High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – The Holy Grail of Making Money Online?

The other day I came across another “big ticket” affiliate marketing program.

Chances are, if you’re part of the internet marketing industry for a while, you came across them.

And while a high commission for any successful sale sounds great, most of these programs have a rather short market lifetime. In this article I’ll point out why that is the case and address a couple of common, serious issues with high ticket affiliate programs.

Help Me, I Don’t Earn Enough Money!

Yes, we all want to make money with our online businesses.

And because recommending 2,99 USD e-books for a whopping 0,20 USD affiliate commission doesn’t pay the bills, we look for alternatives.

Plus, we might want to scale our online business at one point, for example through PPC advertising. But how can we profit if we work only for very small commissions?

Now you have a couple of options:

  • Going for recurring commissions
  • Creating more (niche-)websites
  • Offering more products within our niche
  • Going for high-priced products (big ticket or high ticket affiliate marketing)

Let’s take a look at recurring commissions

Many experienced affiliate marketers go for the recurring commissions and therefore recommend mostly SaaS companies and their products and services.

These companies usually try their best to keep retention rates high, therefore they have to keep the customer happy so they earn more money. (higher CLV, customer life time value)

That’s in general a good thing. Usually, that lead to continues efforts by the company to improve the  products and services offering and keeping high standards.

How about creating more (niche-)websites?

That’s an excellent idea!

This way you build new income streams that are highly diversified.

Unfortunately, most people are lazy and don’t want to do the work. So they look for “better” options.

How about offering more products?

Another good idea!

And we as affiliate marketers don’t even have to come up and create those products ourselves, because so many good products with good affiliate programs are already out there.

Of course, this means we would also need to create more content, explain why another product might be a better fit, and that means: More work.

So let’s look for a seemingly “easier” option.

High ticket affiliate marketing programs must be the solution, right?

So many internet marketers, especially aspiring affiliate marketers, try to take a shortcut and go for the quick money.

It’s a very bad idea to try to make money fast and go after the get rich quick schemes. Why?

They’re selling out!

Affiliate marketers who chose this route compromise their integrity and authenticity for the quick buck.

There’s no problem with a truly high value product and a company or vendor paying a high commission to it’s affiliate.

The problem arises when the product – if we are honest with ourselves – is not representing even closely enough value for the price

I see experienced marketers now freaking out and shouting: “But the value is highly subjective!” and “If it wasn’t good, people wouldn’t buy it, right?”. Wrong!

Most people simply didn’t know better and got sucked in. Now they have to continue marketing the big lie because it’s a “pay to play” system. And they already bought into it.

Let’s be real: It’s one thing charging for a very well organized, thought-through, well produced video course that provides tons of value.

But it’s just not okay charging thousands of dollars for an empty promise and the lure of making a ton of money in a very short period of time, seemingly easy.

Here’s the biggest secret of this shady part of the internet marketing industry: Everyone involved into what I just described knows exactly what I’m talking about.

But most prefer lying to their clients, making it all sound ridiculously easy in exchange for a lot of money.

It attracts the wrong people

Marketing the method as “easy to do”, “done for you”, “we have the finished funnel including massive upsells for you”, “you just need to drive traffic”, “easy traffic through PPC”, you’ve read it all, is highly misleading.

Again, everyone involved knows it: The product vendor and promoting affiliates.

Another fact that everyone involved in this industry knows: 80% of all affiliates make zero to almost none money. That’s no surprise when you think about above scenario: Newbies promoting to newbies.

Unfortunately that means there’s room for unethical marketers to promote these ideas to newbies.

How can you quickly check for yourself if you’re in a trap?

Simple: Just ask yourself why you bought into the program in the first place. And be honest with yourself.

If you’re part of a program mainly because of potentially high commissions, and not because you love the product or service provided, you’re in it for the wrong reason.

But if you’re in it because you want to build a sustainable, professional online business, and you understand you’re in it for the long-term, that it takes time and effort to succeed, then it’s different.

If all a program has to offer is a high ticket sales funnel with lots of upsells, and you don’t really care about the products offered, then you might want to reconsider joining.

