How To Start An Email List In 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to this simple 5 step action plan on how to start an email list.

Whenever I'm learning something new or I'm trying to get better at something, I find and model somebody who's very successful at what I'm trying to achieve.

The same is true for list building and especially email marketing.

Modeling what successful people (at any discipline) are doing consistently is a smart way to make sure you're going in the right direction.

And this dude is a master at email marketing.

Let's dive in.

Start An Email List In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get An Autoresponder

  • don't be intimidated by the monthly costs
  • you can get around many expenses in business, but a domain, hosting and a good autoresponder are essential
  • it's necessary to proceed
  • it needs to be dependable (good overall delivery rates)
  • stood the test of time (reliable)
  • I recommend you go with GetResponse and their free 30-day trial
  • If you already have a working one, awesome! No need to buy anything then

Let's continue.

Step 2: Commit To A Weekly Newsletter

  • needs to be niche related
  • it's not about length, but impact
  • integrate stories (entertainment value) and actionable content (practical value)
  • don't overthink this
  • give yourself permission to be not very good at this (forget perfectionism, focus on getting better)

Step 3: Manual Outreach

  • make a list of your friends, work associates and really anybody who might be interested in your niche/topic
  • reach out to them (call or text) and ask them if you can add them to your free newsletter
  • these are "warm" people who already know you
  • ask them for referrals (somebody else who might be interested in the topic, too)
  • repeat that process on all social media platforms that you're regularly using, reach out manually and privately

Step 4: Create A Lead Magnet

  • come up with a no-brainer offer
    • either offer multiple solutions to one problem (like 30 ways to drive instant traffic to your website)
    • or create a utilitarian offer, like a template (like 10 proven Facebook ad templates, or 10 blog articles with PLR rights) (this is NOT a training but highly practical)
  • instant impact (quick results)
  • easily and fast consumable (like a cheat sheet, checklist, short special report, 10min video, 3 step guide, ...)
  • invitation to continue the conversation (this isn't the end, you get more valuable content via email soon from me)

Step 5: Distribute Your Lead Magnet In Facebook Groups

  • every niche is represented on facebook
  • join 5 groups in your niche with at least 1.000 members and which are very active
  • take a week and become "part of the scene" 5-10 minutes each day in each groups
  • be engaged, ask questions, like and comment on posts, connect with people
  • friend request 5-10 people a day (niche-related)
  • start some conversational marketing (post) "I just put together a document that talks about (...) it's really cool, just leave a comment below or hit me up privately and I'll send it over to you"
  • then give them a link to your lead capture page
  • people are now coming to you (attraction marketing)

Bonus Step A: Join And Use Safelists To Distribute Your Lead Magnet (via your opt-in page)

  • free to join
  • get a few people from the safelists to your own list
  • 2 example lists:
  • take a look at the automation tool traffic zipper

Bonus Step B: Consider Product Launching To Build A List Of Buyers

  • low ticket product launches are a fantastic way to build really responsive, solid email lists
  • the people on your list are buyers and ready to buy again right now
  • it's really effective and can be very lucrative
  • in addition, you build authority in your niche

Let's Recap

I hope you got something out of this.

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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