Savage Affiliates Review & Bonus Package

If you want to know the truth about Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates 2.0, you are in the right place.

In this in-depth review, we'll find out if this affiliate marketing course is a SCAM or legit opportunity to become a profitable affiliate marketer in 2020.

Plus, I put together the best bonus package available online for Savage Affiliates 2.0 so you can get started even faster and save tons of money along the way!

Full transparency disclosure: I've worked myself through Savage Affiliates 2.0 and I liked it so much, that I became an affiliate for Franklin's product.

That means, in case you buy Savage Affiliates 2.0 via my link, you don't pay more but I get a small compensation from Franklin and you get an incredible bonus package on top (see below!).

Fact Sheet

  • Product name: Savage Affiliates
  • Version: 2.0 (current version)
  • First release: 2018
  • Owner: Franklin Hatchett
  • Course Website:
  • Type: Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Recommended: Yes, 100% (Hell Yeah!)
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What Is Savage Affiliates 2.0?

Savage Affiliates 2.0 is a top-notch, value-packed video training course that teaches practical affiliate marketing.

Why is that important?

Because you want to learn from somebody who's actually in the trenches, daily.

A practitioner - not a professor.

Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett Photo

This affiliate marketing course - Savage Affiliates 2.0 - was created and is owned by Franklin Hatchett.

He's a very successful affiliate marketer from Auckland, New Zealand.

Is this guy - Franklin Hatchett - the real dude?



If you've ever searched for any internet marketing related term on YouTube or Google, chances are you came across Franklin's content.

And in case you've ever bought any internet marketing product, you might have heard the owner say "you'll never rank for terms like 'Make Money Online' because the competition is too stiff", right?

Well, guess who's ranking for these mega-competitive terms? Yep, it's Franklin.

Seriously, you learn from one of the best here. He's not just a teacher like so many other fake-gurus, he knows and applies this stuff. Daily.

He's not just talking big, he actually walks his walk.

Plus, if you ever have the chance to chat with Franklin: He's a very friendly person and - even more important - he really wants you to succeed!

Attention: Beware of Old, Outdated or Fake-Reviews!

Unfortunately, too many shady promoter's in the 'make money online' vertical but also other niches don't actually buy the products or they never really go through the products they review!

So in your own best interest, make sure to check if the screenshots etc. are real and clearly show that the reviewer had access to the product and did not just copy the screenshots from another site.

As you can see below, I really got my hands dirty and went through the whole course:

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review by Online Business Dude

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review by Online Business Dude

How Is Savage Affiliates 2.0 Structured?

The course is divided into 10 modules, plus an intro and a bonus module:

  • Intro Module: Affiliate Marketing Introduction
  • Module 1: Affiliate Products To Promote
  • Module 2: Building Your Website Asset
  • Module 3: Email Marketing & Funnels
  • Module 4: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 5: ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing (Part 1 and 2)
  • Module 6: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 7: SEO Google Traffic Training
  • Module 8: Free Traffic Training
  • Module 9: Paid Traffic Training
  • Module 10: Launch Jacking & Web Hosting
  • Bonus Module: Extra Free Gifts

I highly suggest you first watch the entire intro module before jumping into the other training modules to not get lost or confused.

As you can see, the course teaches free and paid traffic strategies.

Is Savage Affiliates A SCAM?

No. Not at all.

Savage Affiliates is not a scam but instead an extremely valuable, in-depth affiliate marketing course for beginners, that's value-packed with high-quality videos that cover literally every aspect of affiliate marketing.

It's currently the only available course online that I honestly and genuinely give a full 5 out of 5 stars ranking.

Is Franklin Hatchett's Course Savage Affiliates 2.0 Legit?


In the training, he's taking you step by step through the whole process of how to make money with affiliate marketing.

This product is clearly NOT a scam but instead a very good course.

How Much Does Savage Affiliates 2.0 Cost?

There's two versions of the course:

  • Standard for (currently) $197 (one time)
  • Super for (currently) $297 (one time)

Two important remarks:

  1. Do your future self a huge favour and don't even bother with the "standard" edition. The "Launch Jacking" and "Web Hosting Affiliate Method" blueprints that only come with the "super' edition are well worth the additional $100. In my opinion this is also one of the best ways to get started generating commissions as quick as possible.
  2. Don't think that, just because the course comes without any recurring monthly fees, that you can build your new online business entirely for free. You can indeed bootstrap most parts and start very cheap, but you will have to pay a few bucks for your domain and webhosting. (together under $100/yr)

Is Savage Affiliates Newbie Friendly?