And if you’ve already bought into one of those big ticket affiliate programs and you feel you’ve been ripped off, please report your case and inform the Federal Trade Commission about the scam.

Plus, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and as always:

Stay awesome!

Your Online Business Dude

Wealthy Affiliate Review (2019) – Start Your Journey to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer!

You’re looking for an honest, comprehensive, no-nonsense review of Wealthy Affiliate? You’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you exactly how Wealthy Affiliate can help you to become a successful affiliate marketer in 2019!

At the same time, I’ll not leave out any cons or negatives that I found with Wealthy Affiliate.

Whether you are a seasoned pro in the affiliate marketing industry or just starting out trying to make money online, we can always learn, grow and adapt to new changes. Let’s dive in!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to make money online through affiliate marketing. It’s a hosting platform, training program and community – all in one.

The extensive training course is constantly developed and therefore represents a very professional, structured, highly successful and up to date internet marketing program.

Over the last 13 years the diverse community has rapidly grown to over 1.4 million members and is widely respected within the internet marketing industry as the go-to source for novice and experienced online marketers.

Fact sheet: Wealthy Affiliate

NameWealthy Affiliate
FounderKyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
Founding Date
PriceStarter membership free,
Premium $30/month (yearly)
or $49/month
GenreInternet Marketing
TypeTraining Course, Platform/Cloud Hosting,
Support, Tools, Community, Live Chat and
Mentorship (Bonus: Vegas Incentive)
Yes (Hell Yeah!)
Free trial
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The Training Program

bird wearing glasses reading a book
Time for some knowledge!

The core of the Wealthy Affiliate training program is the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” (OEC), a training consisting of 5 phases and 50 lessons in total.

This series of courses walks you through the process of creating and growing an online business within any niche you chose.

The structure of the Online Entrepreneur Certification:

  1. Getting Started
    • These 10 lessons will give you an overview of how to make money online and walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business.
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
    • Traffic is the root of success, regardless of the nature of your online business. In this training you’ll learn how to effectively get traffic to your website. These 10 training lessons teach no cost traffic generation techniques that will allow you to capture highly relevant traffic. Again, this works in any niche.
  3. Making Money
    • At this point you have a website, you have content, and you know how to get traffic. Now what? I’ts time to monetize the traffic. Once you start getting traffic, there are many ways in which you can earn revenue. This part of the training covers different ways you can earn money through your site.
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
    • This part of the training covers all aspects of social. From social media, social marketing, and social networks – it’s all covered. Ultimately any success within the social world is the result of social engagement.
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
    • You already know that content is an integral part of the success of your website. This part of the training goes deep on all content related aspects of your business. Bing and Yahoo are also covered in this part. Extend your skills in everything from the initial research process, the content layout/architecture/structuring, creating high engagement through your content, effective techniques for boosting conversions, and scaling your content through proper goal setting and outsourcing.

Website Hosting Platform

Over the last couple of years I’ve tested and hosted several websites I own with a variety of hosting providers. If any big hosting company comes to your mind, I’ve very likely used it.

This hosting platform is second to none in terms of price, speed, availability, support and future outlook.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Hosting powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Especially when you consider that this hosting package is part of the platform, what you’ll get is incredible value for your money.

For the pros of you: Your websites will be hosted on the cX.large compute-optimized, cloud-based hosting by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

For anyone else: Just know that your website will be at least in the top 5% in all test-categories of hosting services. There’s really no need anymore to buy “external hosting”.

Keyword Research Tool

With Jaaxy you will have a powerful keyword research tool at your hand.

cat looking through glasses
I can’t find good keywords!

But way more important than this tool – and don’t get me wrong, it is a powerful tool – is the extensive training on how to perform efficient keyword research in 2019.

With the help of this tool and other, free tools and clever methods you will know exactly how to drive lots of traffic to your websites.

And traffic is the lifeblood of any form of online business, because now you have the attention of a potential customer. This is powerful!

Helpful, Caring Community

kermit the frog drunken on a park bench
Need new friends?

This might not sound like a big thing for you, but once you hit a roadblock, once you feel you’re not making any progress, once you need help regarding anything concerning your website: The community will help you.

