Indexed and ranked on Google within 21 seconds (proof below)!

If you’re struggling with getting your content indexed fast and ranked high on Google, this article is for you!

Let’s dive in.

But first:

Show Me The Proof!

You think my claim is impossible?

I’m exaggerating?

Fair enough, let’s get this right out of the way.

I published an article earlier morning, on this website.

We’re talking about a very competitive niche (make money online / affiliate marketing).

This was the immediate result:

Proof - Screenshot - Indexed On Google In 21 Seconds


You might be thinking, I maybe just got lucky, hm?

And the article is only on position 10 after 21 seconds…

Well, let’s wait another 3 minutes then:

Proof - Screenshot - Ranked Position 1 On Google In 4 Minutes



How Was A New Article Indexed And Ranked So Fast?

Actually, it’s no secret.

Here’s what I did NOT do:

  • I did not use any “black hat” SEO tricks or gimmicks
  • I did not use sophisticated link building, underground backlinking or “PBN” tricks
  • I did not use a misspelled keyword or some other trick
  • I did not try to trick Google with some loophole

Instead, here’s what I did:

I just wrote and published a very useful article with

  • actionable advice,
  • reasonable structure, and
  • a few, best SEO practises.

That’s all.

==> Here Is What I Mean By SEO Best Practises

Don’t overcomplicate the process.

Keep it simple.

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, 80% of it is simply a very good user experience.

Often, less is more.

Fake “gurus” who try to sell you expensive SEO courses obviously try to make you believe otherwise.

I’m just telling how it is.

SEO is quite comparable to becoming a highly productive, successful person.

This has a lot to do with getting rid of the unnecessary.

Getting rid of all distractions.

What remains is focus.

And focus can also be described as the absence of distractions.

You see, getting indexed fast and ranking high on Google has a lot to do with not doing stupid stuff and instead simply following Google’s best practises.

How Exactly Can Anyone Index Within Seconds On Google And Rank High?

The other day I published my SEO checklist.

Read it.

Then, apply it.

Really, that’s all I did to get indexed fast and ranked high.

Do You Have A PDF Checklist For Me?

Glad you asked. 😊

==> Get The Free Online Business Blueprint Here. The SEO Checklist (PDF) Is In There.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you find this article helpful!

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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