Launch Jacking – The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to my ultimate guide on launch jacking! We’ll focus on how you can make money online from internet marketing launches.

Furthermore, we’ll cover everything you need to know about launch jacking: What is launch jacking? How does it work and how can you profit from it?

In this “Ultimate Guide To Launch Jacking” we’ll cover literally everything you need to know about this truly fantastic way to consistently make money online!

From how to start for free and how to work your way up the affiliate leaderboards and finally how to make a good income from it.

You can easily make $100+ per day with (internet marketing) launch jacking.

In fact, anyone who’s willing to put in just a few minutes of work per day can do this.

You have every reason to be excited, and we don’t want to lose any time, so let’s dive in…

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3 Important Remarks Before We Dive In

This Is About Launch Jacking Within The Internet Marketing Scene

While the technique of launch jacking works 100% within any niche in which new products are launched regularly, this ultimate guide focuses on the internet marketing niche.

That means, we’re dealing mostly with digital info products, courses, and software within the “online marketing”, “business opportunity”, “business and marketing education” and “making money online” niches.

This Guide Is NOT Based On Nice-Sounding, Warm and Fuzzy Theory, But Instead Focuses On Real-World Application

I apply everything I show and teach here in the real market, every day.

If something doesn’t work, I either try to make it work or I pivot if necessary.

The basics and core fundamentals of starting and growing a sustainable, profitable online business apply and will always stay the same.

This guide is based on these proven, working business fundamentals.

A Word Of Caution

This guide is not meant to make you feel good about acquiring theoretical concepts and knowledge or for mental masturbation purposes.

I’m serious when I say I truly want to help you and get you results.

And while understanding the basic concepts and fundamentals is critical, the theory is totally useless if not applied consistently.

If you take action and apply what is shown here, you’ll get very similar results.

Legally speaking, I can neither promise nor guarantee you any results, because I have no idea who you are, how serious you are, how much experience you already have, what your work ethic is like, how much time you have available, etc.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

What Is Launch Jacking?

In a nutshell, launch jacking is a highly effective technique to capture parts of the traffic (and ideally sales) surrounding the hype of product launches.

The traffic for certain product-related keywords will surge especially during the launch-period of products, because of the product vendor’s and affiliate’s activities surrounding these product launches.

As an affiliate marketer who’s engaging in launch jacking, you’re trying to hijack a part of the traffic surrounding the hype of new product launches.

[ People ] -> [ Online Research of Product ‘X’] -> [ Our Offer ]

We go into way more detail below, so stick with me.

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Why Does Launch Jacking Work So Well?

Because product-related searches on Google and YouTube will predictably spike especially during the launch-phase of new products.

This is very predictable and consistent because

  • there are a couple of new product launches happening within the internet marketing niche almost every single day
  • these launches usually are well-organized and the launch itself will be heavily promoted by the vendor, his joint venture parterns and affiliate marketers
  • there’re a lot of affiliate marketers (with their own following, websites, videos, and email lists) who promote a lot, especially the bigger launches
  • there are a few highly successful affiliate marketers who want to “give back” to the product vendor (more on that later), therefore they will promote the launch heavily and can almost guarantee several sales of the product

If you’re new to this, you probably have a lot of questions, but don’t worry, we’ll have you covered.

Let’s first clarify how the process of launch jacking looks like exactly - in detail and with the help of an example - and take a look at how a customer thinks…

How Does Launch Jacking Look Like In Detail?

Imagine one day you wake up, it’s Monday morning and you dislike the fact that you’ll have to step into your car and drive to your job’s office.

Let’s further imagine, you dislike your job, dislike your boss and know every tiny detail about your cubicle - which you really dislike. 😀

But you do what you have to do and you are a good employee so you work all day.

And while you’re sitting in your cubicle, you overhear one random guy from your office talking with another coworker about how a dude he knows has quit his job and now lives in the Caribbean, because he became a successful affiliate marketer.

Wow, now that sounds interesting, but you have no clue what that means.

Meanwhile, it’s Monday evening, you drive home you decide to do a little research.

You sit down at your computer at home and type into Google “how to make money online”.

Because you don’t know anybody who’s making money online (who you simply could ask how things work), you decide to actually perform a series of searches on Google and YouTube (and maybe some Facebook groups and forums), all related to “how to make money online” and “how to start an online business”.

Because you remember your coworker’s words, you maybe you even Google for “what is affiliate marketing”.

You find some interesting content by a guy (let’s call him guru x), and you read a couple of blog posts and watch a couple of videos of guru x.

