7 Figure Affiliate System Review

Welcome to my unbiased and honest review of the 7 Figure Affiliate System by the creator Michael Cheney.

We’ll take a look at who Michael Cheney is, what other products he created and published in the past, what the 7 Figure Affiliate System is about, we’ll look at all vendor bonuses, and discuss a special bonus package.

Let’s dive in.

7 Figure Affiliate System - Cover Stack

Facts - The 7 Figure Affiliate System At A Glance

  • Product name: 7 Figure Affiliate System
  • Creator: Michael Cheney
  • First release: March 8th, 2022
  • Price: $9.95 (front-end)
  • Product website: 7figureaffiliatesystem.com
  • Type: affiliate marketing video training + additional resources
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes (with special bonus package)

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Is The 7 Figure Affiliate Sytem Legit?

“Can I make money from the 7 Figure Affiliate System? Does it really work?”

These might be questions going through your head right now…

… And I totally get it.

I was burned before - many times in fact. (You can read my whole story here)

But here’s the truth:

Yes, the 7 Figure Affiliate System by Michael Cheney is legit.

It’s a decent affiliate marketing video training course that you can make money from - if you apply what is being taught in it!

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The latter part is important, because if you simply buy this course and expect to make money without doing anything - forget it.

That “push button profits” thing is a dream.

It does not exist.

But here you have access to a decent affiliate training that’s based on proven concepts.

So yes, if you put it into action, you can make money from the 7FAS.

Who Is Michael Cheney?

Michael Cheney is a seven figure super affiliate and serial product creator from England.

He’s the creator of products like Cash Cannons, The Fan Page Money Method, Child’s Play Profits, Commission Black Ops, The Commission Machine, Commission Cartel, Commissionology, The Gold Rush, Fast Track to 1 Million, the Secret Money System, and now the 7 Figure Affiliate System.

Michael Cheney is marketing online for almost 20 years, and even more importantly: He applies - every day - what he teaches/shows in his products.

What Exactly Am I Getting When I Buy The 7 Figure Affiliate System?

The 7 Figure Affiliate System comes with 8 modules, each containing a video:

  • Module 1 - Riches Are In The Niches
  • Module 2 - Where The Money Is And How To Get It
  • Module 3 - The Golden Thread
  • Module 4 - Secret Sales Triggers
  • Module 5 - Win The Sale By Adding Value
  • Module 6 - Produce The Perfect Promo
  • Module 7 - Turn On Traffic
  • Module 8 - Secrets of a 7 Figure Super Affiliate

Demo Video - The Backend/Membership Area

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What Are The Vendor Bonuses?

  • Bonus 1 - Rapid Affiliate Quickstart Guide
  • Bonus 2 - Affiliate Profit Matrix
  • Bonus 3 - Free Breakthrough Orientation Session
  • Bonus 4 - The Affiliate Millionaire Mindset
  • Bonus 5 - The Ultimate Accountability System
  • Bonus 6 - 7-Day Affiliate Fast-Start
  • Bonus 7 - 7 Figure Affiliate Community Access

The Complete Funnel - Are There Any Upgrades?


First of all, there’s what marketers call an “order bump”: Behind The Scenes of a $500K Campaign.

This costs an extra $17 if you want access to it.

Next there are 3 upgrades available:

Upgrade 1: 10 Automatic Money-Makers

This upgrade comes at a one-time cost of $197.

Upgrade 2: The Ultimate Traffic Machine

This upgrade comes at a one-time cost of $97.

Upgrade 3: Explode Your Income As A Reseller

This upgrade comes at a one-time cost of $97 and gives you 100% throughout the funnel (resell rights) and guaranteed affiliate approval.

What I Don’t Like About The 7 Figure Affiliate System (7FAS)

I told you this is an honest review.

So here’s - without beating around the bushes - what I absolutely don’t like about the 7FAS:

1. The Sales Page Is Hyped Up

For real, in some ways the sales page is misleading.

What do I mean exactly?

