High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Chances are, if you’re part of the internet marketing industry for a while, you came across “big ticket affiliate marketing” programs.

It almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Especially when it’s all

  • “done for you”,
  • “turnkey high converting sales funnel”,
  • “just copy / duplicate my system”,
  • “only send your traffic”,
  • “make a lot of money very fast with no work involved”,
  • “easy paid traffic”,
  • “push button solo ad traffic” etc.

Of course - and for a small monthly fee - they show you exactly how you can order traffic and become rich.

Let’s get back to reality.

While earning a high commission for successfully referring people to a product or service sounds fair and great, most of these programs have a short market lifetime, they come and go quickly.

You can find plenty of examples on- and offline.

In this article I’ll point out why that is the case, address a couple of serious issues with most high ticket affiliate marketing programs and present better alternatives.

Let’s dive in.

Help Me, I Don’t Earn Enough Money!

Yes, we all want to make money with our online businesses.

After all, that’s why we went into business in the first place, right?

And because recommending $2.99 e-books for a whopping $0.20 per sale affiliate commission doesn’t pay the bills, we look for alternatives.

I totally get it.

Plus, we want to scale our online business at one point via paid advertising (media buying).

But how can we profitably make this work if we earn only very small commissions?

After all, we want to get paid for all the hard work and long hours we put into our online business, right?

Now, we have a couple of options:

  • Creating lots of content (getting more organic traffic)
  • Going for recurring commissions (membership sites or SaaS products)
  • Creating (more) websites and niche businesses (branching out)
  • Offering more products within our niche to the same person (funnels, list building, email marketing, raising LTV)
  • Promoting high priced products (big ticket or high ticket affiliate marketing)

Let’s go through these options one by one.

More Content -> More Traffic -> More $$$

If you are working as an affiliate or have a solid sales funnel of your own products, more (targeted) traffic usually brings in more money.

But: Producing high quality, valuable and helpful content involves putting in the time, energy and/or money.

Most people are simply not willing to do the necessary work.

That’s why they’re looking for shortcuts, which often leads them to buy into high ticket affiliate marketing programs.

But first, let’s take a look at alternatives:

Recurring Commissions From Membership Sites Or SaaS Products

Many experienced affiliate marketers at one point recognize the power of recurring commissions and therefore start recommending membership sites or SaaS offers.

An excellent idea if the company’s products truly help the client achieve his desired results.

If it’s the right tool at the right time for the right person, then it’s a win-win-win for the verndor, the affiliate and the client.

These companies usually try their best to keep retention rates high, therefore they have to keep improving their services to keep the customer happy and engaged. (higher LTV)

After all, these companies want to earn more money, which is totally fine as long as they provide valuable products.

The above scenario obviously is ideal.

It naturally leads to continues efforts by the company to improve their products and services offering and thereby constantly raising their standards.

In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to earn a steady income as an affiliate marketer and independent online business owner.

Creating More (Niche-) Websites

Excellent idea!

This way you build new, highly diversified income streams.

But this means, you guessed it: More work.

Unfortunately, most people are lazy and don’t want to do the work.

So they look for “better” options.

Developing New Products And Offers

Another good idea!

And we as affiliate marketers don’t even have to come up and create the products ourselves, because so many good products with working affiliate programs are already available to us.

Of course, this means we would also need to create more content, explain why another product might be a better fit, and that means:

Yep, you guessed it: More work.

So let’s look for a “seemingly easier” option.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

So many internet marketers and online business owners, especially new and aspiring affiliate marketers, try to take a shortcut and go for the “quick & easy” money.

The truth is, it is a very bad idea to try to take a shortcut to make money faster or easier and therefore go after the get rich quick schemes.



Everyone Involved Is Selling Out

Affiliate marketers who chose this route compromise their integrity and authenticity for the quick buck.

They chase the bag instaed of providing value.

And - more often than not - this will backfire at one point.

Generally, there’s no problem with a truly high value, results-delivering product.

Even if it’s a bit higher priced.

And a company or vendor paying a high commission to it’s affiliates for reffering clients is also fine.


The Value Is Often Not There

The problem arises when the product - if we are really honest with ourselves - is not even closely representing enough value for the price.

I hear experienced marketers now freaking out and shouting:

“But the value is highly subjective!” and “If it wasn’t good, people wouldn’t buy it, right?”.


Most people simply don’t know better and get sucked in.

Now they are trapped.

Because now they are forced to continue marketing the big lie because it’s a “pay to play” system.

And they already bought into the program - and it’s lies.

Let’s be real:

It’s one thing charging for a very well organized, thought-through, well produced and in-depth video course that provides tons of value and presents a clear roadmap to results while teaching valuable skills that can be applied in any market.

But it’s absolutely not okay charging thousands of dollars for an empty promise and the lure of making a lot of money in a very short period of time, seemingly “easy”.

And this is exactly what most high ticket affiliate programs promise.

But it get’s even worse:

They All Know It Better

Here’s the biggest secret of this shady part of the internet marketing industry:

Everyone involved into the scheme knows exactly what is going on.

But most affiliate marketers involved in high ticket affiliate marketing programs prefer to lie to their audience, making it all sound ridiculously easy.

Only to get the commission.

Any lie that helps getting the commission is fine.

It’s just shady.


It Attracts The Wrong People

Marketing any method, system or program to generate an income online as

  • “easy to do”,
  • “all done for you”,
  • “we have the finished funnel including massive upsells for you, and you just need to drive traffic”,
  • “easy traffic through solo ads”,
  • …,

you’ve read it all, is not just highly misleading - it also attracts the wrong people.

Poeple who never even had a chance.

People who have no option but to fail.

Again, everyone involved is knowing what is going on:

The product vendor and the promoting affiliates.

Fact: More than 80% of all affiliate marketers make zero to almost no money.

Because often it’s newbies promoting to newbies.

Unfortunately, that also means there’s plenty of room for unethical sharks to promote false ideas and promises to struggling newbies.

Quick Self-Check: Are You In A Trap?

Just ask yourself why you bought into the program in the first place.

And be 100% honest with yourself, you have to answer this question only to yourself.

If you’re part of a program mainly because of potentially high commissions, and not because you love the product or services provided, you’re in it for the wrong reason.

But if you’re in it because you want to build a sustainable, professional, and profitable online business instead, and you understand you’re in it for the long-term because you know it takes some time and effort to succeed, then you’re headed in the right direction.

If all a program has to offer is a high ticket sales funnel with lots of upsells, and you don’t really care about the products offered, then you might want to reconsider joining.

In fact: Run away as fast as you can.

Because if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

If you’ve already bought into one of those big ticket affiliate programs and you feel you’ve been ripped off, request a refund.

And if you ran into a real scam, report your case to the authorities.

Conclusion: There’s A Better Option!

If you are serious about starting and growing an online business and building real web assets, you have to stop looking for “the quick buck”.

Instead, you want to build your online business on solid fundamentals and model what has worked for others.

Don’t copy, but model.

If you’re interested in building a solid online business that will generate an online income for years to come, and that you can be truly proud of, make sure to get the Online Business Blueprint (PDF) here.

Even though it takes some work and time, I prefer building real web assets that make me money for years to come over short-lived programs any day.

Do you agree?

Thank you for reading and stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude

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