Email Marketing Hacks

If you want to transform your email list into an ATM, you better pay attention.

Mr. X revealed his most powerful, dangerous email marketing hacks.

His name is not of importance.

The only thing you need to know at this point is: Mr. X is a true master at email marketing.

I personally decided a long time ago to learn different aspects of online business skills only from the best in their field.

When it comes to email marketing, Mr. X is the expert.

Let's dive in.

What Triggered This Post?

This podcast episode:

Now you also know who Mr. X is:

A brilliant email marketer and the creator of the epic conversions podcast:

Kam Jennings (aka Kam Fatz aka Zero Fatz)

Why Care About Email Marketing?

Most money earned by the most professional online business owners and affiliate marketers comes through email marketing.

With Mr. X it's no different: Most of his online income is generated directly from email marketing.

And that's why you and me should really care about email marketing and pay close attention.

“If you care about making money online, you should care about email marketing.”

So if you want to become an online marketer and you want to generate a consistent, sustainable income, you should make list building and email marketing a priority.

5 Excellent Email Marketing Hacks

General advice: If you're putting any kind of marketing message out there, you want that message to stand out, to POP, to be different from anything else.

1. Forget The Shortcut. You Need An Engagement Series!

  • 7 to 30 days
  • Primary goal: Warm up your list
  • Get them in a position where they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you
  • Indoctrinate them into your world
  • What's your way of thinking, what do you think about xyz
  • You want to test your open rates
  • Test engagement (ask them a question once a week)
  • Build rapport
  • Once a week, take 'em on a field trip (tell a story) -> then send them to a YouTube video or blog post (do they click? Test & track CTR)
  • Secondary goal: Offers (but never the primary goal with an engagement series)
  • Make it an "oh by the way..."-offer in the PS ("if you want to know more...")

“Always deliver value in the email itself.”

Mr. X

2. Plan Goal Driven Sequences

  • Don't think in terms of one-off emails to promote something (amateur)
  • Plan it out in advance
  • 2 to 4 days promotion sequence
  • Light announcement, tell your list openly about your (upcoming) promotion
  • Tell inspirational stories or a case-study
  • Use multiple (sales/marketing) angles
  • A story about the vendor, biggest benefit, more benefits, ...
  • Don't focus on the product, focus on the benefit
  • Use scarcity and urgency
  • Think of goal driven sequences as an asset
  • You can offer PLR rights to your sequence/campaign as a bonus

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3. (4 Days) Crush Campaigns

  • Send multiple emails in one day (2, 3 or even 4)
  • Don't be afraid
  • T​he key is different marketing angles
  • You need a mix of story & actionable content (=provide value via your emails)
  • One email can be the "hard sell"/direct promo, but not more
  • You need to spark interest with the other (7) emails
  • You sell far more if you write better emails
  • Plan/schedule all emails ahead of the campaign

“There are too many unskilled (email) marketers in the marketplace today. I see all these (hard sell/promo only/zero value) garbage emails!”

4. Personal Video Support

  • If you applied above tips and have a working engagement series, you'll get emails/questions from your list
  • Utilize unlisted videos to answer people (directed at one person)
  • Let them know about a product that will help them (your own product, or an affiliate product, or coaching - but don't drop a link yet!)
  • Just be a cool, helpful dude
  • People will be impressed and are convinced that you care about them
  • Most people will ask for a link

“Don't use it 'just' as a tactic, truly care about the people on your list.”

5. Customize The Swipes

  • Forget the swipes on the JV pages
  • These emails are vanilla, generic, and they are not effective
  • These emails are glorified pitches ("go here, buy this")
  • A sequence (itself) is NOT GOOD ENOUGH
  • Make these swipes effective
  • Add value (story and actionable content)

The marketing angle is the heart of your email.”

Mr. X (aka Kam Jennings)

I hope you enjoyed these highly effective 5 email marketing hacks.

Now go out and make use of them.

Go get 'em! Make some sales! 😉

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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