Bright Shiny Revenge Review

If you want to make money online but you are suffering from SOS - shiny object syndrome - and you're buying product after product, this is made for you:

Bright Shiny Revenge by Britt Malka.

In this in-depth review you'll learn everything there is to know about the product, the costs involved, what the complete funnel looks like, if you can make money from it, how you can save a lot of money (and nerves!), and why some product creators - and even affiliate marketers - are scared like hell now.

Which, buy the way, is really great for you! Find out more below... 🙂

Let's dive in.

Two Important Remarks Upfront

  1. Beware of "fake reviews" by shady marketers who create pseudo-reviews of products while only looking at the sales page or other affiliate's reviews...
    As you will see below, I got my hands on the product (in fact, on ALL products within the funnel!), and I give you exclusive insights below.
  2. Let me say right up front: I really like the product and enjoyed the read. That's why I am an active affiliate for Britt's product. That means, you don't pay more if you buy via my link, but I get a small compensation from Britt and you get this exclusive bonus: The BSR Rapid Implementation Cheat Sheet (PDF).

Fact Sheet

  • Product name: Bright Shiny Revenge
  • Author: Britt Malka
  • Type: ebook (PDF)
  • Length: 46 pages
  • Niche/Topics covered: SOS cure / affiliate marketing / mindset
  • Price: $17 (one-time fee, dimesale)
  • Launch date: March 16th, 2020 
  • Upsells: 2 
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Yes! (Especially if you're a beginner within the IM niche and you're buying product after product!)
  • Link to the sales page: here

Exclusive Bonus: The BSR Rapid Implementation Cheat Sheet (PDF)

While putting Bright Shiny Revenge to the test myself, I took some notes along the way... And finally created this cheat sheet. You won't find it anywhere else, because I created it myself. This is not some bogus, unrelated, low-quality PLR-type bonus but instead extremely valuable and helpful if you want to put BSR into action and make some money online yourself!

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What Exactly Is Bright Shiny Revenge?

Bright Shiny Revenge Product Picture

Bright Shiny Revenge was created by Britt Malka and basically is an ebook (PDF) consisting of 46 pages, full of easy-to-read, high-quality content.

This ebook shows the reader how he can stop buying junk products once and for all, and instead starts making money with the products he buys. And, he gets revenge over those who treat him as a cash cow.

To give you a better understanding of what the ebook exactly is about, let me show you a quote from the introduction:


A part of me is screaming because people keep buying junk.

Or they buy good products but don’t take action.

That is so freaking frustrating. Both of these.

And I can’t do anything about it.

What I can do, though, and what I will do is to help people who truly want to take action and make money online.

Perhaps they are just worried that it won’t work for them.

Perhaps they don’t know exactly where to start and how to proceed.

I wrote this book for those people.

Are you among them?

Do you want to act, but perhaps you don’t know if you bought pyrite or gold?

Then after you’ve read this book, you’ll know how to discern one from the other.

You’ll also know exactly how to take action and what to do.

Britt Malka

Who Is Britt Malka?

Britt Malka is a full-time internet marketer and the author of 30+ published books.

She loves teaching, writing, reading, learning, and she's a very kind and approachable person. 🙂

On the sales page, Britt admits she had fallen for over 200 shiny objects herself before finally overcoming the shiny object syndrome.

Britt Melka Profile

The Complete Funnel Of Bright Shiny Revenge

  • Front-end Product: Bright Shiny Revenge ($17, one-time fee)
  • Upsell 1: Vanquisher ($47, one-time fee)
  • Upsell 2: 30-Minute Workdays ($7, one-time fee)

I'd call "upsell 2" rather an add-on because at a price point of $7 (one-time) it's not exactly an upsell, right? 🙂

Most funnels offer at this stage a $297 upsell or a $47/month membership, or even a high-ticket product.

Not so with Britt, she put together high-value but low priced products - that will even save you much more money by preventing you from spending too much money on useless products in the future...

What Exactly Do I Get?

Bright Shiny Revenge (Front-end Product)

  • ebook / PDF download (46 pages in total)
  • $17, one-time fee

Excerpt from the "Bright Shiny Revenge":

“Knowledge is here to be shared, and I’ve found that you don’t lose anything at all by sharing what you know with others.

On the contrary.

You gain so much more by giving.

That’s why I’ve made it my goal to share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible.


Take action on what you learn and be consistent.

That’s how you become successful.”

Britt Malka

Vanquisher (Upsell 1)

  • 12 Modules / ebooks (PDF) - 355 pages in total
  • $47, one-time fee
  1. Overview (14 pages)
  2. Find Your Niche (12 pages)
  3. Validate Your Niche (32 pages)
  4. Know Your Audience (21pages)
  5. Build Your Web Presence (95 pages)
  6. Build Your List (52 pages)
  7. How To Get Paid (13 pages)
  8. Reviewing Products (19 pages)
  9. Daily Emails (25 pages)
  10. Blog Content (41 pages)
  11. Promotions (18 pages)
  12. Conclusion (13 pages)
Vanquisher Overview

30-Minute Workdays (Upsell 2)

  • ebook / PDF download (23 pages in total)
  • $7, one-time fee

"Working only 30 minutes per day is possible. You just need to focus on..."

In this short but to the point PDF you learn how can enjoy 30-minute workdays by becoming extremely focused and structured in your affiliate marketing work.

Is There A (Refund) Guarantee?


Because of the nature of this product (PDF ebook), all sales are final.

But your 'risk' is very limited due to the one-time purchase price.

Even the upsells are one-time fees if you choose to take one or both.

Plus, you'll have access to Britt's support desk and you'll get direct access to me.

I want you to succeed and finally make consistent money online, but before that, we first have to stop the bleeding... 😉 And Britt's product is an excellent way to figure out - as a first step - which products NOT to buy.

Overview: Bright Shiny Revenge


  • Highly-quality, high-value, short and easy to read, to the point
  • No hype, No B.S.
  • Price: Small one-time fee, only one upsell and one add-on
  • You will save lots of money in the future if you currently suffer from shiny object syndrome
  • Learn the exact steps to start making money online


  • No live chat with the product vendor (but excellent support)
  • No coaching options offered


In seven words: Fantastic products in a very fair-priced funnel.

This is extremely rare within the IM/"make money online" niche.

If you currently suffer from buying shiny object after shiny object, you'll greatly benefit from Britt Malka's work.

I highly recommend you get the upsell and the add-on as well, both are worth way more than what Britt is asking for.

If you already know how affiliate marketing works and if you are already making consistent affiliate commissions online, and if you don't catch yourself buying new IM products all the time, then this product is not for you.

If you really prefer to buy the next shiny "money-making robot that spits out cash like crazy on complete autopilot without doing any work at all and just pressing a button", then you can not afford to not buy this product!

Exclusive Bonus For Bright Shiny Revenge: Rapid Implementation Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Bonus - Rapid Implementation Cheat Sheet (PDF)

If you buy Britt's Shiny Object Revenge via my link here, you'll get my Rapid Implementation Cheat Sheet (PDF) as a bonus, for free!

How To Get My Bonus

If you bought Shiny Object Revenge via my link, simply access your product purchase in WarriorPlus and you'll be able to access the bonus here:

Access Your Bonus On WarriorPlus

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments section below or use the contact page here.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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