The Breakout Code 2.0 Review

Welcome to my honest and in-depth review of The Breakout Code 2.0 by Mark Barrett and James Fawcett.

This product shows how James went from full-time employee to generating over $353,000 in revenue last year through affiliate marketing. (he quitted his job since)

In this review we’ll take a quick look at

  • who the creators of The Breakout Code 2.0 - Mark and James - are,
  • what other products they already launched,
  • what exactly The Breakout Code 2.0 is,
  • how the funnel looks like (upgrades, etc.),
  • who can profit from it, and who should avoid it,
  • what the vendor bonuses are,
  • the special bonus package available online for it,
  • and my honest opinion about it.

Great news: I got early access to The Breakout Code 2.0!

That’s exciting, and that’s also the reason why: This is NOT some “fake review”.

I worked through the whole product, as you’ll see below.

Let me be upfront with you here, before we dive into the details:

I honestly like The Breakout Code 2.0 and think it can be truly beneficial to you, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an affiliate for The Breakout Code 2.0. That means, I get a small compensation if you buy it through one of my links below. I only recommend helpful products and services that I use myself and truly enjoy.

If you’re looking for The Special Bonus Package for The Breakout Code 2.0, it’s here.

Now, let’s get started!

Fact Sheet

The Breakout Code 2.0

  • Product name: The Breakout Code 2.0
  • First release: 2021-01-08
  • Creator: Mark Barrett & James Fawcett
  • Product website:
  • Type: affiliate marketing training course / list building
  • Price: $7.95 (don’t worry if you see $12.95, a special coupon will be applied at checkout automatically!)
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Special Coupon & Bonus Page: » Click Here «
  • Recommended: Yes!

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Why Should I Listen To You, Dude?

Great question!

Let me give you two reasons why my review is fair and why you get “the real deal” here:

First of all, I am able to produce consistent and good results from affiliate marketing.

And second, I have access to and worked completely through The Breakout Code 2.0, but I also did the same with all previous products from Mark and James, including all upgrades of all products, and including the original Breakout Code and all its upgrades.

Therefore I think I’m reasonably qualified to put together this review. Do you agree?

In addition, I put together an incredibly high-value bonus package for The Breakout Code 2.0.

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Who Are The Creators Of The Breakout Code 2.0?

The two guys behind The Breakout Code 2.0 are Australian online marketers Mark Barrett and James Fawcett.

Last year, they launched and sold the following courses:

  • 2020-Aug-10: The Breakout Code (1.0)
  • 2020-Sep-13: Phoenix
  • 2020-Oct-11: Infusion
  • 2020-Oct-30: Method X
  • 2020-Nov-27: Rebillz
  • 2020-Dec-11: Exitus

If you grab my bonus package here, you’ll also get full license rights to The Breakout Code (1.0), plus access to Phoenix and Infusion.

As you can see above, these courses are just a couple of months old and still selling very well, post-launch.

I’m frequently in touch with James and Mark directly through their Inner Circle. If that’s something that interests you as well, make sure to check out upgrade #3 below.

What Is The Breakout Code 2.0?

In a nutshell, The Breakout Code 2.0 is an affiliate marketing video training course, that’s teaching the exact method (including the exact traffic sources, opt-in pages, bridge pages, and offers) that James Fawcett used in 2020 to generate over $352.000 in affiliate commissions.

In it, James shares the exact traffic providers he used to buy the traffic, shows the opt-in and bridge pages he used, explains exactly to which offers he sent the traffic, and how anyone can replicate his process.

It’s a value-packed course full of golden nuggets, comes with an extremely helpful, short mindset video, and the level of transparency in terms of traffic and offer selection is unmatched.

If it wasn’t for James’ 2020 results, I wouldn’t even look at solo ads ever again. But Mark and James definitely made me reconsider my decision to avoid solo ads altogether and instead got me back into testing-mode while staying open-minded.

What Exactly Do I Get If I Buy The Breakout Code 2.0?

Let’s take a quick look into the member’s area:

The Breakout Code 2.0 Member's Area

That’s exactly what you’ll see after purchasing your copy of The Breakout Code 2.0.