Another aspect of this: The success stories and detailed reports of other Wealthy Affiliate members can be super inspiring and might be exactly what you need to stay motivated.

Live Chat and Responsive Support

You can find and reach out to me and other very helpful members of Wealthy Affiliate in the live chat.

A dedicated technical support team is also available.

With all these helpful resources at your hand, there’s really no reason or excuse anymore why you can’t make it big with affiliate marketing.

Live Video Training Classes (weekly)

movie recording
Live video classes every week!

Every week, there’s a new live training class. You can jump in and ask questions.

Advanced topics are covered here like other monetization strategies, ways to rank higher, write better and more helpful content, how to scale your business etc.

And the best part: Every live training class is recorded and archived. That means, you’ll have complete, unrestricted access to an unbelievable knowledge database.

Again, I could go through every topic ever covered here, but instead I want you to see and experience this for yourself. It’s really crazy how much value you can find in these archives alone.

Membership Options

This is the best part: There are no upsells, there’re just different payment options to the premium membership.

And with the free membership you can test out things for free.

I consider this the ideal environment to start your own online business.

Honestly, I could go into lengthy details here about how great the premium membership is and that you should upgrade immediately. And don’t get me wrong, the premium membership indeed is great and you get a ton of value for the price.

But instead, I want you to test out waters for free. There’s absolutely no reason to rush into the premium membership.

OK, there is actually ONE reason to go premium within the first 7 days: You’ll get your first month full premium membership for only $19, but 7 days are more than enough to see if you want to go premium with Wealthy Affiliate and your affiliate marketing online business.

Come join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, look around, learn a ton of stuff, understand the basic concepts and THEN decide if this business model is for you.

FAQ & Concerns

Let me address a couple of your questions and common concerns here:

Why Should I Create an Account at Wealthy Affiliate?

Because it’s free to join and you’ll love it. And you’ll learn a ton of helpful stuff. It’s an excellent, structured training and a nice, helpful community. Did I mention it’s free?

Why Would Wealthy Affiliate Offer Something for Free?

big questionmark

Because the owners are convinced that this will benefit you tremendously. Of course they earn revenue when you upgrade to a premium membership later, but you’re by no means forced to do so.

You can join for free, learn the basic process and start making money online with the tools they are giving you. Again, nobody will force you to upgrade your membership.

It’s up to you.

Isn’t the Name a bit Sketchy?

What’s your point? Doesn’t Amazon sound like a big forest to you? Now what? Who cares!

But there must be downsides and negatives to this!

angry smiley
Where’s the catch?

You’re right!

And while I consider these points very minor, I will tell you what I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate:

  • The internal member ranking system. This ranking system is the reason why a couple of members lose the focus on their websites but instead try to rank high within Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t make this mistake. Build your own website, work on your content and don’t put too much importance on the internal ranks.
  • The amount of available training and knowledge resources can be overwhelming. It’s best to start your training with level 1 of the online entrepreneur certification and then walk your way through the course. You can always deep-dive into PPC advertising and other advanced forms of internet marketing later, but don’t rush into these without first having finished the basic training.
  • The diversity of members. While it can be a great thing to get many different viewpoints and opinions when you have a question and need help, but sometimes it can be annoying. An example of this would be when two super affiliates and very experienced internet marketers discuss an important factor of success, all the while a newbie member steps in and tries to explain the world.

Again, I consider these cons rather minor issues, but you should be aware of these and focus on your own training progress, building your website and creating helpful content, because these are your high-value tasks.

Is There a Better Program around?

I put my name and reputation on the line for these guys. If there was a better program out there, I’d try it out immediately and tell you about it. If you can think of a better training program for affiliate marketers, please let me know in the comments below.

I haven’t found any alternative and love the community.

Honestly speaking, I don’t even know any other company in this industry that’s around and operating  successful for over 13 years (and counting).

That’s like dealing with a dinosaur in this (still relatively new) world of internet marketing!

But I Don’t Know Anything About Websites!

geometry math
Don’t freak out over technical details!