You really like his content and you’re learning a lot.

At one point, guru x is offering you some free ebook or course, so you decide to put in your email where he’s sending the ebook to.

(In online marketing terms, you just “opted-in” to guru x’s email list, because he successfullyethically bribed you with his “lead magnet”)

A couple of days go by and nothing interesting happens.

Then, one evening, you suddenly get a notification about an email from guru x.

He’s saying that a brand new, super interesting, very cheap but high-quality course on “how to become a successful affiliate marketer this weekend for less than $500” is coming out this Friday.

Guru x also says that the course creator is a well-known expert in the industry who already made more than 15 million.

The course is called “laptop lifestyle deluxe jet set”. (I totally made this name up, really!) 😉

He promises he’ll send you some more information about it later this week.

You’re kind of interested, but you quickly forget about the course and move on.

Then, Thursday evening you get another unexpected email from guru x who’s saying that “laptop lifestyle deluxe jet set” is about to launch tomorrow and you could get a huge launch-discount and a ton of bonuses if you buy on Friday.

Because of the 32 hours you spent in your cubicle this week weren’t that great so far, you decide to research the course.

Also, guru x hasn’t really told you what exactly that course is about, and you want to know more about “laptop lifestyle deluxe jet set”.

(you’re back at the research-phase, but this time your research is product-related!)

So you type into YouTube “laptop lifestyle deluxe jet set review”.

(the top results that are now showing up are from other, successful affiliate marketers and launch jackers)

You begin to watch the first video, but you don’t like the fact that the guy who’s trying to explain what “laptop lifestyle deluxe jet set” is all about is naked and obviously has no clue about the product.

Plus, his voice and accent remind you for some reason of the terrible math-teacher you hated so much back then at school…

And while you wonder if that math-teacher is still alive, you click on the next video.

Now, that guy clearly knows his stuff, he’s talking a lot about great bonuses that promise to help you set up your first website and he’s even dressed! 😉

For some reason you can better relate to that guy, you don’t know exactly why but you kind of like him, though English is clearly not his first language.

Also, he says that if you buy via his link you do not just get all his bonuses and the great launch-price discount (that guru x also talked about), but he even offers you to jump on a quick 20min skype call with you to clarify any questions you might have.

You think to yourself: Now, that’s a truly great offer, isn’t it?!

So you make the decision to buy specifically from this guy because you like and kind of trust him.

Plus, he’s offering a couple of really helpful, great bonuses and you’re looking forward to the short skype call with that dude - not because you have any particular question right now, but because you would like to know how to earn your first commissions online as quickly as possible…

The Launch Jacking Schema

From the example above we saw and learned how an interested person performed a couple of Google and YouTube searches, right?

I hope it all makes sense so far.

Let’s look at the situation in schema form:

[ An Interested Person ]

-> [ Performs Specific Searches On Google And YouTube:
“Product Name Review” or “Does Product Name Work?” or
“Is Product Name Legit?” or “Is Product Name A Scam?” or
“Who Is Product Vendor’s Name” or …]

-> [ Finds Related/Highly-Relevant Offers ]

-> [ Makes The Decision To Buy ]

In a shorter version:

[ Person ] -> [ Google/YouTube ] -> [ Offers ]

And finally in internet marketing lingo:

[ Traffic ] -> [ Offer ]

Because of the hype around new product launches, mainly caused by affiliate marketers, the spike in traffic is almost guaranteed.

And because of the very product-related search intent of the traffic, the traffic will be extremly relevant or “targeted”.

In other words, launch jacking can be extremely profitable in a very short period of time, because you can expect a lot of traffic that’s highly targeted.

And while the competition can be fierce, it’s usually much easier to rank high on Google and YouTube for reviews on new products than it is to rank for established products that are around for years.

Plus, if you create an offer in the way I show you later in this guide, your offer will stand out and your conversion rate will be very high.

That means, you’ll be able to make at the very least a few sales, even if you don’t manage to rank at the top of Google and YouTube, and even if the traffic you’re getting to your reviews is rather low.

Keep in mind there’re always a few people in the market for almost any product who are known as “bonus shoppers”.

These people are willing to look at several reviews and bonus offers, even if they have to scroll down a bit to find them… 😉

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Where To Find Internet Marketing Product Launches: The Launch Calendar

Today, the most important “internet marketing product launch calendar” is

You can also check out today’s launches here.

This website lists most upcoming internet marketing product launches, and it acts as a calendar.

The majority of the products are launched on one of these platforms or marketplaces:

These platforms themselves have launch calendars as well, but because these are bound to their marketplace, they usually are very limited and not really worth spending much time on.

