Super Affiliate System Review

Welcome to my updated (November 2020) review of John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Pro.

Let’s find out how it works, what exactly we’re getting, and if it is the best affiliate marketing training course for you - or not.

I’m pumped and hope you’re as excited as I am!

This is NOT some “fake review”. I got my hands on it and worked completely through the Super Affiliate System Pro, as you’ll see below.

I honestly like it and think it can be truly beneficial to you, especially if you want to get into affiliate marketing with paid traffic.

But before we get to the good stuff:

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an affiliate for John’s course. That means, I’ll get a small compensation from him if you buy it through one of my links.
I only recommend helpful products and services that I use myself and truly enjoy.

All of what follows is just my honest opinion as a professional, full-time affiliate markter.

Let’s dive in.

Fact Sheet

John Crestan’s Super Affiliate System at a glance:

Super Affiliate System Review

  • Product name: Super Affiliate System Pro
  • Version: “Pro” (November 2020)
  • First release: 2016
  • Creator: John Crestani
  • Product website:
  • Type: affiliate marketing course
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes

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Beware Of Outdated And “Fake Reviews”

Unfortunately, there are many shady promoters in the affiliate marketing industry.

Some of them never actually try the products that they are “reviewing”.

So, it’s in your own, best interest to always make sure if the person is real and if they can show screenshots etc.

Often, these poeple simply steal and copy screenshots from other websites, like mine.

As you can see below, I really got my hands on this course and went completely through the whole thing:

Super Affiliate System Dashboard

I even got this certificate when I finished the course:

Super Affiliate System Certificate

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani Profile

John Crestani is a very experienced online affiliate marketer (aka super affiliate).

His specialty is profitable media buying and he’s an expert performance marketer in multiple niches.

In 2016 he founded his own company, Pendragon Labs LLC, and went on to creating his own products, IM Jetset and later the Super Affiliate System.

Since then, his SAS was regularly updated each year.

In this review we’re looking at the lastest version of the Super Affiliate System Pro (November 2020).

John Crestani is not just an “internet marketing guru” or a teacher, instead he’s actually in the trenshes daily and applies what he teaches in the SAS Pro.

He’s a true practitioner.

What Exactly Am I Getting?

Super Affiliate System Pro equips entrepreneurs with the expertise they need to become competent affiliate marketers.

The course contains

  • 42 informational videos and
  • 34 “how to” videos

that walk you step-by-step through the applications and processes you’ll use.

In this hands-on training course, you learn everything from

  • how to create and design effective pre-sell pages and
  • compose converting ads on search networks and social media to
  • scaling your business for maximum income.

You also develop skills in research, copywriting, and data analysis.

This course contains

  • several note-taking guides,
  • 10 handouts/worksheets,
  • 14 quizzes, and
  • one final exam.

Personal remark: Plenty of sales pages and gurus promise a true “step-by-step” experience.

In this case, it’s 100% true.

The latest course update (November 2020) made sure that you can’t miss a step and instead learn all the necessary tools, skills and exact processes to succeed at affiliate marketing.

Who Can Profit From The Super Affiliate System Pro?

  • Beginning affiliate marketers who are looking to start with paid traffic
  • Advanced online marketers who are looking to get into paid traffic / profitable media buying and PPC campaigns
  • Anyone looking for practical ways to get into paid social (Facebook Ads), paid search (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads), and paid video (YouTube Ads)
  • Any marketer who wants to get better at copywriting
  • Any experienced marketer who’s looking into scaling his/her business

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How Does The Super Affiliate System Pro Generally Work? (Schema)

The Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing course that shows people how to create profitable affiliate campaigns with paid traffic.

To make this work, you need to connect

  • people (highly targeted leads) at
  • place (specific, effective landing pages) with
  • products (relevant, high-converting affiliate offers).

This is the basic process for client attraction and acquisition that John Crestani uses and presents in his training: (schema)

[Ad] => [Pre-sell / Landing Page] => [Offer]

  • Ad: how to create engaging ads that make people click, ads you can copy/paste
  • Presell: working, downloadable pre-sell page templates
  • Offer: guide to high converting offers, overview of affiliate networks, high-ticket affiliate offers that potentially produce recurring revenues

As you can see above, the course covers everything that is needed to connect the right people with the right (affiliate) products.

