Yes, I Run My Online Business Full-Time, For A Living!


 Sometimes I get asked what I do for a living.   “I build websites, create awesome content that ranks well on Google, help people with their problems, provide tons of value and drive traffic to great offers.”   What’s the next question?   “Can you teach me how to do it?”   I – more or less – created this website exactly for […]

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[How to] Successful Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Learn Profitable Internet Marketing

So you want to become a highly profitable, successful affiliate marketer? Want to know what still works in 2019, what has changed, and how run a profitable, solid affiliate marketing business in 2019? You’re in the right place. Let’s dive into it: The concept of running a profitable business, or: How to make money in […]

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About Online Business Dude []

Online Business Dude

Hm? Who’s Dat Dude? Hi and welcome to! My name is Tim Ikels, I’m an online marketer originally from Germany. I’m the founder of Online Business Dude. Today, I have the freedom to travel the world and not report to anyone because I make my full time income online. But that wasn’t always the […]

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