These days MunchEye is by far the most prominent, fastest and user-friendliest IM launch calendar out there.

For the research of this ultimate guide, I checked out many more places like forums, sites, groups and other calendars.

But as much as I dislike the dangerous number ‘1’ in my business, there really isn’t any valid alternative to MunchEye currently.

And since I rely heavily on MunchEye’s user-friendlyness and speed as an active affiliate, why would I bother getting more exposure to my own upcoming product launches anywhere else than here?!

I guess quite a few vendors think that way, and this, in turn, leads to MunchEye becoming more and more important for the whole IM product launch scene.

Having that said, you can look for (more) IM launches on these active Facebook groups as well:


Keep in mind that these places (incl. MunchEye) made a complete business out of the listing and promotion of product launches to affiliates.

That means these places try to sell the vendors (or product creators) either ad space or prominent/better spots on their calendars.

The vendor, in turn, hopes to attract more affiliates this way.

Working with affiliate marketers or JVs is ‘just’ a simple but proven distribution channel for these vendors. It’s simply a way for them to attract and acquire new clients into their business.


While I have no experience as a product vendor yet, it’s fair to assume that a far more effective way for (new) product vendors to attract a lot of high-class affiliates is by promoting their products first.

“Be good to me and I’ll be good to you, later!”

Most of these people are product vendors and affiliate marketers at the same time, and they will reciprocate and promote the other vendor’s launch afterward.

This process is also known as reciprocation or in plain words:

“I scratch your back if you scratch mine later”.

Launch Jacking & Traffic

If _you _want to find out more about a certain product, what do you do?

Turns out, we’re not _that _different. 🙂

There’s a very high chance that you’re NOT trying to listen to 50 podcasts or buy 12 books on a certain product.

Sure, if you want to know more about a specific niche or topic, a few of us (me included) tend to go crazy and really indulge in everything that is available on this planet.

Now we’re talking about traffic when launch jacking, later we show you how to stand out in this crowd…

But when it comes to researching specific products, usually we’re limiting our research to one of two platforms (or both):

  • Google
  • YouTube

The end. 🙂

Sure, when it comes to physical products, we might look into a few reviews on Amazon or eBay as well.

When it comes to services and people-related research, we usually research name-based keywords on Google and check the legitimacy of companies on platforms like LinkedIn or Better Business Bureau, right?

But especially with digital and rather simple or entry-level online marketing related products, we use Google and YouTube and nothing else most of the time.

And since our (potential) customers are exactly there, we should be present and make great offers on the same platforms!

Keywords To Use When Launch Jacking

Because I already elaborated in-depth on the exact thought process of our potential customers above, who are doing product-related research online, I’ll give you a very good list to start with:

  • [Product Name]
  • [Product Name] Review
  • [Product Name] Reviews
  • [Product Name] Bonus
  • [Product Name] Bonuses
  • [Product Name] Discount
  • [Product Name] Coupon
  • Coupon for [Product Name]
  • What Is [Product Name] About?
  • Is [Product Name] Legit?
  • Does [Product Name] WorK?
  • How Much Money Can I Make With [Product Name]?
  • Is [Product Name] A Scam?
  • The Creator of [Product Name]
  • Who Is [Product Vendor’s Name]?
  • Is [Product Vendor’s Name] Legit?
  • [Product Name] By [Product Vendor’s Name]
  • Pros And Cons Of [Product Name]

While this list can’t be 100% complete, we’re clearly covering at least 80% of the most relevant product-related research keywords with the keywords above!

If you think important and highly-relevant keywords are missing, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them here.

The Hardest Part Of Launch Jacking, Or: Why Should I Buy From You?

The toughest question and discussion that’s taking place in the heads of potential clients, that any online business owner or affiliate marketer has to have an answer to, is:

Why should I buy from you?

(…while there are 500 other great affiliates promoting the same product that I could buy from, or I could buy from the product vendor himself, or I could not buy at all, or I could try to find the information somewhere else, or maybe I could find a better offer somewhere else, or…)

How to stand out?

So, what’s your answer to that question?

Think about it for a while.

It’s definitely time well spent…

Here’s my answer:

Introducing… Your USP!

What Is Your Personal USP, Your Very Own Unique Selling Proposition?

In order to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to have a very good answer to this question.

The implication of this question already answers why most random PLR resources (Private Label Rights) and most generic DFY resources and methods (Done For Your) can by definition not work very well!

Please read the last, very important sentence again.