Yes, Franklin's course is 100% beginner-friendly.

The way that Franklin has structured the course makes it very easy to get started, even if you're entirely new to this, and even if you have no technical background or experience.

I think Franklin Hatchett's course is one of the best and most straight-forward ways to start getting into affiliate marketing.

Can I Get My Money Back In Case It Doesn't Work For Me?

Yes, the owner offers a 30 day full refund (100% money back) guarantee.

To protect himself from bad people who just want to steal his excellent training, Franklin came up with a refund policy. Please make sure to read and understand it before purchasing the course.

100 percent money back guarantee

Bottom line: If you take this seriously (reminder: you're building a real business here!) and you can show Franklin that you actually tried to apply this stuff, but it didn't work for you, you will get 100% of your money back.

Simple as that.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


  • The course goes in great detail about how to properly set up your first web asset. This is essential because you build a real business here - something that can earn you an income for years to come or you could even sell it at one point.
  • Email marketing / list building is covered in detail
  • Pre-sell / bridge pages are covered in great detail
  • Solid training on free and paid traffic methods, and excellent module on launch jacking
  • Fair 100% money back guarantee
  • Franklin Hatchett is the real deal and puts into practice what he teaches, an expert affiliate marketer turned course creator
  • Email Support plus Inner Circle Facebook Support Group


  • No live chat support
  • I'm not a big fan of clickfunnels and would rather build my landing pages on my own wordpress website. But to be fair, Frankling shows how to do that as well. Plus, if you get my bonus, you can build landing pages on your WordPress blog without any extra costs!


Seriously, over the last couple of years I've bought, seen and tested hundreds of internet and affiliate marketing products and courses.

This is one of the best courses I've come across so far.

I give this course a rating of 5/5.

Franklin knows his stuff, I like his "easy, laid-back" teaching style and the course offers excellent value for the money.

I highly recommend Savage Affilites 2.0 by Franklin Hatchett to anyone getting started with affiliate marketing.

The Best Bonus For Savage Affiliates 2.0 You Can Find Online, Ever!

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Best Bonus

Ok, this might be nuts - but I do it anyway.

I thought for a long time how I could "improve" the course offering through an excellent, high value bonus.

I don't want this to go too big or spread too far, so I probably remove this bonus very soon!

Here's The Deal:

If you buy Savage Affiliates 2.0 through my link today - you don't pay more, but I get an affiliate commission that way - I'll give you:

Bonus - No1 Premium Page Builder

For FREE As A Bonus: Franklin's recommended Premium (Landing-) Page Builder and Lead Capture Software (latest version!)

This is HUGE because this alone can save you lots of money...

This is NOT ClickFunnels and this landing page builder and lead collection software comes with NO recurring monthly fees!

You can get started without another big investment this way...!

Franklin introduces in his course a (in my opinion) much better alternative to ClickFunnels, and I give it to you for FREE as a Bonus!

Buy the course via my link, send me your receipt via email ( and I'll send you my bonus package for free, so you can get started building landing pages and start collecting email leads right away!

I will remove this bonus soon as my agency license for the page building and lead collection software only has a couple of more spots left. So if you want my bonus, you better act fast...

But that's not all... You'll also get:

Bonus - Tutorial How to Create & Host Landing and Bonus Pages For Free

Exclusive Tutorial: How to Create & Host Landing/Squeeze and Bonus Pages - For FREE!

You can start building powerful pages and host them - at ZERO extra cost!

Buy the course via my link, send me your receipt via email ( and I'll send you my bonus package for free, so you can get started building landing pages, create fast and easy but powerful bonus pages with the premium landing page builder, host them for free, and start collecting emails and make sales right away!

But that's not all... You'll also get:

Bonus - Online Business Jumpstart

Online Business Jumpstart: You get direct access to me.

You can ask me anything online business / affiliate marketing business related.

Let's take your online business to the next level!

As you can see, this is not some cheap, useless and outdated PLR pseudo bonus package but REAL VALUE.

But that's not all... You'll also get:

Bonus - The Copywriting File

The Secret Copywriting File

The contents of this file are extremely powerful!

You'll learn today's best converting copywriting framework that's being used on practically all high-converting sales pages.

Plus you'll get a list of words that sell.

This is very simple but extremely powerful stuff!

Buy Savage Affiliates 2.0 with my link, send me your receipt via email ( and I'll send you my bonus package for free, so you can get started implementing this immediately!

But that's not all... You'll also get:

Bonus - Income Producing Actions

Income Producing Actions File

Imagine waking up and knowing exactly what tasks to work on to truly add to your bottom line and to move your online business in the right direction!

