The Escape Plan Review

Welcome to my honest review & notes on The Escape Plan, sometimes known as “The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan” by the author Nick Bramble.

In this review we’ll take a close look at what The Escape Plan exactly is about, who the author Nick Bramble is, and the concepts and ideas we can learn here.

Let’s dive in.

The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan Review

Fact Sheet

  • Author: Nick Bramble
  • Title: The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan or just “The Escape Plan”
  • Subtitle: The Little Known Formula for Creating Monthly Cash Flow Online in 30 Minutes or Less Per Day…
  • Format: PDF (and audiobook through The Freedom Launchpad)
  • Length: 183 pages
  • Recommended: Yes (Hell, Yeah!)
  • Price: Free (serves as lead magnet)
  • Free Download: here

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Who Is Nick Bramble (Author Of The Escape Plan)?

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Personal Notes, Key Concepts & Ideas

The title page of The Escape Plan makes a huge claim… Let’s take a look at it:

“The Little Known Formula for Creating Monthly Cash Flow Online in 30 Minutes or Less Per Day… Without building a website, without your own products, without having to deal with any customer service headaches or inventory, and even without any technical knowledge or skill. Learn the 3 simple steps to generating unlimited income on demand the easy way online… while letting other people do all of the hard, techy, time consuming, expensive stuff For You!”

Let’s see what Nick has to say in detail…

The Invisible Step

The invisible step (The Escape Plan pages 2-13) is ultimately about your personal motivation, your inner drive, dreams, and your inner fire.

It’s about making the decision to making the rest of the plan work - no matter what.

Or, in different words: Whatever it takes.

Don’t skip this short chapter of The Escape Plan just because you think you just want to know the “how to”.

That would be a big mistake.

Here’s why: Starting and growing an online (affiliate marketing) business is simple, but it’s not easy.

My personal journey wasn’t a straight line neither, quite the opposite.

You can read more about my story here.

But I digress - let’s get back to the PDF:

What Works Is Based On Principles That Never Change…

… And that’s very true indeed.

Principles like providing value (first) to the marketplace, the idea of lead generation advertising (or list building), or the concept of making recurring affiliate commissions from valuable tools and resources that you share with the people you’re serving.

The moment you make the mental shift from “trying to sell my offers” to “truly providing value, truly helping others, truly becoming a person of great service, a trusted advisor or the fiduciary, the preeminent choice” (as Jay Abraham would call it) - that’s the moment everything changes for you.

So forget all “secrets”, stop buying BS shiny objects and nonsense, stop trying to “just sell your stuff”, and finally start helping people solve their problems.

Build A Real, Long-Term Online Business

Commit to doing the right things daily and built a real business online.

There Are Shortcuts - Everywhere

In this part Nick explains the basic idea and concept, and the benefits of affiliate marketing.

I’ll skip this since if you’re still reading this, there’s a 99.999% chance that you already know what affiliate marketing is.

No need to waste your precious time or my precious whitespace. 😉

The Only 2, Simple Tools You Need

Well, while I understand that affiliate marketing can indeed be that simple, I don’t fully agree with Nick here.

He writes: “Your entire affiliate business needs just 2 simple tools”.

What Nick means is a page builder and an autoresponder.

Check out my favorite tools & resources here.

And while that’s true, I don’t agree with Nick 100% here.


In my opinion - and I’m speaking from personal experience - you should also build a website (can be very simple), or “your own platform”.

Sure, your email list is at the center, at the core of your online business.

And - theoretically - you could indeed host the 2 pages Nick mentions, which are your opt-in/landing page and your thank-you page (he calls it “handshake page”), anywhere.

But in my opinion, it’s well worth it spending just a bit more of your time on building a few more, very basic pages out on your own platform.

Like a short, honest about page, like a simple welcome page, like a simple contact-us page or form, and maybe a few more pages you consider important.

Having your own platform also means you can easily share value of any kind with your audience, even if they’re not on your list (yet).