Think about it:

At any time there’re at least 20 to 50, but more often 300 to 500 other, active affiliates (aka “affiliate marketers”) promoting

  • exactly the same product
  • at exactly the same time
  • in very similar ways
  • in exactly the same places
  • to exactly the same people.

So, how do you plan to stand out from the crowd?

Launch Jacking Schema

And all potential buyers, all these people looking for reviews of a certain product and all the “bonus shoppers” ask themselves predominantly this one question:

What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM)

So, what’s your answer to the question?

What exactly is in it for them? 🙂

Why should they buy from you instead of any other affiliate?

The answer:

Your Unique, Irresistible Offer

You have to make your offer literally irresistible.

This is often also referred to as “the godfather offer”.

Again, think about the person who’s reading or watching several reviews of exactly the same product:

All the time it’s exactly the same product at exactly the same price.

That means, in order to stand out, your offer simply has to be better.​

In fact, your offer has to be so good that the potential buyer either stops looking and makes the decision to buy from you, now.

Or - at the very least - your offer needs to be so good, so remarkable that even if the potential buyer continues his comparison of bonuses offered by affiliates, he or she comes back to you because your bonuses simply were the best.

Your bonuses/add-ons/widgets/coupons/offers have to be outstanding.

Make them an offer they can’t ignore! 🙂

The Use Of Coupons

If you can throw in a discount(-coupon) as an affiliate, that’s even better!

You immediately make your offer more attractive than any other affiliate marketer who isn’t offering this discount.

But within the fiercely competitive internet marketing space, that will rarely be the case. The “race to the bottom” would be opened up immediately and the fight would be on.

Because of the sheer amount of affiliates, the market is very transparent and if one affiliate would have access to a discount coupon, every affiliate would be asking for it.

It goes without saying that the price point is a critical factor for most buyers. And even more so if the buyer becomes aware of available discounts.

Therefore, keep in mind: In less competitive niches than the IM space, the use of discount-coupons as an affiliate could make a huge difference to your bottom line!

What To Avoid When Launch Jacking

  • not being authentic
  • promoting everything under the sun
  • putting not enough time into your bonuses
  • putting not enough time into the marketing of your bonuses
  • being too late or too early
  • offering no value (copying sales/demo videos etc.)
  • being disorganized
  • not nurturing your relationship with vendors and affiliates
  • being disrespectful
  • not respecting “the unwritten rules”

What To Avoid When It Comes To Your Review

  • copy and pasting from other sites/sources
  • adhering too strictly to templates
  • being all over the place
  • being disorganized and/or disrespectful (when it comes to the available time of your reader)
  • being dishonest

What To Avoid When It Comes To Your Offer

  • offering no bonuses
  • offering obviously cheap bonuses
  • offering anything of no value to the buyer
  • offering irrelevant bonuses
  • offering the wrong amount of bonuses
  • offering no individual bonuses

The Big Dilemma Of Launch Jacking And Internet Marketing

More than 80% of all repeat buyers of internet marketing (info-) products represent either one or more of the following characteristics:

  • they don’t use or open the product (“collectors”)
  • they don’t apply what they learn (“mental masturbation”, “experts in theory”)
  • they buy for the wrong reasons with totally wrong expectations (they usually buy into a variation of overhyped, empty promises like ‘getting rich easy’, ‘push-button riches’, ‘get rich quick’ and ‘instant results’)

That means - no matter how excellent the products are that you’re promoting - most people won’t make any significant progress towards their goals, even if they buy your product that clearly shows them step-by-step the way to success!

That’s very sad, but it’s reality.

It might be a tough pill to swallow, but you can’t change that because it’s about most people’s mindset, and not about the knowledge!

And unfortunatey, the same is true for most authors and info-product creators.

Of course, certain savvy online marketers are not innocent when it comes to making these overhyped promises and creating false expectations.

But let’s put moral standards and ethics to the side for a quick moment and look at it from a pure, 100% marketing-perspective:

These marketers tell and give the market exactly what it wants (to hear)!

You don’t sell people what they need, you sell them what they want!
- Gary Halbert

If you think about it, the complete fast-food industry is based on that principle.

And it’s thriving on it - if we like it or not.

Or think about the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry:

Do you think it’s really all about the knowledge of anxiant diets and warriors’ eating habits?

Or can most people simply not eat less and move more, no matter if they buy the next best, shiny, overhyped diet-book or not?!

I hope you get my point.

If you’re one of the good guys - and I’m almost sure of that if you’re still reading - you still want to help your target market, right?