Well, that's exactly what "Income Producing Activities" are all about.

Consistently work on these and see your business skyrocket over time!

Simple, but powerful stuff.

But that's not all... You'll also get:

Bonus - Traffic Roots

Traffic Roots

This marks the end of all traffic worries.

You'll see where you can find the most-powerful, highest-converting, heavily-visited traffic roots.

These are today's best traffic sources.

You'll also learn how to find the best traffic sources for the next couple of years.

This is not rocket science but based on hard facts. We go back to the roots.

You'll discover the traffic roots.

Very simple but extremely valuable!

Buy Savage Affiliates 2.0 with my link, send me your receipt via email ( and I'll send you my bonus package for free, so you can get started immediately - Take Action and Profit!

But that's not all... You'll also get:

Bonus - All Vendor Bonuses

All Vendor Bonuses (included)

No either or.

You get the whole package!

But that's not all... You'll also get:

Bonus - Free Ad Credits To Buy Traffic

Free $$$ Ad Credits to Buy Traffic

Free Money? Are you kidding me?

No! This is as good as CASH!

With this incredible bonus package for Savage Affiliates 2.0 you not only get the currently best affiliate marketing video training course that is currently available, but also:

  • The #1 Premium (Landing/Squeeze and Bonus) Page Builder
  • The No. 1 Premium Lead Collection Software
  • Exclusive Tutorial: How to Create & Host Landing and Bonus Pages For Free
  • Online Business Jumpstart
  • The Secret Copywriting File
  • Income Producing Actions File
  • Traffic Roots
  • All Vendor Bonuses
  • Free $$$ Ad Credits to Buy Traffic

All For Free As A Bonus if you buy through my link:

I mean, think about it:

You get all the knowledge how to make money online with affiliate marketing, I give you (as a bonus) all the tools you need to start, show you how to bootstrap as much as possible in the beginning so you don't have to buy anything else, show you what to say/write, how to say/write it, give you the ultimate traffic roots and finally hand you free $$$ ad credits so you can buy traffic.

Plus, you get direct access to me to ask me anything so that we can take your online/affiliate marketing business to the next level.

You will know exactly what to work on to move the needle.

It doesn't get any better, really.

As you can see, this is clearly not some cheap, crappy PLR pseudo bonus package, but instead a bunch of value-packed, high-quality, customized bonuses for you.​​

Buy the course via my link, send me your receipt via email ( and I'll send you my bonus package for free, so you can get started building high-converting landing pages, send free and paid traffic to them and start collecting email leads right away!

I will remove this bonus soon as my agency license for the page building and lead collection software only has a couple of more spots left. So if you want my bonus, you better act fast...

That's it from me.

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

PS: Success loves speed of implementation... So get started now and build your passive income online business, today!

5 thoughts on “Savage Affiliates Review & Bonus Package”

  1. Hey Tim

    Nice review and I found your bonus very attractive and also after watching several videos of Franklin on youtube decided to take the plunge and purchase the course with you link. The course is good and very step by step in many aspects. Thanks for the quick turn around on providing the bonus and all the support you gave with it. Not too many affiliates do that . Above & beyond Man !

    As you stated it does teach Affiliate Marketing in all its aspects.

    I liked that Franklin has created several modules explaining different subjects very clearly and in great detail. The videos are sometimes a bit fast so one has to get use to Franklin’s fast pace.

    Franklin actually does what he teaches so drinks his own kool aid.

    The only thing most of the funnels are designed to work with Clickfunnels only, as that is the product that he really promotes. Would be nice if you could offer funnels with another Page builder like Thrive’s Architect or Instabuilder.

    He has a facebook group support page and sometimes takes time to reply but he does get back to you. I guess He is super busy with all the traffic that he has to deal with.

    I believe for the serious student there a lot of value in the course and I would recommend anyone who is starting out to at least give it a try.

    Great Review and keep them coming

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and the extremly valuable feedback, Jake!!

      I constantly try to improve my offers and bonuses, and with your help I know exactly what to work on…

      This is really invaluable to me!

      Thanks again and looking forward to our next Skype call,


  2. Hi Tim,

    I have reviewed the course and I am interested to buy Franklin’s course from your link. Can I still get your 7bonuses as listed above? I know a little about affiliate marketing and therefore this looks promising for me. Will you also accompany me along the way? Thanks.

    • Hi Dominic,

      thanks a lot for your message!
      Yes, the bonuses are still available, plus we’ll be communicating via skype…
      Let me know if you have any questions, I’m a real human being *lol* and here to help!



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