Welcome to my review of MLM Gateway!

In this review we’ll look at what MLM Gateway is, if it can fulfill it’s promises and claims from the sales/homepage, who should use it, who should skip, what the premium updates cost, and much more.

Let’s dive in.

MLM Gateway Review

What Exactly Is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is a membership website made (primarily) for network marketers.

According to the website’s title, it’s providing “free home based business leads generation”.

The meta description reads: “Looking for free network marketing leads? Meet real people looking for business opportunity and expend your MLM business quickly.”

As you can see, the “free bizopp leads” aspect is pushed quite a bit by the company.

But what exactly do you get on the inside?

Inside The MLM Gateway Membership Website

After signing up to MLM Gateway, you’re greeted with a dashboard that shows:

  • Leads
  • Member List
  • Messages
  • Business Announcements
  • Advertising
  • Connections
  • Referral Program
  • Credits: 5

And as soon as you start trying to find your way around inside MLM Gateway, …

The Honest Truth About MLM Gateway (Poblem Number 1)

As a free member, you’re constantly pushed to become a paying member… “Get More Credits”, “Become A Member Of The Day”, “Upgrade To Premium And Take Full Advantage Of MLM Gateway”, “For only $29 per month you get a powerful marketing tool that will help you get more leads and boost your business”, etc.

Basically, every potentially useful action on MLM Gateway requires a paid subscription.

Be it banner and text advertising (“To turn on your campaign, you must have at least 10 credits in your account…”), accepting leads that would like to check out your online business (“Bob C. (USA) wants to join your business, buy 20 credits to unlock his profile”), sending messages and connection requests, really everything potentially useful requires you to take out your credit card.

Even a simple profile link to your website is not possible without paying money.

Plus, who guarantees you that the “interested leads” - who contact you immediately after the signup - aren’t fake?

The value of the “free membership” is quite useless to be honest.

“Credits” that you need to buy for almost every action you take on MLM Gateway can become expensive really fast.

As a free member, you get 5 credits.

But as soon as you want to take some action on the platform, you have to pay.

Either you have to buy “credit packs”:

Credits Credit Costs Your Cost (incl. VAT)
100 $0.51 per credit $50.82
250 $0.47 per credit $117.37
600 $0.44 per credit $264.99
1500 $0.41 per credit $615.89

Or you have to buy premium subscriptions:

Premium Subscription Credit Costs Your Cost (incl. VAT)
50 credits per month $0.70 per credit $35.09 every month
50 credits per month $0.48 per credit $71.39 every quarter

Just from looking at the credit costs, it becomes very obvious that MLM Gateway tries to sell you the bigger credit packs as well as the quarterly premium subscription.

The Second Big Problem With MLM Gateway

Whoever signs up to MLM Gateway does so with the intention of primarily promoting his/her business opportunity to everyone else.

That means, most of MLM Gateway’s members rather have a traffic and online marketing problem, instead of a genuine interest in new/other business opportunities.

And while I understand that members of any MLM often become business opportunity seekers (again), the best way to help any of these people would be to teach them a really valuable skill like professional online marketing, so they become independent of any particular platform.

Once you build your very own, highly effective and automated marketing system, you don’t have to rely on any specific platform for your traffic and lead generation needs.

The Better Alternative To MLM Gateway

Let’s face it, signing up to MLM Gateway and buying their premium services and credit packs bring a few, huge issues:

  • You don’t learn proper, professional online marketing at all
  • Once you stop paying for the premium services, the platform becomes rather useless fast
  • You’ll have a hard time to distuingish yourself from everyone else on that platform (no USP)
  • The quality and validity of the leads and profiles on the platform are questionable at least

Here’s the - in my personal, honest opinion - much better alternative:

==> Learn Real, Professional Online Marketing Here

Closing Thoughts

I don’t want to hide the fact that at one point on your online business journey you have to invest some time and dedication to make it work.

But learning a real skill and becoming a professional online marketer will set you free for life!

Instead of buying credit packs on one single platform, I’d rather invest in myself, learn the skills, and build your own platform.

I hope you enjoyed my review of MLM Gateway.

If you have any questions, contact me here.

Stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude