Profits Engine Review

Welcome to my Profits Engine review.

If you're struggling to make consistent money online, this video course by Guy Potok might be your solution.

In this short review, we'll take a look at what exactly Profits Engine is, how the complete funnel looks like, what the upsells are, and - most important - if Profits Engine is worth your time and money.

If you want to take a look at the sales page: Learn more about Profits Engine here.

Let's dive in.


  • Product name: Profits Enginge
  • Product creator: Guy Potok
  • Type: Video course 
  • Niche / topics covered: affiliate marketing
  • Price: $12.95 (one-time fee)
  • Launch date: March 17th, 2020
  • Upsells: Yes
  • Rating: 4/5 
  • Recommended: Yes, for beginners who don't make consistently $100/day online yet and who don't know how to find buyer leads (organically on Facebook) within the IM/MMO niche
  • Link to the sales page: More info here
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What Exactly Is Profits Engine?

Profits Engine Product Picture

Profits Engine is a video course by Guy Potok that teaches affiliate marketing beginners how to start making consistent money online by

  • acquiring highly targeted, proven and pre-qualified buyer leads (organically from facebook) and by
  • offering them something they desire, something valuable and highly relevant, for free to them. (clever DFY component inside Profits Engine)

The DFY (done for you) component that comes included with Profits Engine is a very clever twist of Guy Potok's Profits Engine which will enable even total newbies to give away something valuable for free to proven buyers within the IM niche.

How Profits Engine Is Structured

  • Thank You & Welcome Video (2:45 min)
  • Get Fuel For Your Engine
    • Get 100% Free Buyers Traffic (6:22 min)
    • Increase Your Buyers Supply (4:02 min)
    • Manage Your Buyers Lists (4:18 min)
  • Setup Your Engine
    • Engine Workshop (5:58 min)
    • Brand Your Engine (10:44 min)
    • Use Your Engine LIke An Autoresponder (5:41 min)
  • Turn On Your Engine Keys
    • Warmup The Engine (8:07 min)
    • Your Engine Campaigns (8:01 min)
  • Boost Your Engine
    • Add Nitro (8:38 min)
    • Create Your Engine's Opt-In Page (7:38 min)
    • Create A Flow And Sequence (10:06 min)
  • Give Away "Profits Engine"
    • Quick Passive Income With A Free Gift (4:31 min)
  • Recap And Case Study (Proof)
    • Case Study #1 (5:05 min)
    • Case Study #2 (3:55 min)
  • Advanced Marketing
    • Conclusion And Your Next Steps (7:08 min)

The Complete Funnel Of Profits Engine

  • Profits Engine $12.95
  • DFY Campaigns $27.00 (Downsell: $17.00)
  • 2X Profit Booster $67.00 (DS $47.00)
  • Ultimate Traffic $197.00 (DS $147.00)
  • Mastermind Coaching $197.00
  • Mastermind Coaching Trial $4.95
  • License Rights $147.00 (DS $97.00)

Best Bonus For Profits Engine

Profits Engine Best Bonus

I really want to make this as much of a no-brainer to you as possible.

That's why I came up with the best bonus package for Profits Engine that you can find online.

While other affiliates did NOT take the time to really go through this product, they simply offer cheap and unworthy PLR (private label rights) products or throw a couple of "unrelated and only very general/vague traffic bonuses" in the ring.

That might sound great on paper, but it doesn't really help you.

This instead will 100% help you and move you closer to your goal of making consistent money online:

  • My personal, detailed notes on EVERY video of Profits Engine. Simply watch the videos and keep my notes open on the side at the same time, and you can focus on what is shown by Guy without worrying about taking notes.
  • The best (No.1) premium page builder for WordPress. If you don't have a hosting account yet, I'll show you a 100% free option. In conjunction with the premium page builder, you can easily create awesome reviews, bonus pages and other relevant web pages online.
  • My Income Producing Actitivies Cheat Sheet (PDF). Again, you won't find this anywhere else. This is NOT some crappy or bought PLR stuff, this is something I created for myself to stay focused on what really moves the needle in your online (affiliate marketing) business.
  • Direct access to me. Let's discuss where you currently are, where you want to be and how you can get there. No "hidden sales call", no "strategy session just so I can sell you some high-ticket" BS upsell. No! Just two affiliate marketers talking or chatting with each other, that's all.
  • Online Business Dude Inner Circle (OBD-IC) - Lifetime Membership. I'll communicate my latest, best and most helpful stuff and findings exclusively with my own inner circle. That includes real results, live case-studies and more exclusive, premium content. Sometimes even premium software and/or plugins, for free or at huge discounts.

Let's make some money together... 🙂

Why This Is By Far The Best Bonus Package For Profits Engine And Why You Can't Find It Anywhere Else

  1. My bonuses are hand-made, extremely valuable, custom-made bonuses by me personally - they aren't offered anywhere else
  2. Other affiliates don't take the time to really go through the course, most of them simply look at the sales page or look at/watch other reviews
  3. The "big affiliates" (you know their names!) simply don't have or don't take the time to really come up with the best and most helpful bonus package for you, instead they rush to the next product/affiliate offer...
  4. Most affiliates simply throw a bunch of garbage PLR or create 2 minutes "hack"-videos that don't really help you at all. Why?
  5. Most affiliates are lazy and just want to maximize their profits. They don't really care about you getting results or not.

So I highly encourage you to test me.


Buy Profits Engine via my link here and let's get in touch afterward...

You'll notice the difference. Ask me anything (affiliate) marketing or traffic or product review/launch jacking related and let's make some money together...!

How To Access Your Bonus

Access Your Bonus On WarriorPlus

Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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