How do you create a really compelling bonus package for any affiliate promotion as an affiliate marketer? Here’s the step-by-step answer.

Chances are, you want to sell more products as an affiliate, right? 🙂

An awesome way to achieve that is by making your offer irresistible by creating an unique bonus package around the product you’re promoting.

And here’s how…

The “Ideal” Bonus Package

  • extremly high perceived value (maybe even more value/important to the buyer than the product itself)
  • cutomized and unique
  • highly relevant/congruent
  • highly valuable and never seen before
  • gets the client RESULTS

The last point should be at the forefront of your thoughts about your bonus package.

Results are what your client is ultimately looking for.

So: How can you/your bonus package offer the best help to them?

What Most Affiliates Do

Remember: Most affiliate markters are lazy and absolutely not successful.

Here’s why:

  • they throw in a bunch of unrelated, pre-made bonuses
  • they add unrelated, old products they sold earlier
  • the bonuses are outdated and not working
  • their bonus package always offers the same
  • their bonus package contains mostly rubbish PLR
  • their bonus courses are outdated courses from other marketers
  • they don’t take the time to think about a good bonus which really helps their audience (with the product or affiliate marketing in general)
  • they don’t take the time to create high-value bonuses
  • they offer free or extremely cheap, DFY bonuses that the market has seen 20.000 times before
  • they go the path of least resistance (no work/effort)
  • they go with the cheapest option
  • they don’t care about their buyers

And that’s why these affiliates fail.

They either don’t make the sale or they disappoint their buyers and make them regret their purchase.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to find and serve a repeat-customer, they either scare them away or highly disappoint them so they won’t ever buy again from them.

Don’t Promote Junk Products

Because if you do so, it has the same effect:

Instead of seizing the opportunity to find, serve and truly help a repeat-customer, you heavily disappoint them so they won’t even think about coming back to you ever again.

And that’s exactly why you don’t promote rubbish or sub-par products.

How To Come Up With Good Bonuses

  • model what other, successful affiliates are doing/offering (as their bonuses)
  • buy into high-quality bonus and/or PLR memberships
  • buy PLR rights of a high-quality product
  • find the flaws in the product you’re promoting and come up with bonuses that “fill the gap/void”
    • for software products that’s often a tutorial/training/course on how to use the software or use it more effectively
    • for info-products that can be an accompanying software
  • in the IM niche, traffic-related bonuses almost always add value
  • maybe you can offer an upsell or two for free, or your own version of it
  • anything that helps with conversion opitimization for your clients
  • find high-quality, highly relevant ebooks or videos

How To Create Your Bonuses

  • create it yourself (best option)
  • buy the (PLR) license (or membership) and improve/personalize/customize it
  • outsource the creation of your bonus idea
  • ask other vendors if you can use their product as a bonus
  • ask other affiliates to partner with them

How To Deliver Your Bonus Package

  • Think about how you can capture the email address of your buyers first (buyer list building)
  • Create and share a Google Docs document
  • Create and share a simple (not indexed) post on your blog
  • Email it

How To Dominate The Competition And Work Your Way Up The Leaderboards

  • Rinse and repeat
  • Review past results, optimize, get better, get more experience, try new/more things
  • Fail fast and often, learn from it
  • Research and model what has worked for the best affiliate marketers (check the results of sales contests and leaderboards)
  • Mastery of bonus package creation
  • Mastery of serving the customer in the best possible way by providing epic value (by helping them get excellent results)

Closing Thoughts

And that’s it.

Thank you for reading my stuff!

I really hope you enjoyed the short read and got something out of it.

Stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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