The Best Tools to Start Your Online Business

I use these resources daily.

These are the most important tools and resources that helped me build my own online businesses. This is my toolbox, you need nothing more to achieve results.

Unlike other "gurus" out there, I don't show you some BS, high ticket or very overpriced, feature-heavy tools that you don't need, especially not when just starting out.

Instead, this short list contains everything you need to start and build your own, highly profitable online business. Nothing more, and nothing less.

These resources are handpicked, high quality and very cost-effective.

If you think I'm missing something or you come across something substantially better in terms of quality, usability and cost-effectiveness, please let me know.

Wealthy Affiliate

An in-depth step-by-step training program, powerful hosting and keyword research tool, plus an active and helpful community of (SEO-)focused entrepreneurs and professional affiliate marketers.

If you decide to go with the premium account, you get access to:

  • Everything that is included in the free membership account
  • Unrestricted access to the complete, step-by-step training course
  • Up to 25 hosted websites (on a .siterubix domain)
  • Up to 25 hosted websites (on your own top level domain)
  • TOP notch managed, Amazon AWS cloud state of the art hosting
  • Personal 1-on-1 support from me if you join here

Get started today with Wealthy Affiliate for free and get immediate access to:

  • 10 basic training lessons that cover the complete process of making money online via affiliate marketing
  • Up to 2 hosted websites (on a .siterubix subdomain)
  • Easy to use sitebuilder
  • Jaaxy, an advanced keyword research tool
  • Tech-Support
  • Support (very active live-chat)
  • Personal support from me if you join here


The most cost-effective domain name registrar.

You don't want to overthink this. There are several companies offering domain name registration, but if you want to go with the most cost-effective company over the long term, look no further.

I manage all my domains here.

Here's the link.

WPX Hosting

The fastest WordPress hosting available.

This high-quality hosting company is my number one WordPress hosting recommendation. Their support is top notch, super responsive and - most of all - knows what they're talking about.

Speed has become very critical in 2019, it's an important ranking factor with google and if your site is not super all the time, visitors will simply click away.

Don't go for some cheap shared-hosting alternative as it's not worth it.

Here's the link.

Send In Blue

Simply the best email marketing platform that I came across so far.

They offer a free plan to get started, but unlike other competitors they stay highly cost-effective even on their higher tier levels.

Plus, their support staff is easy to reach, extremely responsive and overall very knowledgeable and professional. They offer email automation as well as transactional email services.

If you're just starting out with email marketing or want to get your feet wet, look no further. Can you afford FREE?

If you're a seasoned email marketer, you probably know how competitive and powerful this company is.

Get started here.

PS: Yes, sendinblue is much better than the most popular email autoresponder service which also offers a free plan. Do your own due diligence or trust my research and go immediately with sendinblue. Again, it's 100% FREE to start.

Thrive Leads

A simple plugin for WordPress to build opt-in forms for lead generation and connect them with your email marketing software.

They have a great selection of highly converting opt-in forms plus they are extremely cost-effective.

If you're just starting out with building your online business and are new to email marketing, there's really no need to join a full-blown, 50+ USD per month SaaS company to build a couple of simple but highly converting landing pages.

Check it out here.

This is all you need. Period.

You don't need "more".

Do your future self a favor and don't make the same mistakes I made. You don't need "more of XYZ". You don't need more training, you don't need more tools, you don't need more or better "money making methods". Don't fool yourself by running after shiny objects.

Sure, acquiring new skills in a fast-paced world is essential and you never want to stop learning and grow as a person. But you can achieve substantial results with the very few tools above.

In fact, getting started today is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Download the FREE Online Business Blueprint and I'll lead you through the whole process:

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