The course covers targeting strategies, ad-creative and copywriting tactics, comes with DFY landing/pre-sell pages, and suggested offers.

And John expains how to optimize and scale your media buying, once you found a winning combination… 🙂

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“Some People Say That John Crestani Is A Bad Person”

I don’t know why anybody would speak badly about John.

I’m connected with him on skype and he’s a genuine, approachable, really professional guy.

In the course, John suggests you promote his own product if you want to work within the “Business Opportunity” (BizOpp), “Make Money Online” (MMO) or “Internet Marketing” (IM) niches.

It’s obvious, he’d make more money if you were to sell/promote his products.

But nobody forces you to do so!

If you actually go through the complete training and learn about Clickbank’s figures and statistics, and how to create profitable campaigns, you’ll see it actually makes sense to promote something similar to John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System PRO.

But again:

Nobody forces you to promote his program or even work within the MMO niche!

The method he’s teaching works perfectly in many other niches, including health-related niches like weight-loss, self-help, relationships, survival, gambling, DIY, …

Plus, you’re learning from a true pro at what he’s teaching.

So I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what other, potentially envious people are saying…

How Much Does The Super Affiliate System Pro Cost?

Super Affiliate System Pro is priced at $997 (one-time fee).

That’s not exactly cheap, but considering what you’re getting here and the quality of the training I think it’s a very reasonable price.

Is There A Guarantee? Can I Return SAS Pro?

Money Back Guarantee


The Super Affiliate System Pro comes with

Clickbank’s 30-day - no questions asked - 100% money-back guarantee.

That means, your purchase is totally risk-free and you can return the product in case you can’t make it work.

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The Structure Of Super Affiliate System Pro

Now, let’s take a look at the course structure:

Welcome Module / Getting Started

  • Welcome Video (3:42min)
  • Why Affiliate Marketing (7:50min)
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success (22:17min)

This module comes with

  • Welcome Module - Syllabus
  • My Business Goals - Worksheet
  • How To Navigate The Course (17:05min)
  • How To Navigate The Community (2:47min)
  • How To Get Help (6:23min)
  • Welcome Module Quiz

Module 1: Affiliate Networks And Finding Your Niche

  • Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step (4:42min)
  • Choosing Your Niche (7:33min)
  • Common Mistakes In Choosing An Offer (7:08min)
  • John’s Step-by-Step Process (8:22min)
    • Product
    • Place
    • People
    • Data
    • Pivot

This module comes with

  • Module 1 - Syllabus
  • Choosing Your Niche - Worksheet
  • How To Join An Affiliate Network (9:00min)
  • How To Find Affiliate Offers (18:53min)
  • How To Find Offers On Other Affiliate Networks (9:21min)
  • Module 1 - Quiz

Module 2: The Necessity Of A Sales Funnel Amd Setting Up The Pre-sell Page

  • The Importance Of A Sales Funnel (11:58min)
  • Explanation Of Terms (9:55min)
    • Website
    • Lander
    • Pre-Sell
    • Squeeze
    • Funnel
    • Splash Page
    • Opt-In
  • Why You Need A Website (4:12min)
  • What To Include On Your Website And Presell Pages (11:59min)
    • Benefits
    • Social Proof
    • Risk Reversal
    • Urgency
    • Scarcity
    • Strong CTA
  • Six Different Types Of Presell Pages (9:27min)
    • Squeeze
    • Quiz
    • Blog Article
    • Article / Advertorial
    • Review
    • Listicle
  • Common Presell Page Mistakes (10:10min)

The module comes with

  • Module 2 - Syllabus
  • The SAS Sales Funnel - Handout
  • Setting Up Your WordPress Site - Checklist
  • How To Sign Up For Clickfunnels (2:20min)
  • How To Create Presell Pages In Clickfunnels (24:45min)
  • How To Register A Website (8:16min)
  • How To Create A WordPress Website (7:29min)
  • How To Manually Create Pre-Sell Pages (5:55min)
  • How To Join The In-House SAS Hosting Platform (Beta) (16:27min)
  • Module 2 Quiz