That’s great, and I’m no different.

But the big dilemma is obvious:

How Can We Truly Help The Market, While Most Market Participants’ Values, Wants And Desires Are Often In The Way Of Their Own Success?

In other words:

How can we be “one of the good guys”, truly helping our chosen market niche, all while still making sales and surviving in the marketplace by following the proven methods and working examples of good marketing and copywriting?

You have to find your own answer to this.

Personally, I decided to live in line with my own values and standards by:

I don’t market or promote anything that is

  • low quality, sub-par quality product, or
  • simply not working, or
  • (only) theoretical, overhyped methods, or
  • coming from really shady marketers or product vendors who produce bad product after product.

Plus, if I come across a product that’s a slight misfit for my chosen audience, but people still want to buy, I try my best to also “throw in” what the market - in my opinion - really needs.

That way you can give people exactly what they want, so they are happy, while you make sales, and you can still look in the mirror tomorrow because you stay authentic by clearly pointing out what you don’t like about a certain product, and you do your best to help your buyers achieve what they truly want.

Again: You have to find your own answer to this question.

But no matter if you decide to actively promote a certain product or not, keep in mind that people within your chosen niche will look for reviews of that product.

That means - in terms of traffic - you can still benefit from launch jacking or reviewing certain products, no matter the quality of these products or your final verdict.

Stay authentic, give your honest opinion and you should be fine.

But make sure to also respect the unwritten rules of launch jacking:

“The Unwritten Rules” Of Launch Jacking Within The Internet Marketing Scene

This applies only to the internet marketing scene.

And while it may apply to other niches and markets as well, I can only speak for the IM scene here.

Respect these unwritten rules, use common sense and you should be fine.

I pet your back, you pet mine. (in this order!)

Please read the part about Reciprocation.

In addition, it’s important to understand that a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.

And these repeat buyers end up on many different internet marketer’s email lists.

If you want your fair share of these repeat buyers, provide tons of value - especially to other product vendors who also act as affiliates - by promoting these vendor’s products first.

Don’t BS, Don’t Lie, But Be Authentic

If you want the help of any product vendor, be it because you want to

  • get your affiliate-link-request approved
  • get a review-copy provided
  • get a bonus-spot for a product launch offered
  • get a JV/affiliate question answered
  • get a product-related question answered

or get anything else from a product vendor, simply be a cool dude! 🙂

Treat these people like you want to be treated and you’re fine.

I’m writing this because from my own experience most of these guys are extremly helpful, very nice people who truly try to help you as good as they can - even if you’re a complete beginner and you barely provide any value to them!

Most of them still remember what it was like when they just started out.

Every marketer out there one day started out with an empty list, a list of zero subscribers, zero buyers, zero contacts and no clue.

So simply be nice and respectful and you’ll be surprised by how “normal” and “human” most of these guys are…

No Negativity, No Belittling, No Disrespectful Behaviour

If you engage in harmful behavior and talk bad about other vendors or affiliate marketers, you shouldn’t be surprised if you can’t rely on their support later on!

That also means:

If you think a specific product is not good enough for you and your audience, or you think it’s not meeting your quality standards, just skip it.

Of course no product and no person behind any product is perfect.

You can find flaws in basically any software or info product.

Either See Flaws As An Opportunity (To Offer Your “Gap-Filling” Bonuses), Or Don’t Promote The Product At All

You can always skip a launch and move onto the next product!

If you talk bad about a certain product or person, especially if that person has better connections within the scene, you shouldn’t be surprised if nobody wants to work with or support you.

The only exception I’d personally make is if the reviewed product is an outright scam.

In my opinion, scams should be called out as such.

But if you simply don’t like a specific person or his product, simply skip and move on. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

Don’t let a subpar product trigger an emotional rage and call-outs against “scammy marketers” or you have to live with the consequences.

Again, it’s your choice.

How Anyone Can Profit From Launch Jacking

First, you want to understand the basics.

Then, take action on what you learned!

Talk to product vendors, introduce yourself, then create and publish reviews.

Make sales.

The end. 🙂

Summary - 7 Simple Steps To Launch Jacking Profits

  1. Select a product that’s launching within the next two weeks
  2. Contact the product vendor, request your affiliate link approval, ask for review access
  3. Produce a helpful review
  4. Come up with highly relevant, high perceived value bonuses
  5. Produce bonuses and offer them in your review
  6. Integrate your affiliate links & hit publish
  7. Ring the cash register

Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

PS: Start And Grow Your Own, Profitable Online Business From Scratch, Step-by-Step, Today!

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