Let’s take a look at the headline together:

7 Figure Affiliate System Headline

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One word at a time:

"New Course Reveals How I Generate Up To $126,831.61
A Month On Autopilot Using This Secret Affiliate System
That Runs On 100% FREE Traffic..."

I mean… Really?

Here’s the truth: You absolutely can make great money from affiliate marketing.

But to think that you can do so “On Autopilot” or generate a six-figure number of profits per month(!) on “100% Free Traffic” is simply not realistic.

Especially when you’re just starting out and/or having no huge audience (yet).

I mean, think about it: If that was 100% true…

… Why would a guy like Michael Cheney then go through all the trouble of

  • creating a video training course
  • creating product upgrades
  • hiring a team for his sales page and the upsell pages
  • hiring staff to support his customers
  • give away most of the proceeds to affiliates
  • create new products every couple of months and repeat that work-intensive process
  • etc.

if he was making six figures per month from “100% Free Traffic” and “On Autopilot”?

I can tell you honestly and directly why he does all of that:

Michael Cheney builds his (buyers’) email list primarily by: Launching products.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

In fact, I think he could openly say that, even within this sales letter, and without beating around the bushes.

I’m not sure why all this hype is really needed…

Especially when the training within this product is really good.

Let’s take a look at the second aspect of the 7FAS that I don’t like:

2. The Traffic Training Is Weak

Within the 7 Figure Affiliate System Michael talks mostly about a free way to get traffic, but that needs some work and takes some time to see results from.

That’s why I felt forced to create something special and “make up” for this weak spot.

More on that below.

What I Really Like About The 7FAS

  • The video training on important affiliate marketing concepts is decent
  • Bonus packages / “adding value” and standing out as an affiliate are all being covered
  • No fluff training (I really like that!)
  • The most profitable affiliate niches are covered

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There’s much more that I like about the 7FAS, but I want to keep this review to the point so let’s talk about something important…

Special Bonus Package For The 7 Figure Affiliate System

7 Figure Affiliate System Special Bonus Package

As you can see from my review above, I really like the 7 Figure Affiliate System, but it has some flaws.

Now, I think the “hype” on the sales page is nothing I can do about (besides honestly giving you my opinion on it).

But, as pointed out, the product lacks in terms of traffic training and generating free buyer clicks to your affiliate links, so you can start making affiliate commissions right away.

That’s why I created this exclusive special bonus package!

Here’s what you get in addition to the 7 Figure Affiliate System, if you decide to get it via my link:

7 Figure Affiliate System - Special Bonus Portal

This is the exact special bonus portal that you’re getting instant access to.

I’ll help you get through the info quickly and apply what you learn by giving you the main key takeaways of every module!

But that’s not all…

You’ll also get:

Video - Many Streams Create A River

In this short but very powerful information packed video I’ll go over the 2 best traffic sources for affiliate marketers.

You don’t want to miss that video!

Combine it with what you learn within the 7 Figure Affiliate System and you have an effective affiliate marketing system with unlimited, highly targeted traffic coming in!

Submit Your Link

In order to get you started immediately, I will send you buyer-only clicks - how?

Simple: You get exclusive access to my new & hot buyers-only clicks rotator.

How can you participate, for free?

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After your purchase of the 7FAS, you simply press one button (no joke!) & submit your link.

That’s it and you’ll watch the buyers’ clicks coming in…!

Traffic Endgame

Ok, I waited with the best bonus till the end of this review:

If you get the 7FAS today, you’ll also get Exclusive, Early-Beta-Access To Traffic Endgame - for Free as a Bonus!

This is the ultimate traffic resource.

The last traffic product anyone would ever need.


How do you get exclusive, free early access to it?


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Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my honest review of the 7 Figure Affiliate System by Michael Cheney.

But even if you decide to skip and think this is not for you: No worries.

We can still be friends!

Maybe Lazy Commissions is what you are looking for instead? ;-)

Stay awesome,

PS: Any questions? Get in touch here. Thank you!