Email Fire 3 Review – Email Marketing Pro Kam Jennings Strikes Again!

Welcome to my review of Email Fire 3 - a premium 4 weeks email autoresponder series by email marketing pro Kam Jennings.

Email Fire 3 is designed to take cold leads and build rapport, increase click through rates and ultimately sell more with your list.

But can the creator - Kam Jennings - actually deliver on the promise?

Is Email Fire 3 worth it?

Let's find out...

Who Is Kam Jennings?

Kam Jennings is a well-known product creator and email marketer within the internet marketing niche.

Personally, I always like to learn from the best in their field.

When it comes to Kam, "his thing" is definitely email marketing.

Kam Jennings

Kam is also publishing a weekly podcast and runs his publishing company, Epic Conversions over at

Oh, and by the way: He's a very generous and kind person. The kind of guy you'd enjoy having a barbecue with... (and still ask him tons of questions about his email marketing, of course! 😉 )

The Product History Of Kam Jennings: Let's Take A Look At The Refunds!

I'd like to show you something rare in this industry.

Take a look at the refund rates of the two predecessor products, Email Fire 1 and 2:

Email Fire 3 - Zero Refunds So Far

- click to zoom in -

Do we agree on the fact that a product is legit and probably underpriced if it was sold over 750 times in total and it still has 0 (that is zero!) refunds?

And all that besides Warrior+'s generous, 30 days no-questions-asked refund guarantee that some people almost always take advantage of...

That's absolutely crazy and it proves my point:

Email Fire 3 is not just a great, valuable 4 weeks email engagement series. It is also fully supported by one of the most generous, legit guys of our industry...

What Is Email Fire 3? What Exactly Do I Get?

EF3 is basically being delivered in a 5-page downloadable, navigational PDF.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Email Fire 3 - Main Product

In the introduction video that you can see here, Kam thanks you for the purchase and explains the "navigational document" that you can see above.

Make sure to go through all the steps above and download your copies of Email Fire 3, and The Underground Traffic Reports Volume 1 and 2.

Email Fire 3 - Welcome Video

When the launch of Email Fire 3 is finally over (August 10th, 2020), I highly recommend you check out step 5 and grab/download all unannounced launch week bonuses that Kam will have released by then.

How Does The Complete Funnel Look Like?


This is the main product, Email Fire 3.

Upsell 1 - Email Fire 3: Legacy Edition

The first upsell is a bundle: This package includes Email Fire 1, Email Fire 2, Affiliate Marketing training geared specifically for Email Fire series, and replays on a Systems and Email Conversions 4 Day workshop.

Personally, I have access to the complete bundle. It's well worth it, if you want to further customize the email series and include affiliate links etc.

Downsell 1 - Epic Conversions Insider's Club

This is Kam's monthly low ticket membership program that gives members a brand new IM product every single month, group coaching and keeps them up to date on the newest tips, tricks and info in the IM space.

I've been a memeber of the Insider's Club in the past - it's a great membership that comes with additional PLR content, one monthly group coaching call and Kam's latest products.

Especially at the current price (less than $10 per month) it's a steal in my opinion.

Upsell 2 - Affiliate Marketing Case Studies (with PLR)

Upsell 2 is a 3 video case studies on 3 successful affiliate marketing campaigns that earned Kam over $2.000 in affiliate commissions.  This package also includes all the original emails WITH PLR license on emails and affiliate campaigns.

Downsell 2 - Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

DS2 takes away emails and campaigns with PLR license included in OTO2 and still offers the 3 video case studies.  

Upsell 3 - Email Fire 3 (PLR License)

This offer gives you a PLR license for Email Fire 3.  An amazing opportunity to take a great and proven products and turn it into an asset!

Downsell 3 - Max Deal Affiliate Opportunity (100% Commissions)

The final downsell is the Max Deal Affiliate Opportunity.  This will offer 100% affiliate commissions throughout the entire Email Fire 3 sales funnel for those who turned down The PLR license.

What If I Want More? I Truly Want To Learn All About Email Marketing And Have A Few Questions!

