Puma Products Review & INSANE Bonus Package!

Welcome to my in-depth review of Puma Products.

The product was created by Dawud Islam.

I put together the best bonus package for puma products that you can find online, guaranteed! Or else...

In fact, I challenge you: If you find a better bonus package somewhere else, tell me about it here and I might do something really crazy, that no other affiliate is able and/or willing to do for you... πŸ˜‰

Let's dive in.

The Video Review

Fact Sheet

  • Product name: Puma Products
  • Vendor/Creator: Dawud Islam
  • Type: Video course
  • Niche / Topic: Affiliate Marketing / Product Creation / Product Launching
  • Price: $7.95
  • Launch: March 29, 2020
  • Upsells: Yes (see below!)
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Recommended: Yes (Hell, Yeah!) - Especially for already active affiliate marketers and really anyone who's looking into making decent and consistent money online by launching his/her own products
  • More Information: Check Out Puma Products Here

What Exactly Is Puma Products?

Puma Products Product Picture

Puma Products is an in-depth video training course by Dawud Islam on how to successfully create and launch your own digital products to sell them on platforms like WarriorPlus, JV Zoo and Clickbank.

Puma Products comes with 5 vendor bonuses:

  • The Breakthrough
  • Fuego Breakout
  • The 7 Top Niches Online
  • Review Site Secrets
  • CPA Income Crusher

Who Is Dawud Islam?

Dawud Islam is the brain behind Puma Products.

I personally witnessed Dawud's extremly impressive rise to the top of the affiliate boards in 2019, as well as his performance as an extremely consistent, high-quality product vendor.

He launched his first product, Cash List Creator, in September 2019, and launched several successful products since then, including Eagle Emails, Leopard Lists, Cougar Commissions and more.

Dawud Islam Profile Picture

Dawud is absolutely NOT 'just' a teacher or product launcher, but he's a top affiliate himself and in the markets daily.

You can find Dawud's YouTube channel here and his website here.

How Is Puma Products Structured?

  • Welcome (2:34min)
  • Overview (8:28min)
  • Main Training Section
    • Introduction (2:36min)
    • Choosing Our Product Idea (25:23min)
    • Naming Our Product (11:40min)
    • Designing Our Logo (5:48min)
    • Listing Our Product on MunchEye (10:41min)
    • Designing The Sales Page Part 1 (21:28min)
    • Designing The Sales Page Part 2 (21:47min)
    • Designing The Sales Page Part 3 (8:18min)
    • Designing The Sales Page Part 4 (15:45min)
    • Our First Upsell (9:51min)
    • Our First Thank You Page (9:37min)
    • Our Second Upsell (9:04min)
    • Our Second Thank You Page (5:43min)
    • Our Third Upsell (8:09min)
    • Our Third Thank You Page (6:40min)
    • Our Fourth Upsell (9:04min)
    • Our Fourth Thank You Page (5:36min)
    • Building Our JV Page Part 1 (18:02min)
    • Building Our JV Page Part 2 (18:20min)
    • Listing Our Product on Warrior Plus Part 1 (23:32min)
    • Listing Our Product on Warrior Plus Part 2 (33:26min)
    • Making Our JV Doc (12:09min)
    • Completing The Product (15:23min)
    • Getting Affiliates To Promote For Us (9:58min)
    • Creating The Affiliate Contest (7:32min)
    • Completing A Test Purchase (4:08min)
    • Wrapping Up The Main Training (3:03min)
  • Bonus Training
    • How To Drive Traffic To Your Own Offer (2:21min)
    • (actually there's a huge surprise, unannounced bonus training (course) here...) πŸ™‚

The Complete Funnel Of Puma Products

The Core Product: Puma Products

  • $7.95 ($9.95 after 24 hours)
  • Learn everything they need to launch your very own first product in a matter of a couple of weeks from now. All the information you need is here from initial idea through to launch.

OTO #1 / Upsell: Bargain Bundle

  • $37
  • All 8 of Dawud's previous products for a one-time, very low price: Cash List Creator, Moocow Moolah, Tigers Traffic, Panther Profits, Eagle Emails, Leopard Lists, Cougar Commissions and Internet Marketing Alphabet
  • See my special bonus offer below in case you decide to buy this upsell

OTO #2 / Upsell: Guarantee To Promote

  • $67
  • Dawud will guarantee to promote your launch (subject to agreeing on a suitable date) and bring you the firepower of up to 50 additional sales to get you off to a flying start with your product
  • See my special bonus offer below in case you decide to buy this upsell

OTO #3 / Upsell: Quadruple Reseller Rights

  • $97
  • Sell Puma Products + 3 of Dawud's previous products (Internet Marketing Alphabet, Cougar Commissions and Leopard Lists) as your own products and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnels

OTO #4 / Upsell: DFY Setup

  • $197
  • Dawud's team will check all of your pages for you and set up your product on Warrior Plus for you. Don't leave anything to chance - make sure your first launch is a huge success.

OTO #5 / Upsell: Launch Your Product With Dawud

  • $997
  • Strictly limited to 5 buyers
  • This is an exclusive opportunity to launch a product with Dawud.
  • Either chose your own product idea or have Dawud create one with you. All of his recent launches have achieved over 300 sales, with some passing 500 sales and winning Deal of the Day.
  • Guarantee yourself success and a buyers list that will earn you money for years to come by taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

What Other Products Has Dawud Islam Launched So Far?

