Welcome to my European Safelist review!

I’m not affiliated with European Safelist, so you get the real, honest review here.

Let’s dive in.

European Safelist Review

What Is European Safelist?

European Safelist is a “credit-based mailer/membership site” or in short: a safelist.

My First Impression: A Huge Red Flag!

Right after the first login you’ll see this in your browser:

European Safelist Not Secure

So while the homepage is SSL encrypted, all data of the membership site (after login) is not encrypted at all and therefore not secure!

That would have been ok maybe 5-10 years ago, but not in 2021.

Your personal data is at risk because all changes to your profile and account settings are handled unencrypted.

Plus, the design of the European Safelist looks like it’s from the late 90’s and is not fully mobile responsive.

Again, in mid 2021 that’s simply not acceptable.

No Tracking Provided

While your “sent messages” to the safelist are saved, they don’t provide any tracking at all.

Other safelists, like List Joe for example, provide tracking.

Instead, the membership site tries to upsell you a premium membership and credit packs everywhere…

  • Silver: $3 per month
  • Pro: $7 per month
  • Platinum: $45 per month


Credit Package Your Cost
50,000 credits $5.00
80,000 credits $7.00
100,000 credits $10.00
150,000 credits $15.00
200,000 credits $20.00

According to the FAQ, “1 credit is 1 member of the list you can send your ads to”.

So for $5 you can “potentially reach 50,000” people - theoretically that sounds great.

In reality, however, safelists are notorious for having horribly low click-through rates (CTR), meaning the actual number of people who will see your message is ridiculously low.

See my safelist marketing article for more information on why exactly that is the case.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes my review of the European Safelist.

Luckily, there are much better ways to generate tons of free, targeted traffic & leads available to us.

Sure, it’ll take some time and effort to properly learn the skills of professional online marketing.

But you can start for entirely free and build your very own platform.

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And that’s the best approach in my opinion.

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