Best Of Marlon Sanders

Below are a few notes of some of the best material/ideas from Marlon Sanders.

I love his stuff, so let’s get into it.

Dead Ducks Don’t Quack (Marlon’s Law Of The Dead Duck)

Here’re 2 key takeaways from Marlon’s law of the dead duck:

  1. Sell (them) what they are already buying
  2. If one of your products doesn’t sell well, move on to the next one (or change the sales angle/letter)

Very powerful stuff, do you agree? 😊

Let’s take a look at the next one:

Watch (& Learn & Do) What They Do To Make Money, Not What They Say They Do (Or You Should Do)

This is taken from one of Marlon’s webinars (training + sales/pitch videos).

The original source is called “How To Find Your Money Spot”.

Marlon refers to “people” in this context as other, successful marketers that are already selling (in large quantities).

Here’s his message:

Watch What People DO To Make Money (Online), NOT What They SAY You Should Do!

They’re making money selling (you) an info-product.


What a powerful message.

Watch What Other Marketers Do

Let’s move on to the next one:

To Be Continued…

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