2019: Cash List Creator, Moocow Moolah, Tiger Traffic, Panther Profits
2020 (till now): Eagle Emails, Leopard Lists, Cougar Commissions, Internet Marketing Alphabet

Remark: Dawud offers - as an OTO/upsell of Puma Products - the "Bargain Bundle":

In case you decide to buy it, you'll get all 8 of Dawud's previous products for a one-time low price: Cash List Creator, Moocow Moolah, Tigers Traffic, Panther Profits, Eagle Emails, Leopard Lists, Cougar Commissions and Internet Marketing Alphabet.

I highly recommend you add this upsell to your purchase, because - in conjunction with Puma Products - this is an absolute steal for this value-packed, complete package. (Plus, you'll get all my bonuses of course as well!)

In case you haven't watched my review video yet, scroll up and do so now - I'll explain why I think this complete bundle is - in my opinion - a much better deal than most high-ticket coaching/mentoring programs out there!

Is There A Guarantee?

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee


In case you don't like Puma Products, you'll be covered by an iron-clad

30 days 100% money-back guarantee.

That means, your purchase is absolute, 100% risk-free.

Puma Products Best Bonus

The Best Bonus Package For Puma Products You Can Find, Guaranteed!

I put a lot of time and effort into coming up with and actually creating these exclusive bonuses for you.

That's why you don't see fancy bonus images/graphics here, instead, I'll give you this list so you know exactly what you're getting from me for free as a bonus:

  1. DFY installation of the #1 Premium Page Builder for WordPress. In case you don't have a running WP website yet, don't worry. My next bonus covers you!
  2. reviewbestbonus.com - 100% Free But PREMIUM, Lightening Fast Hosting (for your review & bonus pages), so that you can start immediately without any other expenses!
    • professional hosting (WPX hosting) for FREE (nobody will offer you this!)
    • neutral, unused top-level .com domain (reviewbestbonus.com) - doesn't that sound much better than "the crate of the gorilla"?! πŸ˜‰ Plus, you'll save $99 and instead, you can start for free ($0)!
    • the best premium page builder is already installed, so you can start immediately creating your reviews and bonus pages!
    • 100% free as a bonus
  3. Direct Access to me (email, whatsapp, skype)
  4. Lifetime-Access to my Inner Circle -  I share my best stuff only with people who bought from me. If you're buying Puma Products via my link here, you'll become an exclusive member of the OBD Inner Circle - for life. For free as a bonus.
  5. Custom-made, Exclusive Puma Products MindMap
    • keep this mindmap open while going through the course, and you'll never lose sight of the overview - never be confused about anything internet marketing related again!
  6. Premium Video Tutorial: How to make truly passive income even with bad-/low-ranking reviews (works on Google and YouTube!)
  7. Exclusive "over the shoulder" trainings and "behind the scenes" content
  8. Rapid Implementation Guide - The 2 types of (affiliate) income you need to focus on Right NOW during this crisis and going forward...

In case you decide to buy any upsell offer (including OTO 1 - The "Bargain Bundle"), you'll also get:

  • My Custom-made, Exclusive MindMaps for Cougar Commissions and Internet Marketing Alphabet
  • Guaranteed approval for my first product launch (summer 2020)
  • 30 minute 1:1 skype call to set you up fast and to clarify any online marketing related issues/questions. This is NOT a trick to upsell you anything, there is NO high-ticket upsell! Just an easy conversation between affiliate marketers...
  • Insider's Hack: Why Your Reviews Don't Convert And How To Change That!
  • Exclusive over-the-shoulder training and insights - see me build my first digital product online and ask me questions along the way...
  • Turning Pro As An Affiliate: The Success Mindset (buyer vs seller, consumer vs producer, DFY/cheap/fast vs Best/Most Irresistible Offer, ...)

In case you decide to buy the "Guarantee To Promote"-offer from Dawud, and if you follow the quality-guidelines of Dawud's product training:

  • I'll promote your product in addition to Dawud!​​​
  • This is huge! I'm not as big as Dawud yet - in terms of affiliate commissions, not body size! C'mon man... πŸ˜‰ - but I'll create a custom review and bonus package for your offer and promote it in addtion to Dawud
  • (the only requirement here is that you have to follow Dawud's training on product creation and that you create a useful, high-quality product)

Why This Is The Best, Most Value, Most INSANE, "No-Brainer"-Offer For Puma Products That You Can Find Online, Ever - Guaranteed!

This in INSANE!

This is the most rediculous, truly VALUE-PACKED offer that no other affiliates will be able and/or willing to offer you this.

Here's why: They simply can't.

The long answer:

I'm making a decent living from my affiliate marketing income alone, but I'm neither a product vendor nor am I one of "the big super affiliates" with too many clients to support 1:1 yet.

That means, I'm able to provide bonuses and personal help/advice that most affiliates simply can't offer.

They are too busy!

Most beginner affiliates usually don't have the skills and they don't pocess the right mindset to create value-packed bonus packages.

Most of them just throw together some random bonuses, usually PLR products or pre-made bonuses that you've seen over and over again.

Let's stop this madness, let's put an end to this rubbish!

Again, I challenge you to find a better bonus package somewhere else and I hereby ask you to send me a message here in case you find something better.

I might come up with something better for you!

Also, in case you have any questions about Puma Products that you want to get answered before you buy, simply let me know and let's get in touch.

You won't find the combination of this awesome, value-packed product by Dawud plus my insane bonus package anywhere else - guaranteed.

And at this price point, this package is an absolute no-brainer.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Puma Products.

If you decided to NOT buy the product, that's totally fine! We can still be friends. πŸ™‚ May I offer you my Online Business Blueprint (PDF) for free? You can download it here.

Thanks for reading and stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

PS: If you already bought Puma Products through somebody else (an affiliate or even from Dawud himself), but you'd really like to get my crazy bonus package anyway:

Contact me here and I might be able to help you... πŸ˜‰

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