Strong promise (of results), major benefit/result, specific (number), uses powerwords (free/fast/easy/…), says exactly what it is, no fluff
  • Sub-headline: Confirms the headline, specifies it, major benefit, repeat powerword
  • Example graphic/mockup: Draws in more attention, curiosity
  • Bullet points: Powerful technique, major benefits, 3-5 bullet points
  • Call To Action (1): Simply enter your email below.
  • Data Entry Element: Enter your best email here
  • Main CTA (Call To Action) / Button: YES! Send Me The Free Plans
  • Copyright/privacy notice: Your information is safe, doesn’t get shared, etc.

Example 2: Minimalistic Opt-In Page, High-Converting

You’ll recgonize the essential elements: Headline, Data Entry Element, and CTA (Call To Action):

Essential Opt-In Page - Headline, Data Entry Element, CTA

Example 3: Another Essential Squeeze Page In The MMO Niche, High-Converting, Pre-Selling The Offer

Example Landing Squeeze Page

Example 4: MMO Niche, Minimal, Pre-Selling Specific Offer

Example Lead Capture Page MMO

Free Download: Opt-In Page

Simply right-click and download (“Save link as…”) the following link:


But Where Can I Host My Squeeze Page, Fast & For Free?

Check out this short article/video.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this short article about squeeze pages was helpful.

Stay awesome,

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