Module 3: Using Solo Ads To Drive Traffic

  • Overview - Driving Traffic To Your Presell Pages (13:28min)
  • The Power Of Solo Ads (5:10min)

The module comes with

  • Module 3 - Syllabus
  • My Advertising Initial Effectiveness - Worksheet
  • How To Set Up An Account With Udimi (2:11min)
  • How To Find The Best Lists On Udimi (6:50min)
  • How To Create A Solo Ad At Udimi (9:41min)
  • How To Set Up A Solo Ad Campaign For Other Offers (11:53min)
  • How To Set Up A Solo Ad Campaing With Other Providers (4:00min)
  • Module 3 - Quiz

Module 4: Using Google Ads To Drive Traffic

  • Why Use Google Ads (13:49min)
  • Terms You Need To Know (12:59min)
  • Advanced Advertising Tactics - Search Intent (26:35min)

This module comes with

  • Module 4 - Syllabus
  • How To Set Up My Google Ads Account (6:16min)
  • How To Set Up And Create A Google Display Ad Or Banner Ad (19:49min)
  • How To Set Up And Create A Google Search Ad (18:06min)
  • Google Ad Swipe File
  • Google Targeting Data And Keywords
  • How To Set Up Conversion Tracking With Clickbank (10:10min)
  • Module 4 - Quiz

Module 5: Using YouTube To Drive Traffic

  • YouTube Video Ads (6:04min)
  • Advanced Video Advertising Tactics (20:35min)

This module comes with

  • Module 5 - Syllabus
  • How To Set Up A YouTube Channel (3:42min)
  • How To Create A YouTube Video Ad (19:36min)
  • Video Ad Swipe File
  • Recommended YouTube Video Ad
  • More Business Opportunity Videos
  • Module 5 - Quiz

Module 6: Using Social Media Ads To Drive Traffic

  • Social Media Advertising Opportunities (9:47min)
  • Advanced Social Media Ad Tactics (20:47min)

The module comes with

  • Module 6 - Syllabus
  • How To Create And Brand A Fan Page (10:18min)
  • How To Set Up A Facebook Advertising Account And Pixel (13:23min)
  • How To Set Up An Advertising Campaing On Facebook (30:55min)
  • How To Set Up And Use Audiences (18:00min)
  • How To Keep Compliant With Facebook (13:30min)
  • Module 6 - Quiz

Module 7: Skill #1: Research For Effective Ads And Sales Pages

  • The Affiliate Research Process (24:21min)
  • The Six Elements Of A Good Pre-Sell Page (5:53min)
    1. Headline
    2. Avatar/Product Image
    3. Bullet Points (Benefits)
    4. Social Proof
    5. Call To Action (CTA)
    6. Risk Reversal

This module comes with

  • Module 7 - Syllabus
  • Six Elements of a Good Pre-Sell Page - Checklist
  • How To Find Pre-Sell Pages (14:42min)
  • How To Rip Pre-Sell Pages (17:04min)
  • Module 7 - Quiz

Module 8: Skill #2: Great Copywriting - The Key To Creating Great Ads And Effective Pre-sell Pages

  • Copywriting - The Secret To Great Ads (10:06min)
  • Getting Attention With Headlines (11:20min)
  • Adding Urgency, Scarcity, And Social Proof (9:34min)
  • Applying Ad Copywriting Principles To Your Pre-Sell Pages (4:14min)

This module comes with

  • Module 8 - Syllabus
  • Anatomy of a Great Ad - Handout
  • My Copywriting Skills Inventory - Self-Assessment
  • How To Use A Swipe-File (19:00min)
  • Module 8 - Quiz

Module 9: Skill #3: Data Analysis – Using Analytics And Split Testing To Make Sure You Do What Works

  • Tracking And Testing (20:41min)
  • Split-Testing Mistakes To Avoid (14:13min)

This module comes with

  • Module 9 - Syllabus
  • How To Set Up A Split-Test In Google Ads (20:39min)
  • How To Set Up A Split-Test In Facebook (13:17min)
  • How To Track Sales In Clickbank (11:18min)
  • Module 9 - Quiz

Module 10: Planning Your Strategy To Make The Super Affiliate System Work For You

