No Hype, Please

I prefer no hype.

In this article, I will explain why - more often than not - I prefer silent, unanimated, simple written content over any type of audio or video content.

And why podcasts, in my opinion, often are not efficient, and videos frequently are disrespectful in nature.

Let's dive in.

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'No Hype Zone'

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Why Is The Marketing So Hyped-Up?

Don't get me wrong: I love marketing!

What I don't like, is overly hyped-up marketing.

But why do we often come across it?

Hyped-up marketing works - unfortunately.

Amongst other niches, I'm working within the "make money online (MMO)" and "internet marketing (IM)" niche.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the hype-level of current promotions is easily a 9 to 10.

Every new offer is blinking, shining, a brand new 'thing', super beginner-friendly, no experience needed, no audience, no website, no product, not being on camera, of course no list, and nothing else is needed.

Simply press a button and the money will come.

(yep, the buy button of course)

And a couple of these products launch every single day.

Let's call it what it is: Bullshit.

Let's also call the situation it creates:

Madness among vendors and confusion among clients.

The vendor: "If I don't participate in the hype/noise, my message doesn't get heard."

The client: "If it's so easy and anyone can do it, why do I fail repeatedly?"

And the affiliates: "I don't care, let's make some money!"

But this marketing works.

In other words: It produces sales.

That's why nobody is breaking the cycle, besides all the madness and confusion.

Human Attention Spans And Consumer Behavior

According to science, in 2015 the human attention span decreased below the goldfish-level.

And we're continuing our way down...

At the same time, most consumers prefer "easy to navigate, fast to consume, and very entertaining" video content.

That's why - in almost every video you watch on YouTube - you are either being yelled at or you're promised something exciting.

Marketers desperately try to "hook, tease, stimulate, and motivate you instantly", to watch their video from start to finish - all within the first 8 seconds.

Otherwise, the visitor is gone.

meme - nobody got time for that

The Place For Podcasts And Their Value

Podcasts are great, right?

Yes, I love them, too.


They are often entertaining, I hear and learn more about recent news and events within my chosen podcast's niche, or about a certain topic, and that's great.

Especially when we're on the road, travelling, walking, or exercising, because:

It's easy to consume - even while doing something else - and it only takes seconds to plug in the earphones and consume a podcast or audiobook.


But when I'm trying to seriously research a specific topic or particular 'thing'...

... I prefer:

Boring, Simple Text

That's exactly what I often want.

And that's especially true when I'm researching a topic or I simply want to get the facts of something.

When I'm focused or learning, I distaste hype, I want no BS, no distractions.

Instead, I want the facts, the gist of it, concise information.

To the point. Summarized.

No hook, no teaser, no story, no cliffhanger, no entertainment.

And especially no sales pitch.

meme - distractions everywhere

But then, we often come across...

... content that's purely optimized for search engines instead of humans:

The Problem Of Old, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Content

Usually, it's easy to spot SEO content:

It's often lengthy, full of fluff and filler content, and created for one purpose only:

To rank high in the search engines.

Fortunately, these tactics, hacks, and loopholes are working less and less.

The search engines' algorithms are becoming smarter with each day and are rigorously sorting these "for machines only"-articles out.

In the past, SEO content was not created for real humans, real people, but to feed the algorithms exclusively.

Today, content that's optimized for high google rankings has to serve the reader.

It needs to be fast to load, easy to navigate and consume, and interesting or relevant for the reader.

Overall, this is a good development for the web and all of us because we get to the good content faster and easier.

Talking about fast and easy: That's exactly why we love...

Blueprints, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Tips, InfoGraphics, Summaries, Templates, Lists, Abstracts, A to Z's, Diagrams, And Cards

Reading the headline above almost already creates happiness, right? 😀

Because we love easy and fast to consume, to the point, concise, all in one place, and summarized content.

If you combine these attributes with free, fast and easy to download, you're very close to creating ​the ideal lead magnet.

Like this one: (only if you're into online business or affiliate marketing)

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Why does it work so well?

Simple: It's free, fast to download, easy to consume, and if you're into online business or affiliate marketing, you know the need for (more) traffic and leads is practically evergreen.

And if you don't need it or don't see the value in it, you simply disregard it.

This scenario is perfect because I (and every other marketer) either can collect your contact information now to give you even more value later and over time, or you skipped the opt-in because you're not my target market.

This Article Just Fulfilled Four Purposes

  1. You learned something about me (and why I often prefer to-the-point, short and concise, non-animated, written content)
  2. You learned something about really great lead magnets and how they work
  3. You might have opted-in to download the online business blueprint (PDF) and to hear more from me, or you disregarded it because it's not of interest to you
  4. If you're reading this, you now know what my brand "Online Business Dude" and me personally are all about: Online business, affiliate marketing, content marketing, getting more traffic and leads, and how to start the whole thing.

And if somebody helped you find this article, he or she was kind enough to share some valuable information with you. Great! 🙂 Thank you!

I hope you got something out of this.

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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