Worldprofit Review - Legit Or BS?

Welcome to my honest, unaffiliated review of Worldprofit.

Worldprofit is positioning itself as a “work at home & affiliate marketing training”, it was created and is run by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, they’re operating out of Canada, and it’s been around online for a long time (since 1994).

That’s really rare and impressive, especially as an home/online business (training) company.

We’ll look at the training, the platform, the founders, and analyze a few of the promises made by WorldProfit and see if they can live up to these claims.

Let’s dive in.

WorldProfit Fact Sheet

WorldProfit Review

  • Product name: WorldProfit
  • Founders/Creators: George Kosch
  • First release: 1994
  • Price: Free to sign-up, Upsells: “silver membership” $99/month, “platinum VIP” $149/month
  • Type: Home business/affiliate marketing training, PLR products, “DFY traffic” offers, login ads, solo ad packages, ad/traffic exchange, hosting platform
  • Rating: 1/5
  • Recommended: No

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What Exactly Is WorldProfit?

WorldProfit is a - slightly confusing & overwhelming - membership website.

I’d consider it a “meta safelist” or “meta mailer site” as throughout the website and on their upgrade offers’ sales pages WorldProfit consistently refers back to these safelists or mailer sites.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of safelists or mailer sites because you simply can’t reach the right people via these sites.

You can read more about why that’s the case in my article on safelist marketing here.

Let’s take a quick look at their backend…

A Sneak Peak Into The Backend Of WorldProfit

WorldProfit Backend Screenshot


Well, you’re not alone. There are a ton of options…

… But in the end, the only thing the platform does is trying to upsell you their Silver or Platinum/VIP memberships.

For a hefty monthly fee, of course.

How Much Does WorldProfit Cost?

WorldProfit offers three different memberships:

Membership Level Price
Standard Free
Silver $99.95 per month
Platinum/VIP $199.95 US per month

In addition to the memberships, WorldProfit offers several one-time “traffic upgrades” and “email blasts”:

  • Diamond URL Rotator
  • Ruby Solo Blaster Package
  • Traffic Blaster Pack Unlimited

But let’s face it… The true, real reason why most people upgrade to any of the paid memberships is this:

“(Upgraded) members automatically become a Worldprofit Reseller (Dealer) to earn commissions on sales referrals and new sales volume bonuses up to $1,000!”

The Big Problem With WorldProfit - Real Talk

It’s the typical, self-feeding system or loop.

They give you the offer to promote (the same offer that you have to buy in order to be able to promote it - aka “pay to play”), they give you the exact traffic sources where you’re supposed to be promoting the product, and that’s it.

But what’s the issue with that?

2 things come to mind:

  1. When everyone uses the same traffic sources to promote the same offer (in the same way), well then the marketing becomes extremely inefficient in the best case and completely useless in the worst case
  2. Nobody is learning the real skills of online marketing

These kinds of “DFY systems” and “easy 3-step programs” become saturated really fast.

Think about it: The same offer being promoted in the same places (to a large extend to the same people) over and over again.

That’s not very effective marketing.

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I hope you enjoyed my short but very honest review of WorldProfit.

Stay awesome, Tim