Herculist Review

Welcome to my unaffiliated review of Herculist - the well-known safelist or “mailer site”, also known as HercuList Plus.

We’ll take a look at what Herculist is, how it works, who can profit from it, and alternatives to it.

Let’s dive in.

Herculist Plus Review

What Is Herculist Plus?

Herculist is a so-called safelist or mailer-site. Basically, it’s a group of people who agreed on sending promos to each other, organized in a membership website.

You can find more about safelist marketing here.

And you can find the best safelists here.

What’s The Big Promise Of Herculist?

The website reads: “Need traffic? Advertise to THOUSANDS Daily, FREE!”

They say they have “147,444 members” - however, they don’t say how many of these members are really active, meaning they open their “junk email inbox” and click on links…

Let’s see if Herculist can keep up to this huge claim.

How Does Herculist Work?

Herculist is working with a credit-based system.

As a free member, you can “earn credits” by clicking on emails and looking at other members’ ads.

Then, you can use these ads to send out your promotional messages to other members.

However, their real business is upselling you premium services like the ones below.

How Much Does Herculist Plus Cost?

After the signup, you’ve got 3 membership options:

Herculist Plus Membership Options
Free “Daily plain text email/web ad submitted to 1000 members” Price: free
Gold “Daily HTML or plain text email/web ad submitted to 147396 members” Price: $39 per year or $69 for lifetime access
Pro “Plain text email/web ad submitted to 147396 members every other day” Price: $29 per year

Judging from the way the paid upsells are presented, it’s very obvious that they primarily try to (up)sell you the Gold lifetime membership at $69.

If you skip these upsells, you’ll see inside the membership that you can actually buy the HercuList Gold lifetime membership for $49.

This practise of first showing you a higher price, and if you decline, then presenting you the same offer for less money - is highly misleading and unethical in my opinion.

In addition to the memberships, they try to sell you inside the platform:

  • Herculist Login Ads
  • Herculist Prime Ads
  • The “Pro” membership for $15 per year
  • The “Traffic Bomb” package for $39
  • “Monster Blurbs” and “PowerBlurb”
  • “Solo Specials” and “HercuBlurbs”
  • and a few more packages and offers

My Personal, Unaffiliated Opinion

Listen, I’m a simple guy.

I earn my living online as a professional affiliate marketer, and I’d love to tell you that you can simply sign up, press a few buttons, send your promo to tons of people for free, and make a lot of money in the process.

However, unfortunately that’s not how successful marketing works.

To me, 90% of all websites online are already too bloated, slow-loading, and full of javascript, tracking BS, and advertisements…

And therefore I’m forced to be using an ad blocking plugin when surfing the web.

This works fine for most websites, so I can actually read and focus on the main content of that website…

But Herculist really is unusable for me.

You can’t navigate the membership website without being constantly bombarded with ads, left right and center.

But here’s the biggest issue with Herculist Plus:

You can’t reach the most affluent members of Herculist anyway.

These people upgraded their accounts so they don’t have to look at ads and promo emails all the time.

So the only people who’ll really see your messages are the active, free members.

But the website nowhere states how many active, free members it really has.

And I’m sure it’s done that way for a reason…

A Solid Alternative To Herculist

Let me get straight to the point:

The best thing you can do to get your affiliate links seen and clicked by thousands of people is to learn real, professional affiliate marketing.

Through that process - which admittingly takes some time and effort - you’ll be able to generate all the traffic you want, generate lots of hot, targeted leads, and make consistent affiliate sales.

And all of that without having to rely on ANY third-party platform, website, or network.

Instead, you’ll be able to build your own platform.

==> Here’s How - Price: $0.00

Be carefule out there…

Stay awesome,