Welcome to my review of the FreeAdvertisingForYou.com safelist (or “mailer site”)!

In this unaffiliated and 100% honest review we’ll take a look at what Free Advertising For You is, how it works, who can profit from it, who should avoid it, and a (potentially better) alternative.

Let’s dive in.

Free Advertising For You Review - FreeAdvertisingForYou.com Safelist

What Is Free Advertising For You?

In short: It’s a safelist or “mailer site”.

You can find out more about what safelist marketing is here.

And you can find the best safelists here.

Basically, FreeAdvertisingForYou.com is a group of people who agreed on sending promo emails to each other, organized through this membership website.

What’s The Big Claim Of FreeAdvertisingForYou.com?

Their website states: “Your Home For Free Advertising” as well as “You’re Minutes Away From Getting More Active Signups, More Opportunity Seeking Leads & More Targeted Traffic With Our Easy To Use Advertising System”.

Let’s see if they can deliver on these huge claims…

The First Big Issue With Free Advertising For You?

Look at the image above again, please.

The first red flag is that the website is NOT secure.

They don’t use SSL encryption, which is the de-facto standard in 2021 and beyond.

That means, your data/privacy is at risk of being shared, because it’s transfered unencrypted over the internet.

Next, the website isn’t even fully responsive. (mobile-friendly)

Again, in 2021 and beyond, that’s simply not acceptable anymore.

After The First Login…

… They try to sell you immediately the “Diamond Lifetime Membership” for $77.

The moment you press “no, thanks”…

… They try to sell you the “Gold Membership” for $37.

And funnily enough, if you say “no, thanks” again…

… You’re presented with another “Gold Lifetime Membership” offer for $22.

Doesn’t this practice feel highly misleading and unethical to you, too?

It feels like they just want to sell me “anything”, and see how much they can get out of me.

It certainly doesn’t feel right.

The Second Big Problem With FAFY

Honestly, the site is barely usable to me.

Banners, ads, “in-your-face” bling-bling promos everywhere… This is madness.

It’s simply way too much.

But how about the reason you’re on FAFY, the “free advertising”?

Let’s try to send out a free solo ad to the group…

Oh, first we have to “watch 35 promos from other marketers”… Great.

This Is Not Sustainable…

For real: That’s my exact thought when I have to look at 35 promos for about 10 seconds each, just to get my own message out, once.

And that’s exactly what the owner of FreeAdvertisingForYou.com wants you to do:

Upgrade Or Die (Leave The Site)

Let’s face it: These “credit-based” mailer sites or safelists are a huge pain to use.

You either have to sit and sift through tons of garbage, just in order to send out your own message.

Or you upgrade - and that’s exactly what the owners of these sites want you to do.

But think about the big flaw of the system for a sec:

If people either upgrade or abandon the site (or use automation software like described here) in order to not having to watch, read, and click on all these promos…

Then Who’s Left To Read Your Messages?

The honest answer: Only the very few, brand-new (“rotating”) people of the particular membership site.

And maybe - just maybe and if you’re lucky - a very very few more people who can’t afford to upgrade.

But let me ask you an important question: Are these people really your target market?

I don’t think so.

Safelists And Mailer Sites Are Often Like “A Closed Circle Market”

No joke, most of the promos I’ve seen so far are for other safelists and mailer sites.

And while that makes sense from an offer-selection angle (people who are looking for free advertising are probably interested in more “free traffic and/or advertising”), it’s useless at the same time:

You simply can’t reach the (most affluent) people who upgrade to the highest levels on these sites, at least not in their primary inbox as everyone involved uses a junk-type email address.

That makes using safelists pretty useless.

A Much Better Alternative

In my opinion, there’s a much better alternative to safelists and credit-based mailer sites like “Free Advertising For You”:

==> Learn Real, Professional Online Markeing, And Build Your Very Own Platform - Price: $0.00

As soon as you start building your own platform, you enjoy true freedom and independence from any third party platform (and their rules & fees, which can change).

Plus, CTR (click-through rates) on these mailer sites are extremely low.

Therefore, learning to generate traffic & leads on your own makes much more sense to me.

Your own platform is like your own garden, you can play by your own rules… And it’s much more fun.

Conclusion & Closing Thoughts

Thank you for checking out my review on the “credit-based” safelist “Free Advertising For You”.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me here.

Stay awesome,


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