Welcome to my review of List Joe!

In this review we’ll take a look at what List Joe is, who can profit from it, who should stay away, and an alternative to List Joe.

Let’s dive in.

List Joe Review

What Is A Safelist? (Safelist Marketing)

Please see this article.

What Are The Best Safelists?

Please check out my article on the best safelists here.

What Is List Joe? (The ListJoe Mailer Site)

List Joe is a a safelist, or in other words: A “credit-based mailer”.

The website’s title is “ListJoe v3 - Socially Profitable Email Marketing”, and the sales copy reads:

“List Joe has been providing profitable email marketing to over 80,000 satisfied members since 2005.”

The sign up is free.

Let’s see what we get…

Free Membership Limits

As a free member, you can send “up to 1000 emails every 3 days”.

Continue to read to see the true results of sending out a message below.

Obviously, the website is trying to sell their premium services…

Basically, the site tries to sell you three different, paid options:

  1. Paid membership, “bronze” to “gold”, at monthly recurring costs of $37 to $67 per month
  2. Credit packages, 3,000 to 150,000 credits, at $12 to $197
  3. “Solo ad tokens”, starting at $97 for two tokens to $997 for 40 tokens

The “price per visitor” of the credit packages are estimates only, “based on a 3% clickthrough rate which is the average at List Joe”.

I’d be very careful about these numbers to be honest…

The Problem With Safelists & Mailer Sites In General

Please read this and this.

In short:

  • People sign up only to promote their opportunity
  • Members find ways to automate the “opening emails and clicking” part
  • The most affluent members simply buy premium packages, so they don’t have to read any emails from other marketers. Because of that, you can’t even reach these people!

And even if a few members of safelists still open and click on emails from the safelist, it’s never their primary inbox and they likely abandon the safelist or their “junk email account” alltogether very soon.

Everyone involved just wants to promote his/her opportunity, with the least amount of time, effort, and money involved.

The Problem With List Joe

Look at this screenshot from the “account settings”:

The Problem With List Joe

Do you really think a lot of List Joe members check their “list e-mail” frequently?

And if they even open them, are they really interested in “other business opportunities”? Or are they part of List Joe so they can promote their own business opportunity/offer?

The answer is pretty obvious.

Due to the nature of safelists, the “1000 business owners” that you can “send an email to for free after sign up” sounds great, but that’s about it.

Safelists and mailer sites are known for extremely low click-through-rates (CTR) and very low engagement rates.

0.2% Click-Trough-Rate Mailer

That’s the official tracking system of ListJoe showing that 2(!) people clicked on my link.

2 out of 1,000. A CTR of 0.2%.

Most important:

Even if you’re able to get a few new leads, what were the real costs for these leads?

Chances are, if you got any results from safelists like List Joe, that you actually spent way too much money and time to generate those very few clicks.

Considering that not everyone who clicks will opt-in to your list, things look really bad.

Luckily, there are way better alternatives out there to traffic and lead generation, outside of mailer sites…

A Much Better Alternative

I highly recommend that you learn real, professional marketing skills.

That way, you don’t have to rely on memberhip and mailer sites for your lead generation purposes.

Also, you can learn to generate unlimited traffic - for free.

You build your own platform, play by your own rules, and that’s exactly how you become free.

Closing Thoughts

Relying for your traffic and/or lead generation on 3rd party platforms (exclusively) is never a good idea.

Plus, if you build your own traffic generation machine, you’ll be able to generate practically unlimited amounts of traffic and leads, for the rest of your life!

I hope you enjoyed my review of List Joe.

Stay awesome,