We all want to be successful at what we do, but not all of us achieve success.

In fact, most people live a life full of fear, shame, anxiety, paranoia and doubt.

A constant struggle.

And nobody gets anything done, because we’re constantly distracted.

Or distract ourselves.

But how can we change that?

Mindset - Create More

How can be break free of our own thought prison and limiting paradigms, and become the person we need to be to achieve success?

Over the years, I’ve read hundrets of books on personal development and success.

And I’ve spoken with many really successful people, over-achievers, top marketers and super affiliates.

I’m a big fan of the 80/20 pareto principle, so let’s cut the crap and get directly to the most important principles and character traits.

These are the mindset elements and behaviours of the top 1%:

Goal Setting

  • set yearly, monthly and daily goals
  • smart: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound
  • identify what it needs to achieve those goals, make a plan of the path
  • identify the 80/20 strategies, tasks and routines
  • what do you really care about? what truly fulfills you?
  • get crystal clear on what you want to achieve​


  • single-minded, focused, deep work
  • in a world full of distractions, this is your secret weapon, your super power
  • laser-like focus on your goals


  • get rid of as many distractions and bad habits / routines as possible
  • take a look at all areas of your life, offline and online
  • eliminate as many distractions as possible (social media, subscriptions, useless possessions, apps, email accounts, notifications, devices, but also distructive behaviours, bad habits, constantly negative people, bad environments, …)
  • become highly productive by eliminating distractions

Consumption Vs Creation

This is extremely important.

In fact, this changed my life completely.

From the outside, it looks like a very simple, seemingly tiny change.

But in reality, this “small” mindset shift from being (predominantly) a consumer of information to becoming a creator can change your life.

Most people are stuck in learning & consumption mode.

Create more.

Publish more often.

Learn. Do. Share.

See what happens…

Daily Routine

  • simple, healthy and productive
  • simple works
  • routine leads to consistency
  • consistency is needed to be productive every day
  • reduce stress and leave room for healthy recreational activities
  • plan your recharging / recovery time as well
  • consistently move towards your goals, consistenly make progress towards your goals, every day
  • work on your goals every day
  • plan your day: sleep, alarm clock, hygiene, clothes, diet, exercise, most important goals, relaxation and recovery


  • develop the powerful habit of doing the uncomfortable but necessary
  • become comfortable being uncomfortable
  • every pain or uncomfortable feeling, physically and emotionally, will finally disappear
  • grow and evolve into the person who can achieve your goals with ease
  • you are not your feelings, you are not your thoughts - see the constant struggle, the constant battle/fight of the ego, see how it effects everyone around you, understand their suffering, have compassion, see how we are all effected by it
  • understand you’re only playing a character / role here, and choose to play a successful one - disassociate yourself from yourself, “coach yourself”
  • implement these behaviours every day, let your person become that (successful) character

Expect Resistance

  • your mind is your enemy
  • how to control yourself vs. your ego controlling you
  • expect the fear, feel it, go through it / do the work anyway
  • you are not your fear, you are not your emotions
  • be ok with being uncomfortable, it’s the right way to go
  • if it scares you, you’re on track


  • again: your mind is your enemy
  • keep pushing, keep going
  • don’t expect short-term results
  • start to enjoy the suck, that’s why most are not successful
  • good things take time, it’s worth it
  • forget everyone else, do YOUR thing


  • understand what it takes to achieve your goals
  • be willing to pay the price now, so you can reap the benefits later

Model What Works

  • If you’re part of a training/coaching program: Follow the script!
  • See how other people are successful in your area of focus, then model it
  • Research the top producers in your chosen field

Mindset Shifts

  • This one is critical: Change from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset.
  • Become a creator - consuming stuff without taking action is worthless
  • Learn and understand tasks and the work that really adds our your bottom line: Income Producing Actions
  • Then focus on executing these IPAs - become a producer, add value, be a creator of value and valuable products. Create stuff, publish it, and put buy buttons out there.\
  • Start teaching. Show how it’s done. Create helpful content. Be of value. Create products. Sell them.
  • Don’t think overwhelming product creation. Think simple “how to”-guides. You can do it.
  • Creating value as an affiliate does not mean better selling. It means serving better. So how can you truly add value? What did work for you? What worked for you that might work for them, too?
  • Once you truly know who exactly you’re serving, it’s all about marketing and offer creation.

Take Action & Execute

  • Let’s get to work.
  • Let’s do the work, now!

Success Loves Speed Of Implementation

Become a ruthless operator.

Go and do the work.

And then: Do the work every day from now on.


See you at the top, because that’s where you end up, inevitably!

Maybe not tomorrow, and maybe not next week.

But how about 12 months from now?

Where will you be?

You decide.

Closing Thoughts

That’s it.

Don’t overcomplicate things.

Keep it simple.

Simple works.

And consistently apply the basics.

I hope you find this resource helpful!

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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