Best Safelists (Mailer Sites)

These are the best safelists (mailer sites) of today. Scroll down to see the top safelists in order…

What do I mean by “the best”?

Primarily: Most popular.

But let’s first clarify what safelists and mailer sites are, and reveal their biggest issues.

This is my article on safelist marketing.

Let’s dive in.

The Best Safelists / Mailer Sites

What Exactly Are Safelists And Mailer Sites?

A safelist is basically a group of online marketers who agreed on promoting their offers to each other.

The term was born decades ago when most email clients and software would mark these clearly promotional emails as spam, and therefore - in order to be able to open and read the email - the receiver must add the sender to an “approved” or “safe” email sender list.

Since all emails come from the safelist’s email system (sender), one has to approve this sender only once.

Often these so-called mailer sites work with a credit point system, that works like this:

  1. Option 1: You open and click on X (amount of links in) emails coming from the safelist, and you’d be able to send Y promotional emails to the list.
  2. Option 2: You buy “ad packs”, “credit packs”, or premium subscriptions, and you’d be able to send X promotional emails to the list.

The amount of emails you’d be allowed to send (per day or week or month) depends on the specific safelist rules.

And the total amount of potential people you could read your promotion heavily depends on the specific safelist, too.

As you can see, safelists are a way of advertising, a way to promote your offers to other marketers. (that’s critically important, more on that later)

But: There’s a huge problem with safelists by the very nature of their setup:

The Big Problem With Safelists

The motivation of any marketer who wants to join a safelist is obviously to promote his offer.

Nobody in their right mind joins a safelist to receive more promotional emails, right?

So everyone is trying to “push” his/her thing…

…And that leads to usually an insane amount of emails coming from the safelist.

And that’s why you can’t mix your normal, important emails with the safelist’s emails.

Therefore, you (and everyone else) sign up using a different, more “junk-type” email adress for this and potentially other safelists, too.

Now, let’s quickly go back to the options I mentioned above…

In order to send out your own promotions, you’d have to either open and click on lots of emails or buy premium subscriptions.

What do you think would the “higher-quality type of people” do? (I’m not judging anyone here, but speaking exclusively from a marketing point of view, pre-qualifying people by their potential buying-ability)

They’d probably buy the ad packs or subscriptions, because they couldn’t be bothered to spend plenty of time on opening and clicking on emails for the sheer purpose of getting the option to send out their promo, too.

But what about the other people? What about those who don’t want to purchase the updgrades?

Generally speaking, they either

  • find, buy, or create some simple software script or macro to automate the process of clicking the links
  • develop a routine that makes clicking on links without reading other people’s promos more effective
  • get bored very quickly and abandon the safelist (or their junk-email box entirely)

Let’s quickly define macro if you haven’t come across that term yet:

A macro (which stands for “macroinstruction”) is a programmable pattern which translates a certain sequence of input into a preset sequence of output. Macros can make tasks less repetitive by representing a complicated sequence of keystrokes, mouse movements, commands, or other types of input. (definition by

To summarize the big problem of safelists:

Everyone involved just wants to send out his or her promo emails to the rest of the people, while looking for and developing ways to not having to read all other people’s emails.

Unfortunately, most of these folks on these mailer sites (beginner marketers) don’t know how to properly generate traffic, and that’s why they are desperate and try to make safelists work - somehow.

But how could they if no one involved is really engaged and interested in what the other person has to say?

Who Is The Winner Of Safelists And Mailer Sites?

The owner.

The owner of the safelist is the only person involved who makes money by selling premium subscriptions and ad credit packs.

The buyers of premium subscriptions usually don’t make their money back, as the percentage of “engaged people” is extremely low.

And the people who try to “participate for free” are quickly dropping off the list or abandoning their junk email inbox entirely, and moving on.

Or they develop ways to not have to read the promos while still “getting their credits”.

As you can see, the whole system is highly flawed.

Nobody is willingly part of a safelist and excited to read other people’s promos on end.

And that’s why the owner is the only person who wins - with safelists.

Who Would Disagree With My Arguments?

The only people who’d disagree with my arguments above are:

  1. The owners of safelists or mailer sites of some kind.
  2. The sellers of these sites.
  3. The extremely few people who could make safelists work for them, because they were involved during a lucky, rapid growth phase, years ago.

Everyone else, those who dropped off, those who abandoned their accounts, those who bought premium but didn’t have success, and those who abandoned their junk email accounts a long time ago, will have no voice in this discussion.

They moved on to something else.

  1. Herculist
  2. European Safelist
  3. State-Of-The-Art-Mailer
  4. List Joe
  5. Free Advertising For You
  6. Free Safelist Mailer
  7. The Lead Magnet
  8. Mister Safelist
  9. Global Safelist
  10. Viral Mailer For You

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A Word About Traffic Software & Methods That Are For Sale On Marketplaces

Traffic is not super complicated, but it’s also not as easy to figure out as “gurus” try to present it.

Why do you think most of these gurus rely on other affiliates to drive traffic? 🤔

If their “traffic app/hack/trick/software/method” was so effective, why would they rely on (and pay for!) other affiliates - often paying out 100% commissions?

It’s because traffic is not as easy as they make it sound.

Traffic should neither be an afterthought, nor are you “one funnel away”.

I’m sorry to be the one breaking the bad news, but that’s just skillful copywriting.

It takes a bit more than “just one profitable funnel”…

Highly targeted, hot, high-quality traffic is often not very scalable, and highly scalable traffic often is rather less-than-ideal targeted.

It’s my and your job - as an online marketer - to find the golden needles in the haystack.

To find a method of traffic generation that works for you - and then master it.

Keep in mind: Most people will never buy.

And that’s totally fine.

Focus on those who do (buy) and be kind to everyone else.

They might be ready to take the next step later.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for reading this article about the best safelists and mailer sites.

Please let me know here if you come across another interesting safelist that I haven’t listed.

Stay awesome,

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