Like this review of The Escape Plan.

Or some other articles.

And even if you’re using YouTube as your primary method to generate traffic or deliver value, you can still add additional material, transcriptions, links, cheat sheets, PDFs, or really anything on your platform.

YouTube (or any other third-party platform) changes their rules (again)?

No problem, as long as you play in your own garden…

That’s why I definately recommend building your own website.

At the same time, it is 100% possible to make affiliate marketing work without having your own website - having my own platform is just how I prefer it.

But let’s get back to The Escape Plan:

The Perfect Freedom Formula™

Let me quote the author of The Escape Plan here:

The Perfect Freedom Formula™ is the process of making money online. It’s everything that is needed to make a stable, long term, residual (ongoing) income online using the Affiliate Marketing model.
- Nick Bramble

In this part, Nick outlines for each part of the formula:

  • What is it?
  • Why do you need it in the formula?
  • Do you actually have to do it, or can it be done for you?

He’s going over these three parts for each of the following elements:

  • Products
  • Traffic
  • Essential Pages
  • The First Offer
  • Essential Emails
  • Daily Value Emails

If you get The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan PDF, you’ll find The Perfect Freedom Formula™ summarized on page 83.

Download The Complete PDF (The Escape Plan) For FREE

The Only 2 Actions You Ever Have To Do, Daily…

… In order to build a wildly profitable online affiliate marketing business are:

  1. Build an audience of people who have problems, needs, wants, and desires that you want to help solve.
  2. Send a single email daily that provides free value, and recommends products and services perfectly geared towards solving the needs of the people on your list.

The end.

And in order to be able to do so…

3 Simple Steps To The 30 Minute Workday™

The 3 steps are based on the principles of how anyone can come online and in the fastest, most simple way make their first $100,000. These 3 things will work if you do them 20 years from now, just the same as today. Because again… they are based on the principles of making money online… not on trickery, or hype, or the latest fad.
- Nick Bramble

It’s the proven model of success followed by the highest earners in affiliate marketing:

  1. Build an audience (list) of people, in an area of interest that you enjoy, who have problems, needs, wants, and desires that you want to help solve.
  2. Build your knowledge and skill in that area of interest so you can provide value daily and become the expert that they seek. (Expert status is shocking easy to achieve).
  3. Build your income by sending a single email daily that provides free value, and recommends products and services that pay you commissions, and are perfectly geared towards solving the needs of the people on your list.

That’s it.

One Page Daily Action Plan (To Keep You On Track)

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The 30 Minute Workday™ One Page Affiliate Marketing Summary

You can find it on page 180 of The Escape Plan.

Remarkable Quotes

The following quotes are taken from The Escape Plan and are in no particular order:

Long-term wealth is created only when you consistently provide more perceived value to your customers than what they pay you.

You provide (that) value by providing solutions to the problems, needs, wants, and/or desires of your target market.

(“target market” refers to the people that you want to help)

(…) If you’re wanting to build a business that you love, your customers are your purpose.

Income creation is simple when you realize your products are solutions… and income is just the reward you get only for providing awesome solutions.

Your list is your entire (affiliate marketing) business.

Affiliate marketing (with this formula in place) is as simple as sending an email a day.

Your list is everything when it comes to your business.

Your list - not your products or capture pages, or sales pages, or anything else - is your source of income.

Be mindful that your list is a collection of people.

You only get paid for the value that you provide.

Traffic doesn’t turn into an audience or list until you capture the info.

The only traffic that you own, is your list.

I just had a built-in traffic source that already knew me, trusted me, and was conditioned to happily buy from me.

Success is all about consistency.

The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan Audiobook

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Additional Video Training/Course To The Escape Plan

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Closing Thoughts

Listen, if any concept, quote, or idea from this review of The Escape Plan was new to you, or you’d like to read the complete thing:

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PS: If you have any questions at any time, simply let me know here. Thank you!