  • Common Setup Mistakes (11:21min)
    • Doing
    • Checking
    • Goals
    • Focus
  • How To Plan Your SAS Strategy (7:17min)
    • Niche/Product
    • Marketing/Traffic Source
    • Budget
    • Research
    • Create Pre-Sell
    • Hypothesis Data
    • Launch
  • Affiliate Events (17:58min)

This module comes with

  • Module 10 - Syllabus
  • My SAS Strategy - Worksheet
  • Module 10 - Quiz

Module 11: Accelerating Your Outcomes

  • How To Accelerate Your Success (7:10min)
    • Mentors
    • Seminars
    • YouTube

This module comes with

  • Module 11 - Syllabus
  • How To Request A Coach (5:06min)
  • How To Navigate John’s YouTube Channel (4:51min)
  • Module 11 - Quiz

Module 12: Troubleshooting Lack Of Results

  • What To Do If You’re Not Getting Results (10:49min)
    • Right Niche?
    • Looking At Data
    • Enough Data
    • Right Resources
    • Asking For Help

This modules comes with

  • Module 12 - Syllabus
  • Troubleshooting Analysis - Checklist
  • How To Analyze My Data (13:33min)
  • Module 12 - Quiz

Module 13: Scaling Your Business And Accelerating Your Capital

  • Scaling Basics (7:50min)
  • High-Ticket Affiliate Commissions (8:04min)
  • When To Hire Help And Determine Who Will Help You Most (10:28min)
  • Raising Capital (8:58min)

This module comes with

  • Module 13 - Syllabus
  • Module 13 - Quiz

Module 14: Wrap Up And Next Steps

  • Congratulations and Wrap-Up (8:09min)
  • Next Level Affiliate Strategies (10:39min)
    1. Email (List Building And Email Marketing)
    2. Direct Deals
    3. Platforms (Authority/SaaS Sites)
    4. Info Product Creation
    5. Software Creation
    6. Starting Your Own Affiliate Network

This module comes with

  • Module 14 - Syllabus

Final Exam

Resources / Campaigns / Promo & Done For You Material (DFY)

  • Targeting Data
    • Biz Opp Buyers List - Facebook
    • Biz Opp Buyers List - Google Ads
    • Other Buyers Lists - All Other Niches
    • Google Ads - Keywords You Can Target For Google Search
  • Ad Swipes
    • Facebook Ad Swipes - This Is The Best Working Ad To Use To Promote SAS On Facebook. All Major Languages. Choose An Ad In Your Language.
    • Facebook Video Ad - This Is The Best Working Video To Use With Your Facebook Ad.
    • Google Ad Swipe - This Is The Best Working Ad To Use To Promote SAS On Google
    • Youtube Video Ad - This Is The Best Working Video Ad To Use For Promoting On Youtube
    • Email Swipes - These Are Some Email Swipes You Can Use For SAS
    • Bizopp Master Ad Swipe File (200+ Pages) - This Is A Massive List Of Bizopp Ads (That’s The Niche Sas Is Considered) That I Have Collected Over The Years, And Have Influenced My Own Advertising In This Niche.
    • Other Ad Swipes - Ad Swipes In Other Niches
  • Presell Pages
    • SAS Survey Presell (Clickfunnels + Manual (HTML) Files)
    • Manifestation Magic (CF + Manual)
    • Health Benefits Back Pain (CF + Manual)
    • Erase My Back Pain (CF + Manual)
    • Unlock Your Hip Flexors (CF + Manual))
    • EZ Battery Reconditioning (CF + Manual)
    • The Lost Ways (CF + Manual)
    • Survey Junkie (Manual)
    • SAS Forbes Advertorial (Manual)
    • SAS Survey Presell (CF + Manual)
  • Affiliate Networks
    • Clickbank
    • Digistore
    • Ads4Dough
    • Goldco
    • Survey Junkie
  • Advertising Networks
    • Udimi Solo Ads - Specializes in email solo ads.
    • Traffic For Me - Specializes in email solo ads.
    • Microsoft Bing Ads - Specializes in search ads
    • InfoLinks - Specializes in display traffic
    • - Specializes in redirect traffic from old and expired domain names
    • Facebook Ads
    • Google Ads
    • Youtube Ads
    • MGID - Specializes in native ads on viral content sites
    • Outbrain - Specializes in native ads on high-end news sites
    • Taboola - Specializes in native ads on mid-tier news sites
    • - Native advertising syndication network that works with all major native ad companies.
    • RevContent - Specializes in native ads on lower-tier news sites
    • ExoClick - Specializes in ads on adult sites. Not safe for work.
    • Lockerdome - Interesting new ad network
    • ZeroPark - Specializes in domain redirect traffic
    • Ad Network Coupons - Here is your list of all current ad network coupons.
  • Legal Resources
    • Facebook Policy Violation - Disapproved ads are normal, but if Facebook bans your account, send this legal letter to them to put their concerns to rest.
    • Google/Youtube Policy Violation - Disapproved ads are normal, but if Google bans your ad account, send this legal letter to them to put their concerns to rest.
  • Other Recommended Vendors

