HBA Premium Review

Welcome to my hands-on review of HBA Premium, the digital education membership of the Home Business Academy by Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings.

In this in-depth review we’ll take a look at what exactly the HBA Premium membership is, everything that comes with it, who the two creators are, who can profit from it, and who HBA Premium is not for.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

HBA Premium Review

What Exactly Is HBA Premium?

According to the product description and the sales page, HBA Premium is all about:

  • Generating traffic & leads online
  • Gathering customers
  • Converting sales

In a nutshell, it’s about affiliate marketing, traffic generation, lead generation, and email marketing.

But let’s take a look at what the membership looks like after the first login:

HBA Premium Membership Screenshot

As you can see, the membership is organized into these modules:

  • Getting Ready (Pre-Traffic)
  • Free Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Getting Sales (Conversions)
  • (Live) Coaching
  • Bonuses (Trainings)

Let’s take a deeper look at the modules one by one…

Get Ready (Pre-Traffic)

This module comes with 9, in-depth videos:

  1. Welcome! Please Watch First!
  2. The Invisible Step To Freedom
  3. Today’s Mastermind Audio
  4. Keeping Track Of Passwords
  5. Bookmarks And Browser Setup
  6. Bridge To Your Dreams
  7. The Big Picture
  8. Target Marketing
  9. The Lead Magnet

Get Traffic (Free)

This module contains 11 videos:

  1. Launching Your Business
  2. 3 Steps To Irresistible Invitations
  3. Nourishing The Seed By Following Up
  4. Simple, Free, Unlimited Leads With FB
  5. Blogging For Business
  6. HBA Private Blog Network
  7. YouTube Ranking
  8. LinkedIn Recruiting Mastery
  9. The Free Facebook Ad Method
  10. Facebook Live Mastery
  11. MeWe Lead Generation

Get Traffic (Paid)

This module comes with 3, in-depth videos:

  1. Solo Ads With Ben Martin
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Facebook Video Ads

Get Sales (Conversions)

This module contains 3 videos:

  1. The 13 Point Conversion Formula
  2. How To Close Online Leads
  3. Getting Your New Team Member Started Right

Get Coaching (Live)

This module comes with 3 videos:

  1. Live Monday Night Marketing Mastermind (8pm EST)
  2. Daily Morning Mindset Call
  3. Over The Shoulder Marketing With Mike Hobbs

Bonus Trainings

  1. Daily Audio Goldmine Archive
  2. Featured Audio Interviews
  3. Clarifying Your Vision & Daydreaming
  4. 3 Freedom Lessons And Seeds of HBA
  5. Professional Video Hosting
  6. Legacy Welcome Training

What Does The Support Look Like?

In addition to several, dedicated support email addresses (for billing, logins, accounts, technical issues, affiliate help, general support, etc.), you get access to:

  • The Telegram Alerts Channel (text notifications)
  • The HBA Premium Private Leaders Telegram Chat
  • Ask questions live during the OTS webinars

What’s The Best HBA Premium Offer? (June 2021)

Here you can find the 7-day trial for just $1.

That’s the best offer you can find online for testing the waters, risk-free, for a complete 7 days, and seeing for yourself what you’re getting yourself into.

After that trial period, the HBA Premium membership costs $125 per month.

That’s quite a hefty price tag, but considering what you’re getting here, it’s worth it in my opinion.

And as you can see from this review, I’m a paying member myself as I absolutely love the training and people within the HBA community.

Test-drive it for 1$ is what I’d suggest and see for yourself if it’s worth it to you, or not.

However, I’m sure you’ll love it.

The Best Bonus For HBA Premium

Let’s be real: I’m an active affiliate for the Home Business Academy and I’d love to see you inside my team.

However, I understand that …

Closing Thoughts & Conclusion

All right, you made it through my complete review of HBA Premium, the membership of the Home Business Academy!

Now you know exactly what you’d be getting if you decide to take action and go for it, now..

And if you decide to not buy for now, that’s totally cool, too. 😊

We can still be friends, and I highly suggest you at least grab the free Online Business Blueprint (PDF) here.

Stay awesome,

Tim for Online Business Dude