In my opinion the best option that you have is buying Downsell 1 - The Epic Conversions Insider's Club.

You get access to Kam personally and you can ask him questions live during the monthly group coaching calls.

For less than $10 per month it's well worth it!

Is This A Good Product For Me?

Seriously, if you don't see the value of building a real online business, and making use of efficient email marketing, and you have absolutely zero interest in building a list, and making sales from it, then this product is not for you.

Also, if you operate exclusively outside of the IM/affiliate marketing niche, you can't use this product without customizing it first.

You'd still be able to learn a lot from it, like how to structure an engagement campaign, how to combine storytelling with actionable content, how to implement test-loops and test engagement, etc.

But: In my honest opinion, this is a real must-buy for you if

  • you understand the value of email marketing in your online (affiliate marketing) business but you never really started it or took it serious,
  • you'd love to learn how to write better emails and get
    • more opens,
    • better engagement,
    • more replies,
    • more clicks, and
    • ultimately more sales
  • you want to become a better email marketer and learn from someone who is doing exactly what he's teaching,
  • you want your list to be responsive like crazy,
  • and you want your list to follow your recommendations and in some cases buy instantly from you because they know, like and trust you.

The Best Bonus Package For Email Fire 3 That You Can Find Online, Ever!

Email Fire 3 Best Bonus Package

It's bonus time!

You might be asking yoursef: Why Should I Buy From You?

Fair question!

For full transparency, let's be real here: I like Email Fire 3 the product and I enjoy working with the creator, Kam Jennings.

He's a very legit, very honest guy which is rare within the IM niche.

That's why I decided to become an affiliate for EF3.

That means, I get a small commission if you buy via my link, but you don't pay more.

In order for you to be incentivized to buy through me (how's that for transparency!), I created the best bonus package for Email Fire 3 that you can find online:

  • List Building Quickstart (If you're sick of hearing how great having a list is, but you want to know how to start building an email list and get it up and running fast)
  • On Demand Lead Generation Tactics (how to make lead gen really work)
  • #1 Premium Lead Capture Software (for your website, if you haven't one installed yet I'll do it for you) 
  • Copywriting Secrets (Make them crave your lead magnet, that's list building on steroids!)
  • Personal Email Contact (listen, there are many affiliates out there who offer you 30 minutes or more of so-called "1on1 coaching". Most likely these guys aren't worth your time, or they have idea how to charge realistically. Either way, they often have no clue and/or try to upsell you stuff. Not so with me: You get my personal email adress and I'm happy to help you get started and answer your questions... In a timely manner. I truly want to help newbies here, so what are you waiting for?! 😉

A Final, Personal Remark

These days I generate most of my online income from affiliate marketing in niches outside of "internet marketing" or "making money online":

I run highly targeted traffic (paid ads/media buying) to very specific landing pages, to then capture the lead and sell affiliate products.

Pretty simple stuff, hm?

While the concept is simple, making paid traffic work (aka "profitable") is not a very easy task - but I absolutely love it!

But that's a story for another day.

In some verticals and for some campaigns I prefer outsourcing the email writing part to a semi-professional copywriter.

You want to know what I (happily) pay for that?

You can easily spend upwards of $50 per professionally written email.

A 7 to 10 email (autoresponder) series is nothing uncommon, so that would cost you a realistic $500+ for one, 7 to 10 days email campaign.

This is no joke.

Think about it: If you see a profit at the end of your campaign, it was money well-spent, right? 🙂

Here, with Email Fire 3, you get a full month (28 days) email engagement campaign consisting of 20 DFY emails for $12.97 during the launch.

I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of Email Fire 3 here.

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

PS: Even if you don't buy Email Fire 3 today, that's totally cool. I hope you still learned a thing or two from my review. If not, here's something (hopefully) very valuable to you: It was effective email marketing that made my media buying (paid traffic/ads) finally profitable.

*mic drop*

PPS/TL;DR: The bottom line is this: Email marketing is the key to sustainable wealth on the internet. This series will help you turn cold leads into warm buyers. It’s perfect if you are trying to build a new list or trying to revive a dead list.

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