You’ll get:

  • A brief welcome/overview video
  • 352k in 2020 - Case study video (10min - must watch)
  • The Breakout Code 2.0 Mindset (11min - must watch)
  • How to find hot products to promote (6min)
  • How to get approved to promote hot products (7min)
  • Recommended products to promote (6min)
  • Breakout Funnels 2.0 - Lesson 101 (10min - must watch)
  • How to build an opt-in page in Clickfunnels (7min)
  • How to bulld a thankyou page (bridge page / product review page) in Clickfunnels (12min)
  • How to setup exit-intent pop-ups (6min)
  • Connecting your autoresponder (5min)
  • Email marketing 101 (5min)
  • Building your follow-up sequence in GetResponse and Aweber (12min)
  • How to send broadcasts to your list in GR and AW (9min)
  • HTML emails hack/trick in GR and AW (10min - must watch)
  • List segmentation (7min)
  • Tracking (7min)
  • Scaling solo ads like a boss (6min - must watch)
  • Targeted buyer leads on demand (6min - must watch)
  • Facebook group bonus method (7min)

Plus a few bonus resources and a way to reach support.

Now, if you have a few questions that you want to get answered quickly and directly by James and Mark, I highly suggest you consider getting the “Inner Circle” upgrade #3.

I’m personally part of that group and you’ll find some more training videos and live classes in there…

Plus, if you pick up my crazy bonus package here, you’ll get access to the masterclass upgrade of The Breakout Code (1.0) as well!

How Does The Funnel Exactly Look Like? What Are The Available Upgrades?

After you added the product to your cart, two things will happen:

  1. A special coupon code will automatically be applied (-$5)
  2. You’ll be able to check an “order bump” for the quickstart guide and live case study

I’d definitely make sure to get the quickstart guide & case study as well. It’s a $9.95 one-time investment.

After your purchase, you’ll be presented with the following upgrades:

  1. Upgrade #1 - Cash On Demand 2.0 - $37/$27
  2. Upgrade #2 - DFY Package - $197/$97
  3. Upgrade #3 - Breakout Inner Circle - $67/$7
  4. Upgrade #4 - Little Black Book 2.0 - $47/$27
  5. Upgrade #5 - Unlimited Traffic - $197/$97
  6. Upgrade #6 - License Rights - $97/$67

Make sure to watch the upgrade videos to know exactly what you’re getting with each one, but here’re the cliffnotes:

Upgrade 1: The exact email swipes Mark and James use to generate sales (this upgrade could be very helpful if you don’t know what to say in your emails)

Upgrade 2: 10 of their best, battle tested funnels (pages) that convert visitors into cash immediately (skip if you already know how to build pages and have a decent page builder, otherwise it might be helpful)

Upgrade 3: Weekly calls and training sessions, and direct access to James (I highly recommend this upgrade!)

Upgrade 4: The exact, secret list of traffic providers, all bundled into one place, all tested and proven (I highly recommend this upgrade! Plus: If you buy through one of my links, I’ll give you The Traffic Black Book (1.0) for free as a bonus in addition!

Upgrade 5: In all honesty, I’d skip the unlimited traffic upgrade - at least in the beginning. Focus on the traffic training you’re getting inside the product and make it work, first.

Upgrade 6: Getting approval to promote a solid affiliate offer is half of the battle for new affiliates. This upgrade will allow you to sell ALL 7 of Mark’s and James’ offers as your own for 100% full funnel commissions! (I highly recommend this upgrade!)

Dude, What’s Your Opinion? Should I Buy It? And Which Upgrades Do You Recommend?

All in all, I think The Breakout Code 2.0 is an excellent product and I recommend it especially to affiliate marketers who haven’t made their first $10k+ online yet.

Mark and James are very humble, honest guys who put together an incredible offer here.

I highly recommend you buy The Breakout Code 2.0 if you want to make 2021 your breakout year as an affiliate.

Also, check out my crazy bonus package here.

Make sure to at least consider getting upgrades 3, 4, and 6 as well. They are really worth it in my opinion.

Crazy Bonus Package For The Breakout Code 2.0

How can I make this already great offer even better?

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I even created a seperate special bonus page for it here!

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Closing Thoughts

This concludes my personal review on The Breakout Code 2.0 by Mark Barrett and James Fawcett.

I really think you should check it out here.

I hope you enjoyed my review and the incredible bonus package I put together for you! 😊

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

PS: If you liked my review and decided not to buy, that’s totally cool! We can still be friends. 😉 If you want to, you can download your free PDF copy of the online business blueprint here so that we can stay in touch. Cheers!