Online Business Resources

These aren't just some resources.

For complete transparency: This is my full toolkit & complete technology stack that I run my online businesses on!

These are excellent resources to build and grow an online business.

Many of these tools are free, some are not. Some links might be affiliate links.

I use these tools every day.

You don't need anything else to get results and start making money online.

Let's dive in...

Are You For Real, Dude?

Unlike other "gurus", I don't show you some ridiculously overpriced, full of B.S., high-ticket but low quality, feature-heavy tools that you don't need, especially not when just starting out.

Instead, this short list contains everything you need to create your own, highly profitable online business from scratch. Nothing more, nothing less.

These resources are handpicked, high quality and very cost-effective.

You want to bootstrap as much as you can, especially in the beginning!

But you also want to use professional tools that "get the job done"...

Keep things lean, cost-effective and professional.

If you think I'm missing something or you come across something substantially better in terms of quality, usability and/or cost-effectiveness, please let me know.

Recommended Resources

Online Business Dude
Professional Online Business Knowledge & Solid Online Marketing Skills

(Free) Online Business Blueprint (PDF)

You've got to learn the basics, understand critical knowledge and develop the necessary skills to build and grow your own, profitable online business.

Make sure to understand the big picture first so that you know what the end result will look like.

Then you can go to work and start bootstrapping and putting the machine together.

Learn everything you can about traffic and conversion, and about income-producing activities.

If you are new to this, I highly recommend you grab my free Online Business Blueprint (PDF).

The Income Prodcing Actions Cheat Sheet (PDF) is included!

Namecheap Logo
Top-Level (.com) Domain


Namecheap offers cost-effective domain name registrations, management and reliable support.

Namecheap is one of the largest registrars in the industry and I use it for all my domains.

I highly recommend Namecheap.

WPX Hosting Logo
Professional, Super Fast, Fully Managed Hosting

WPX Hosting

Speed is a critical ranking factor. The longer a site takes to load, the more likely users are to abandon it.

With WPX Hosting, you get:

  • Fully Managed, Super Fast WordPress Hosting
  • Professional, Complete and Free Site Migrations
  • Free High-Speed CDN WPX Cloud, SSL, Extremely Fast and Professional Support, ...

You can build your online business on a cheap, shared hosting provider, or go immediately with the best, scalable and professionally managed option.

It's your choice.

I highly recommend WPX Hosting.

Sendy Logo
Professional, Self-Hosted Email Marketing Software


You want to utilize a simple but flexible email marketing solution.

But you also want to take 100% control of your critical business data!

That's why I highly recommend Sendy.

For an incredibly low $59 one-time (!) fee including updates, you can send your emails via the professional Amazon SES service.

In case you host Sendy on the (free) Amazon EC2 tier you'll be able to send 2.000 emails per day for absolutely free! (That's 62.000 emails per month or 730.000 emails per year - 100% free!)

Seriously, there's no better offer out there.

Deliverability with Amazon SES is excellent.

Plus, the Sendy team is great and very responsive in case you run into issues.

They also have a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don't like Sendy.

I highly recommend Sendy.

WordPress Logo
Free and Open Source Blog & CMS Software


WordPress is open source software you can use to create a websites.

WordPress powers over 1/3rd of the top 10 million sites on the web.

It's free, it's open source, and it's powerful.

All my websites are powered by WordPress.

You shouldn't use any other blogging platform.

GeneratePress Logo
Lightweight, Super Fast, Premium WordPress Theme


GeneratePress is an excellent, lightweight theme for WordPress.

It was build with a focus on performance (speed), security and usability.

It's secure, stable and SEO optimized.

The base version comes free, I utilize the premium version.

I highly recommend GeneratePress.

Elementor Logo
Professional WordPress Premium Page Builder


Elementor is the #1 page builder plugin for WordPress.

The base version comes free, I utilize the pro version.

I highly recommend Elementor.

More Great Tools That I Use

Articles Worth Reading

This Is All You Need. Period.

You don't need "more".

Do your future self a favor and don't make the same mistakes I made.

You don't need more of anything.

You don't need more theoretical knowledge, courses, "auto-pilot" software, you don't need more or better "money-making tricks or hacks".

You don't need the latest gimmicks or loopholes.

Instead, get to work - now!

Please don't fool yourself by running after shiny objects.

Instead, build a real business on solid fundamentals.

Sure, acquiring new skills in a fast-paced world is essential and you never want to stop learning or stop growing as a person.

But you can achieve substantial results with your own, professional online business by focusing on consistently applying the basics and what works for others.

Don't copy, but model success. Model what works.

In fact, getting started today is the best thing you can do for yourself if you are striving for total freedom.

Stay awesome,

Your "Online Business Dude" Tim

Free Download: (PDF)

Online Business Blueprint

Online Business Blueprint

Step-by-Step: How to Start and Grow Your Own, Profitable (Affiliate Marketing) Online Business From Scratch, Today!

  • Exact Process to Making Your First Commissions Online...
  • (no) technical skills needed
  • Easy SEO Cheat Sheet, Day Planner, Success Mindset, Income Producing Actions, ...
  • Generate Free and Unlimited Traffic, Convert Endless New Leads, Fast!