Modern technology makes it super easy these days to start a website. It literally takes a couple of mouse clicks. Nothing fancy here.

You’ll learn inside Wealthy Affiliate all you need about writing very helpful, valuable content and how to get your website ranked on Google and Bing.

At this point all you need to understand is how the basic concept of affiliate marketing works: You help others by creating useful content and recommend products that help them.

That’s it and everyone is happy. Are we good so far?

OK, Sounds Fair! Where can I Sign Up?

Click here to sign up and I’ll personally mentor you through the whole process. See you on the inside!

I have another question that’s not addressed here

question marks
Still questions?

Please feel free to ask me any question in the comments section below or send me a private message through the contact form.

NOW is the Best Time to Become an Affiliate Marketer!

Why? Because every company out there has to act like a media outlet these days. If your clients can not find you, you don’t have their attention. You don’t have a chance to make a profit if you don’t have any attention. Most of the “traditional” corporations struggle to keep up with the latest changes and marketing trends.

Acquiring knowledge and getting exposure in the field of online marketing will help you tremendously, even if you choose to keep working as an employee for now.

Making experience and gaining a solid understanding of how internet marketing works and can be done efficiently will benefit you – no matter your future career choice.

But I would like to challenge you first:

Treat Affiliate Marketing as a Serious Business – Because it is!

man wearing watch with black suit
Online Business can be life changing

Don’t let this “affiliate marketing thing” be just another try to make some bucks on the side. Instead, I suggest you treat this as a business and give it your best.

By no means one has to be smart to make this work. Intelligence is no requirement, instead focus on:

  • good work ethic and perseverance
  • consistently applying the basics
  • getting back on track quickly in case life happens – shit hits the fan from time to time for all of us 
  • a solid training
  • a supportive community
  • the right tools

You bring the first three things to the table, Wealthy Affiliate provides the latter ones.

And I’ll personally kick your butt in case that’s what is needed for you to succeed at this! 😉

If I Can Make This Work, Chances Are You Can too! *lol*

stupid looking dog in jeans shirt
OK, Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone!

Making money online is not difficult. But you’ll have it much easier than most, if you start out with a professional training and understanding of doing things the right way.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. You can also just say “high five”!

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

PS: If you haven’t signed up for free yet, here is the link again. Go sign up when you’re ready.

The Best Online Business Tools

These are my top recommended online resources and tools. I’ve been using all of these resources and will continue to use these to make money online with websites and affiliate marketing.

These resources don’t just get the job done, but are the best-in-class tools so you can focus on building your own successful online business.

As I come across new or better tools in the internet marketing industry, I constantly update this page.

Wealthy Affiliate: All-in-One Affiliate Marketing Training and Hosting

Hands down, this is the best, most comprehensive internet marketing training that you can find online. The foundation you’ll get here is second to none, as Wealthy Affiliate not just teaches you how to make money online but in a the most professional way possible.

The best part? This process works in any niche. This is in my opinion the best way to make money from your beloved hobby or passion!

You will have everything you need to build your online business.

You can get started today for free, the platform features include:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (a course consisting of 10 value-packed lessons)
  • Amazon Cloud-based and Optimized-for-Speed Web Hosting (secured and optimized for speed, much better than other cheap, shared web hosting offers, this would be comparing apples to oranges)
  • Highly Responsive, Professional Tech-Support
  • Easy Site Builder (based on the newest WordPress version, build your website literally with a couple of mouse clicks)
  • Professional Keyword Research Tool (you’ll learn the ins and outs and how to use it properly inside the training course)
  • Caring Community of Successful Affiliate Marketers (easy communication through Live-Chat)
  • Weekly Live Video Trainings
  • … and so much more.

There are many more benefits to Wealthy Affiliate, that’s why I did an extensive, honest, full review of Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out here.

Namecheap: The leading domain name registrar

This is the cheapest and most reliable domain registrar that I came across.

I use them for the management of all my domains.

Check them out here if you want to register a top level domain for your online business and brand.

More resources coming soon.

Again, I only recommend high quality products and services from reliable companies.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please comment below or leave me a message via the contact form. I’m happy to help.

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude