The Minimum Viable Funnel

What is the Minimum Viable Funnel (MVP)?

If you're just starting out with making money online, you're just starting your new online business or affiliate marketing journey, you should focus on the MVF!

Here's why...

You'll Make Mistakes, And That's No Issue

If you're just starting out on your online business endeavors...

... You will probably make tons of mistakes. But that's no problem.

Actually, ...

... You can mess up parts of your traffic generation.

... You can mess up huge parts or all of the lead nurturing.

... You can mess up all your sales pages and offers.

But you can NOT mess up the lead generation / lead capture.


Once your visitors/readers are gone - they're gone for good.

And it's almost certain that they will never come back.

Game over.

To overcome the problem of "messing up the most critical part of your funnel", let's take a look at the MVF...

What Is The MVF? How Does It Look Like?

Online Business Blueprint

Let's assume you're following the following general strategy:

You drive traffic (through specific channels) to your OPT-IN page, to then make one or more offers to your audience.

So you point people (traffic) to a solution (offer) to solve their specific problem.


Let's take a closer look at the most critical part of this equation:

OBB - Minimum Viable Funnel

Why You Can't Mess Up The Opt-In

If your traffic (-targeting) is slightly off, you might pay a bit too much for your traffic.

That sucks, but usually, it's not too critical.

Of course you shouldn't mess up this part altogether...

If you lead nurturing is off, you probably don't provide enough value or it's not targeted enough, you might want to change it and try something different.

If your offers don't convert, you will try out different offers or simply ask your audience about their biggest pain points - to come up with a better, more specific solution to a more burning problem of your target market.

You'll basically create and come up with better solutions.

But here's the issue:

If You Don't Properly Capture The Contact Details Of Your Traffic (Lead Generation), It's GAME OVER

99% of people will never return to your site/blog/channel.

They're gone, and they're gone for good.

No "second chance" to correct this.

They're onto the next thing and already forgot your brand...

The MVF Is Connecting A Targeted Audience With A Specific Solution (To A Burning Issue)

That's basically how you provide value to the marketplace.

And that's why you'll get paid.

But all that won't happen, if you don't capture the lead.

Sure, if you're lucky, maybe 1% will buy your solution anyway.


You're simply leaving too much money on the table if you don't have the opportunity to follow-up with your traffic/audience.

Most of them will not buy the first time they encounter your offer/solution.

And that's it for today.

I really hope you're excited to get your opt-in page up and running!

Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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