  • Course Archives (No longer supported but still accessible)
    • SAS 1.0 - The original SuperAffiliate System course, released in 2016.
    • Internet Jetset - Released in 2017. Focused on free traffic methods.
    • SAS 2.0 - Released in 2018.
    • SAS 3.0 - Released in 2019.

I hope you can see the true value in these resources, some of these are insanely helpful, especially when you’re just starting with paid traffic…

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Support And Contact

The Super Affiliate System PRO comes with a good support system:

  • active support forum
  • responsive support ticket system
  • weekly live coaching calls with q&a

I personally tried the support system out - several times.

It’s either John himself or one of his staff members responding.

Always within 24h, often much faster.

Unfortunately, it’s not John who does the weekly live coaching calls but one of his staff members.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


  • Excellent course on paid traffic / profitable media buying and PPC campaigns
  • True Step-by-Step Training
  • Success mindset and “what it takes”-elements included
  • Tons of re-usable, done-for-you, high quality resources (like his ads, targeted keywords, landing pages, really good swipe files, …) see above
  • Access to earlier versions of the course (including very valuable free traffic methods from John’s IMJetset program)
  • Active support forum and weekly live coaching calls
  • 30-day, 100% - no questions asked - money back guarantee


  • At $997 it’s not a cheap product, but it’s a high-quality video course in the updated November 2020 edition, and it gets regularly updated
  • I’m not a big fan of John Crestani’s style of selling products via showing lamborghinis, throwing cash around, showing stacks of money on his table, etc. - I mean, it’s fun at times, but easily gets annoying. At the same time I have to admit he’s a brilliant marketer who knows exactly what works, and his course is top notch

Final Rating: 4/5

Overall, John Crestani is a very legit guy and an excellent online marketer.

He knows his stuff and admits in the course that it takes time, work and commitment to make this work.

I would rate this course at 5/5 if email marketing was covered in detail.

The updated version (November 2020) of the Super Affiliate System Pro is definitly a quality product with tons of great, very useful resources to learn from and actually put into action.

If you want to learn profitable affiliate marketing and focus primarily on advertising/media buying, then this course is your best option!

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I Don’t Have Any Advertising Budget!

No worries.

If you’re a total beginner, or you don’t have any advertising budget and no money to spend on paid traffic, I’d recommend you take a look at this course instead.

Secret Bonus Package For Super Affiliate System Pro

I thought for a long time how I could improve the offer so that you can get even better and faster results.

This is what I came up with:

If you buy Super Affiliate System Pro through my link today, you’ll get the following bonus package in addition to the course:

  • Bonus - Software: John’s recommended Premium Page Builder and Lead Capture Software (latest version!). This is NOT Clickfunnels and this software comes with NO recurring monthly fees!
  • Bonus - Tutorial: How to create high-converting landing pages and host them on Google’s own, lightning-fast hosting platform, for entirely free!
  • Bonus - Online Business Jumpstart: You’ll get direct access to me, we clarify any questions you have and we get you started in the right direction, fast!
  • Bonus - Access: The Secret Copywriting File. Words that sell, the secret sales formula, and exclusive access to my private, mega swipe archive - for free!

To get all these bonuses, simply click on the button below and buy the course:

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Final Thoughts

That’s it from me.

I hope you enjoyed the review!

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

PS: Success loves speed of implementation… So get started now!