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Welcome to obdude.com!

Hi, I’m Tim, a 33-year-old guy from Germany. I make my full time income online and created this blog to show others how I do it.

If I can do it, so can you!

Online business and making money online has been a passion of mine ever since my first “real” job.

If you are employed right now you probably know what I mean: Job security is a joke. And even if you like parts of your role, working for the man – sorry, but it’s just the truth – plain sucks.

A Short Story About Me

After digging in several “make money online” methods for years, I’ve really had it. I wasn’t making significant amounts of cash or even the needed sum to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I came across the same advice over and over, but for me the described methods of making money online wouldn’t work.

The ultimate method to make money on the internet needed to fulfill the following attributes:

  • A real, online business, 100% location independent
  • Scalable (very lucrative over the years and with the potential to scale things up big time)
  • Diversify-able (not relying on one niche or industry, one company, one product or one customer-type)
  • Sustainable (no MLM, no recruiting scheme or spammy method)
  • Simple (in terms of an easy to understand business-model and doable for me personally)
  • Fun (for the most part the work needs to be enjoyable)

For those reasons working online as a freelancer was never the goal, as it’s neither scalable nor diversified.

I wanted to make it big, and build a real business along the way. I was not interested in some shady “quick money making method” that would stop working after a short while.

And then, one day, it all came together for me and suddenly made complete sense. I’ve found a way of earning my living online through a profitable, sustainable business model.

Why Would You Share “Your Secret” With The World?

I would be very skeptical myself, so that’s a fair question. My answer is split into three parts:

First, truth to be told: The make money online niche is extremely competitive, but at the same time a very lucrative niche. Yes, I generate an income by affiliate marketing. Now that we have this out of the way, let’s dig a little deeper:

Your “average guru” is not going to tell you that he’s making way more money from selling you courses and tools than putting his own advice into practice.

Many of these “gurus” live only in the make money online niche, and they are exclusively in the business of selling theoretical knowledge and overpriced tools. You don’t need any of that to make money online.

For the most part, they don’t put their own advice into practice and don’t use their recommended tools. It’s just shady.

Of course, the same guru happily serves every couple of weeks a new, super easy, no-work-involved, “get rich quick” make money online method to everyone who’s looking for the next shiny object.

Secondly, and as you can hear from my tone, I just can’t stand the average guru in the make money online world. They are shady, they are greedy, and without moral standards. So I feel obligated to put out the truth and help as many people as I can so they don’t fall for the scam.

And thirdly, I simply enjoy documenting my findings and processes along the way.

Now it’s your turn

It’s no secret how I make money online and how you can too.

Quite the opposite: The fundamental basics of making money online and in the world of business offline will remain the same for the most part.

Please see this website as the advice I’d give my own children if they wanted to make an independent living online and not lose as much time in the process as I did. And if we can make a buck or two in the process while having a lot of fun, even better!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Also, you can send me an e-mail through the contact form at any time.

All the best and stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

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