1K A Day Fast Track Review

You're probably here because you want to find out if 1K A Day Fast Track by Merlin Holmes is the real deal, right?

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In this in-depth review I'll answer all your questions regarding 1K A Day Fast Track and the product creator, Merlin Holmes.

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Beware of "Fake Reviews"!

Many online affiliate marketers don't actually get their hands on the reviewed product. They just read the sales page, watch a few minutes of a webinar or simply read and copy from other people's reviews. That information is often incomplete and wrong!

I think that's not fair to you.

That's why I try my best in this review to show you what the product is really like, what you can expect (realistically!) and how you can make this work for yourself.

I'm a real person and I'm here to help. Test me! If you have a question that's not answered in my review, simply let me know in the comments below and I'll personally answer your question.


  • Product Name: 1K A Day Fast Track
  • Creator: Merlin Holmes
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Education
  • Price: 997$ (one-time, no upsells)
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended: Yes (if you want results fast and are willing to invest in ads/paid traffic)
  • Link: Register for the webinar here
1k a day fast track logo

What Is 1K A Day Fast Track?

1K A Day Fast Track by Merlin Holmes is an affiliate marketing training program that comes with a lot of very helpful resources to get started.

It is different from most affiliate marketing education products because it comes with a special twist for collecting people's email addresses and uses less-known (paid) traffic sources.

1k a day fast track product package

How Does 1K A Day Fast Track Work?

In a nutshell, 1K A Day Fast Track shows you how to set up very simple, 2-page poll websites that are monetized via affiliate products. Further, Merlin shows you how to send cost-effective traffic to that poll and collect the visitor's email addresses in the process to follow-up with them.

[ ad ]   ->   [ poll page ]   ->   [ ty/results page ]   ->   [ affiliate offer ]

or even more simplified:

[ traffic ]   ->   [ opt-in ]   ->   [ offer ]

4 Simple Steps - List Building At A Profit

Diagram of the 8 steps above
  1. Find the best offers (check what people are already buying)
  2. Use the provided poll templates
    • Find out how they are selling the product
    • Write down a striking headline that works
    • Turn the headline into a curious question (create curiosity and pre-qualify)
    • Collect/capture email addresses
  3. Earn commissions while building your email list at a profit (instantly offer the affiliate product they showed to be interested in)
  4. Earn regular commissions by (automatically) following up with people on your list

Who Is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes Profile

Merlin Holmes

Merlin Holmes is a very experienced online marketer from Denver, Colorado.

He is the creator of 1K A Day Fast Track and the founder of Rockstar Marketing, Inc - his marketing company is in good standing, also based in Colorado, and was incorporated 14 years ago. 

He made more than 150 million dollars online with affiliate marketing over the past fourteen years and he's well connected within the online marketing industry.

Want To Know How This Dude Is Making $14,444/Day With His Weird 2 Page Website?

Merlin Holmes In Front Of His Whiteboard

Does This Really Work?

Yes, 100%.

At it's core Merlin teaches (profitable) list building and email marketing, which is proven to work and simply awesome, because:

  • You build your own list of highly targeted people
  • It's like having "traffic on tap" - you can send out an email to your list anytime
  • People who have an interest in a particular niche are likely to buy products within that niche
  • Within 1K Per Day Fast Track Merlin shows how to select (proven) products within highly profitable niches, he provides you with the opt-in pages, pre-written emails and explains in detail where to get cost-effective traffic

Is There A Guarantee?


As the product is sold via ClickBank's marketplace, you're covered:

30-day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

So in case you aren't able to make the product work, simply contact customer support and they'll take care of your full refund.

100 percent money back guarantee

Psst...! Inside-Peek Into The Member's Area

😉 in the making...

Is 1k Per Day Fast Track Worth It?

Let's summarize the facts...


  • Complete, Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Education
  • Makes use of "less-known", cost-effective traffic sources
  • Comes with lots of resources and "ready to swipe" examples
  • One-time fee with no upsells
  • Teaches list building and relies on email marketing at its core
  • The product creator is very experienced and actually applying what he teaches, every day and for real
  • The webinar and the training is NOT over-hyped like most programs that are similar in nature
  • Excellent, dedicated and fast customer support (I tested it myself!)
  • Ironclad 30-day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee (because the product is sold on the ClickBank's marketplace)


  • Extra costs involved (relies on Clickfunnels and Sendlane, but I'll show you how to avoid these hefty monthly costs!)
  • No live chat with the founder
  • Relies mostly on paid traffic (calculate an extra ~500$ for advertising to be on the safe side)


1k A Day Fast Track by Merlin Holmes is a legit affiliate marketing training program that comes with a special twist to collect email subscribers.

It relies mostly on "less-known", relatively cheap traffic sources and makes use of proven, solid affiliate offers to monetize the traffic.

The Best Bonus Package Available Online For 1K A Day Fast Track, Ever!

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I like to rely on the best page builder for building my landing/squeeze/opt-in pages and want to host these pages in my own yard. (with professional, fast hosting)

That's why I came up with this special bonus package for anyone who gets 1K A Day Fast Track via my link:

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Bonus - Income Producing Actions

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Included are also secret words that sell. Very powerful stuff!

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If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks and stay awesome,

Your Online Business Dude

3 thoughts on “1K A Day Fast Track Review”

  1. Didn’t really learn anything new here… like all the other reviews, the information here is all stuff that’s covered on the salespage/webinar. Yet to find a real reviewer that has actually bought and USED this product.

    • Dear Lindsay,

      thanks a lot for your comment!

      I can only get better at this and produce better/more helpful reviews and content with your help.

      So I really appreciate your feedback!

      I’m still in regular contact with Merlin’s support team because I want to show screenshots from the backend as well as give more detailed information regarding Merlin’s affiliate marketing course.

      But at the same time, I have to respect the copyrights and vendor’s takes on what I can reveal and what insights I can give on his product.

      In the end, affiliate marketing isn’t that complicated: You send [ traffic ] to an [ opt-in ] and promote [ offers ].
      As I stated in my review, Merlin relies in his course on paid traffic sources (less known than FB Ads or Google Ads and therefore cheaper, he shows one example even during the webinar), he uses specific poll-like opt-in pages (again, the webinar shows what these are like) and he uses affiliate products to monetize that traffic.

      In my opinion, Merlin already gives a lot of information and details about the process during his webinar. If you’re an experienced online marketer, you can take this info alone and run. But if you’re rather new to affiliate marketing or haven’t made your first commissions online yet, then Merlin’s course might be a good fit for you.

      Plus, I put together an incredible bonus package that safes you a lot of money on otherwise paid tools to make this work.

      Let me know what kind of information you were looking for, what details are missing in your opinion and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

      Thanks again!

      Stay awesome,
      Your Online Business Dude

  2. No. This is a 6 weeks training program. You will get a lot of informative videos as a part of the course curriculum and this is not a bonus.


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