The Walking Dead Of The IM/MMO Scene

If you've been around a while in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online (IM/MMO) scene for a while, you certainly came across them:

The Walking Dead Of The IM/MMO Scene

No, I'm not talking about the tv series.

This group is part of the audience of many online marketers.

Maybe you're even part of the zombie group without knowing it!

If you're

  • a repeat buyer, buying product after product within the IM/MMO niche
  • never really taking action on anything
  • heavily focused on short-term gains and no interest in building a real business
  • in the market to "just make money online", preferable fast and easy, without any work or effort
  • not having an email list
  • not interested in building an email list
  • not having an overall business strategy, but you're chasing opportunity after opportunity without any direction or plan
  • not having a website or blog, no YouTube channel and no other online asset
  • only interested in making a quick buck online without any of the above

, then I've got bad news for you: You're part of the crowd.

But I've got also some good news for you:

At any time you can...

Decide To Leave The Walking Dead Crowd And Turn Pro

Yes, it's just a simple decision that you can make at any time!



The Simple 5 Step System To Turn Pro

  • Step 1: Download your free copy of the online business blueprint (PDF) here
  • Step 2: Stop buying shiny object after shiny object!
  • Step 3: Come up with a real online business strategy that includes elements of traffic generation, list building, and email marketing.
  • Step 4: Unsubscribe from all email lists that don't give you any value. Learn all about giving value first and the success mindset
  • Step 5: Take action, get into the execution loop and apply what you learn! 

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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