Frank Kern payed a tribute to marketing legend Dan S. Kennedy.

This is pure marketing gold!

These are the top 10 key take-aways of Dan S. Kennedy’s teachings by Frank Kern.

This is an attempt to condense 18 years of study into about 25 minutes of video.

Dan Kennedy was Frank Kern’s most influential marketing teacher.

Let’s dive in.

The Source / Original Video

The Top 10 Key Take-Aways Of Dan Kennedy’s Teachings

This is what Frank Kern came up with:

The Concept Of Personal Autonomy

Personal autonomy:

The capacity to be one’s own person.

To live one’s life according to reasons and motives that are taken as one’s own and not the product of manipulative or distorting external forces.

Always maintain personal autonomy.

You can and should live life - and conduct your business - however the hell you want to do it.

Live by your own rules and standards.

Do The Freakin’ Work!

Be fiercely committed to doing the actual work necessary for success.

Have a ridiculous work ethic.

Do the work without exception - every single day.

The Holy Trinity Of Marketing: List, Offer, Copy

Your product is not as important as your list.

The list (your target market) is key!

List first, offer second, copy third.

The offer is not just your product but the whole packaging of it, the way you position the product itself.

Think major benefits, major results, major outcomes, plus bonuses, widgets, gizmos, cheat sheets, extra videos, interviews, software, …

Position Yourself As A Welcome Guest

Instead of an uninvited pest.

Cold calling and prospecting are awful.

Instead, position yourself as someone they hope to hear from!

Focus on providing tons of value upfront and lead generation.

Plus proper lead nurturing.

This will cause people wanting to do business with you and wanting to hear/read/see more of you!

Proper marketing makes this absolutely possible.

Differentiate Yourself From The Rest Of The Marketplace

Don’t be “just another __”.

Instead: Have a unique USP.

You must be different.

“Just another __” is the kiss of death.

Use marketing and positioning to your advantage.

Provide more value to the marketplace than the other guys.

Ruthless Time Management

Guard your time more aggressively than anyone else.

Work without interruptions and avoid being disturbed in your workflow.

Get rid of distractions.

Live with an incredible commitment to time management to get things done.

Create A Success Environment For Yourself

Create a place where you can do your very best work.

Set it up in a way with whatever is necessary for you to be successful.

Productivity affects your income.

The Accumulation Of Wealth Is To Be Expected

The above points will lead to wealth.

Expect it.

Be positive about it.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy, focused and productive, put you in the right mindset, etc.

Wealth is not attracted by some miracle or luck, but it is the result of being extremely productive.

Wealth is a natural byproduct of simply doing the work consistently.

In Doubt, Be A Contrarian

If you look at everybody else in your marketplace and you just literally do the exact opposite of what they’re doing, you’re probably going to be pretty successful.

The herd is often wrong.

The Concept Of Price Elasticity

You might be able to charge significantly more.

Bonus: Be Somebody And Do Something

Be known as somebody of importance.

Become known as someone who is exceptionally good at doing something.

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